Friday, April 09, 2010

Delayed Picturessss!

Heya.. told u guys i've tons of pics to upload! =)
well.. last week i went out.. ALOT. haha..
yes.. ALOT.. i watched 3 movies in a week..
and went karaoke with Kim! =)
So last week on April fool's day..
went out with Jan and benson..
we 3 wore pink coincidentally! lol.. =.=
All copy me wan lorh.. xP
So we went to her place in bukit jalil first..
then went to Mid Valley and watched lovely bones. =D
and then had pan mee.. in kuchai lama for dinner..
din take any pics tht day tho.. =S its all with janning..

then on friday.. it was the last day of orientation..
it was only till 12.30pm this time..
and it was a complete waste of time.. =.=.. zzz..
anyhoo! went out with Kim Kims after tht!
she came all the way to coll tho she had no college..
just to bring me out.. =)
then we went to the gardens to go red box..
but guess wht? it was full! O.O
so we booked at sunway pyramid.. and went there.. =P

Wooo! Kim Driving! =)
Haha i like this pictureeeeeee! like so...
"*choirs sing*" xD
Just got a parking in Sunway! =)
=) My Twinnnnnnnnn!
Guess wht?! good thing we booked! when we reached there the que was like zomg! O.O omg man dun ppl need to work these days? heh.. =P
oh mannn! the last time with cheung k together was on ur bday mannn!
Aww yehh rawk it hunnayyy! xD

Kim's mouth can makan the mic ahhhhhh! xD =P

My heart will go onnnnnn~~~

DIVA~! haha nt enough la. xD

then we played the dance thingy in sunway like .. 2 times! mwahahahahaa.. the first time we danced like noob. then 2nd time we dance like pro siaaaaaa! hahahaa..the first stage only! xD coz we played hard. then the first stage we dance really super de geng! then sudd the second stage we chose the song.. abit the hard. HAHA. after first stage we had people watching us .. after second stage no more people behind edy. HAHA. coz it was so hard we all cannot keep our cool edy so we dance like noob again. HAHAHAHAH. BUT WHO CARES. WE HAD FUN RIGHT?! NYAHAHAHAHA. :D
SEE! the sky was actually so so beautiful.. im serious! just tht.. i had no time and took a sucky picture.. T_T soweeee! bt it was reli pwetty. =) THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE AWESOME DAY KIM!!! u always know how to make my day.. =) I love you twin! i really do.. =) *hugs sooooooooooo tight!*
i went to CHC for their Good friday service and play called "the final solution" good thing i came early. was at the front line.. hahaha.. as in.. i was the first line..then sudd super alot of ppl came! like.. ALOT! O.O so yeah.. good thing came early. was alone.. and suddenly i saw Leena! saw steven and some old friends there! =) saw michael too! hahaa.. and melvinnn~! and saraaah! and alot alot of other people! =) so nice seeing them again.. miss them. they asked me to join them to go Singapore and join the POS team and compete with Singapore in Asia Conference 2010! i really wanna go.. i really miss POS =( .. miss those days! and i reli wanna go asia conference! but i dont think i'll be able to attend pracs. =( coz of transport problems.. sighs... ANYHOO. the guy up there in the picture? His played "Jesus" in the play. lol. the girls sitting behind me was like.. "Ehhh this Jesus very cute lehh..!" i was like.. LMAO! xD
Enjoy the pictures! =)

so yes. tht was my Good Friday. the ending of the day wasn't a nice one.. =( sighs. oh well.
Saturday! it was Holy Saturday.. and the eve of Easter.
After dance class with Celica, i had pracs with Sheryl and Andrea for our competition.. and i stayed over at her hse.. =) at sheryl's hse!!
We were sho tired.. but anyways, after prac we went to church straight with sheryl's mum and sis for service..
Sugieeeeeee! =)
So this was what happened. a small fire is started outside..
and everyone will be standing outside the church before service starts.. Pastor Fred would then say a few things and then everyone would have a candle.. and everyone will lit their candle.. and have a procession into the church.

Pastor Fred David. =D he so funnyyyy he kept asking me to take pictures of him even when he was halfway doing the thing! HAHA..

Sheryl Dear. =)
Poor sugin.. had to keep the fire alive. xD
his facial expression here is priceless! xD the wind was blowing super strongly !

haha her candle light went off the moment i snapped. =P nt steaady at all! xP

My first ever Holy Saturday service! haha.. after tht we had dinner in Bangsar.. =) first time dinner with sheryl's famiwee.. =D thanks aunt and uncle!

Then on sunday we had breakfast before church. they fed me so well i was so full during service! T_T hahahahaa.. over ate i think.. or maybe i just cant eat much in the morning. =P had fun staying over at ur place dear!! more to come more to come!! =D *hugs*

Monday i had driving and i passed baby!!! =) hehehe..
Tuesday after college had dinner with family at curve, VIVO. =)
The last time we had VIVO was in Tebrau city, JB! long long time ago.. haha..


I was really happy during and after the dinner. i enjoyed it alot. dunno why but it felt as if its the first in a long time since we had a family dinner. O.o? no idea. lol..
Wednesday baby! after college.. had Mc Ds at KL sentral with new friends! =) at first i was with Nabil and suresh then Kok Jiun,Calvin and clement invited me to sit with them.. coz no space edy.. so yeah! met new friends.. =) nice people they are! people i would like to hang out with. =D then i went to mid valley! yes! to meet tht noobie up there! hahahahaa.. omg man. i reach the platform.. the train swooshed right pass me.. T_T our movie was at 2pm. guess wht time the next train arrived? 1.57pm! omg maaan! thats like.. CRAZIE! PLUS. the ktm is the opposite side of the world ok! cinema is all the way at the other end of the world! ahhhhh.. the minute i reach mid valley i ran like crazie! hahaa.. oh man! then yea lor.. reached.. haha.. we watched TAO fighter: Woochi! its a korean movie. funny sia.. =.=! stupid dumb dumb woochi! hahahahahahaha.. damn funny. xD

THANKS CHI WING FOR BELANJA-ING ME TO THE MOVIE! =) hehe. then we went to Mc Ds and catch up and all.. been a while ey? =) then took ktm to Bdr Tasik Selatan.. Sheryl came to pick me up and we went to her studio.. coz got prac. =D AND GUESS WHT?! i managed to buy those black sweat pants thts very hip hop one! mwahahah! finalyyyyyyyyyy! i've been looking for it!!! =) i bought it at the pasar malam and it was the only one there. hehe. then after practise.. i teman benson walk at the pasar malam again for the 3rd time! omg.. i was so tired and dead.. T_T it was 12am u noe! and i was so tired.. T_T so yeah i bought another pants.. and purple shorts. knee length. those kinda shorts usually cost rm40 but i got it for rm25! hehe. i wanna get more! =P lalala~~ xD reached home at 1am plus. i was.. so.. super.. tired. no joke!
Heres Qian again!! =)
So yeah, on thursday i had english language class and business studies. omg man my english teacher is scary.. T_T her name is.. ok get ready for this.. her name.. is..


lol.. serious. as in.. SUN.. BEAM! =PPPP anyways right.. i was really tired tht day coz of yday night.. but anyhoo! i had class from 10am till 5pm.. i stayed back after college till 8pm just to help erin and adrian with their church decorations thingy for their wedding tmr! woooot!!! =))) so yeah.. to be honest.. i was exhausted!!! but i really wanna help. =) so yeah. OH! haha.. My Econs lecturer Mr Aria was nice.. when he saw me sitting at the corridor in college.. he suddenly came up to me and offered me Oreos! hehehe.. its a small thing.. but i felt reli happy after tht. i guess i really appreciate the smallest and little things people do for me. =) Mr Aria is my econs lecturer and also the brother of my Coll's principal.
so yeah! pictures of us at the church.. =)

Another tiring day! reached home around 1am plus..
Oh yes benson helped me collect my P License on this day. coz i was busy and out the whole day. OMG MAN. can u believe it?! I FINALLY HAVE MY LICENSE! OFFICIALLY! WOOOOOOOT! =D =D =D =D! nw have to pass my dad's test only. lol. then can drive edy. =)
EVERYONE ONE! meet Chan Hong and Kar Yan. =D

Today had malaysian studies. and we finally got to get into a bigger classroom! class was in the lecture hall today. nyahaha. DUH! the class had 100 students. lol..
This is Kit Inn. she's from pahang and she scored 11As for spm! =) she super cute one lehh! hahahaha..
Kar yan! =) haha. so yeah malaysian studies was kinda like boring. =.=!
but yeah ok lah.. coz nth to study today.. no books or wht so like din reli learn anything.. zzz waste time.

after college i just wanted to go home..
didn't feel like hanging out with anyone..
or going anywhere.. just wanna go home..
when crossing the road..
i almost got knocked by a car. literally.
he ran the traffic light and he managed to break 1 inch..
1 inch away from me.. T_T shit man..
he was damn close.. and i could hear the screeching sound of the tyres! wth?!
stupid driver!!!!!!!!! was in a scare after tht.. zzz..

felt like going home even more.
i dunno.
i just feel like being alone today..
yes yes i noe i sound emo .. maybe thts coz..
i AM emo-ing. since yday..
wait.. few days edy i think. =.=
ahh .. =(

You larh.
all Your fault. =(
Why are u doing this to meee...
wht did i do wrong... ? =(
Its torture. U noe.?
Hurt and Pain. =(
how can u even think of doing this to me..
U made a promise.
=( dunno how to face u edy..
really.. sighs.. ='(

I know. i know even when you think i dunno.
and thats why its all the more hurtful and painful.
coz i know without u telling me.
even when i gave u the chance to tell..
u lied.


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  1. okayyyy wow dear! this post is SUPERRRRR long weih! took me sooo long to read!'s a BIG BIG BIG BIG hug for you! <3 wo hen ai ni =) and im super proud that my dear dear is such a strong girl/woman! =) love you! *hugs hugs tight tight*