Monday, March 30, 2009

BOY! You've crossed that Border!

OH NO YOU DIDN'T JUST DO IT AGAIN~! Stewpid Boy.! D'you know how annoying you've become ever since the start of 2009? I KNOW LARH. Since 2009 u got power and authority in the class. FYI, SO DO I OKAY. But do i boss u around? Heck No~! I had nth against u in form 4. but certain ppl did. but i didn't really believe wht they said coz i thought u were a normal okay person. But NOW i understand wht they meant. WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM LARH. THINGS THT U CAN DO, THEN DO LARH! dont give me lame excuses PLS. I'm SICK of it. Let me ask u. U got mouth right? yes u do. u got hands and legs right? yes u do. U GOT A BRAIN RIGHT? HECK YEH~! SOOO????!!!! 'Why must i do bla bla bla?" "COZ I ASKED YOU TOO" YOU ASK ME SO FRIGGIN WHT?!! Did you know how RUDE you were? NOT ONLY TO ME FYI. To some of our fellow dear mates too! U ASK SO WE MUST DO ARH?! BOO FRIGGIN WHO?! I usually don't allow myself to be Bossed around like peoples DOG. I'M NOT UR DOG IF U DIDN'T KNOW. I actually happen to be HUMAN. like HELLO? But i dunno why i've been tolerating ur nonsense up till coming April! CELINE YAP KAH MAY WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! But seriously lorh, if u do wht u do to me AGAIN tmr or any day in the future i am sooooooooooooo gonna FLIP AT CHA. today was the last straw! WATCH IT BOI~!

URGH. sorry for the rant. I'm just so pissed off! so bu xuang people like that.. RAWWR~!

ANYWAYS, bout my week last week.
the super duper busy week!
Teachers flood us with assignments and homework.

After Biology class. =P

And i had a public speaking speech to get done!
Coz teacher wanted to see me speak on sat.
But by wednesday, i still had no clue abt wht to speak!
I was sick and my mind was soooo Blanked out man..
i sat infront of z laptop the whole day.. staring at the screen..
Practically, I STONED. the whole day. man.
i've never been this clue-less and blanked before. =(
I felt like such a useless person for a while. yes, tht was my honest feeling.
And so, i started to asked for help.. from my sis,dad,bro,friends! and even english teacher! the theme i had to speak on was LOST and darn right i was LOST. =(

i was pretty stressed out the whole week! plus, i needed to choose songs for Sunday Service! coz i was the P&W leader tht sunday. Aiyaiyai~!
Anyways i finally got it done by friday i think. I couldn't have done it without the help of my sis,bro,friends and teacher~! Dad helped me prepare a speech but it was 8 mins long plus it was a hard speech to remember~! =/ SORRY PA! But i really appreciate ur help! Iloveyou~! =) Sis helped with givin me a start, bro tried to write a speech for me but he got stuck too. =.= Kim helped mua with definitions and a start, Chi wing helped with z grammar or smth. x) LOSS LOST? GAH. Marilyn sort of brain stormed wit me, Jonazan helped with some ideas, and most importantly, TEACHER aka Mdm Lim Super helped me! she helped me check my mistakes, gave me better ideas on writting my speech and all. =) I LOVE YOU ALL~! THANKS MILLIONS GUYS! ^^

and Karyn.. x)..............................

[c=#808040]secondhand-doll[/c] says (10:06 PM):
dont get mad. im just ignoring hmwk. ahhahha! "the title of my speech is "LOST."...since imma cheerrleader, i would LOVE to tell u what L.O.S.T. means! L stands for...LOSERS. the stare & drool over me every single damn die whenever i walk pass 'em during recess. it's like. SO ANNOYING. *do bimbo hair twirl here*
[c=#808040]secondhand-doll[/c] says (10:07 PM):
"LOSER WEEP! oh did i mention that? like, u know...'founders keepers; losers weepers!' get what i mean? get it get itt?? *laugh by yourself here*"
[c=#808040]secondhand-doll[/c] says (10:07 PM):
[c=#808040]secondhand-doll[/c] says (10:07 PM):
moving on, we have,...
[c=#808040]secondhand-doll[/c] says (10:07 PM):
¤ ¦¦ †ĈέŁïŃë† ¦¦ ¤ --> . Bao Bao .
[c=#808040]secondhand-doll[/c] says (10:07 PM):
O stands for OMG. owh-maaa-gawd.
¤ ¦¦ †ĈέŁïŃë† ¦¦ ¤ --> . Bao Bao .omgggggg
[c=#808040]secondhand-doll[/c] says (10:10 PM):
everyday. i read ppl's minds, & the 'Ls' go ...OMG. i guess im just too irrisistable for 'em. O is also for : ORDINARY. i just wish i dont that the SPECIAL ability to read minds & know what disgusting, naughty things they think aboutt. its FILTHY. bahahaha! too bad, im just soooo SPECIAL, insanely UNIQUE.
[c=#808040]secondhand-doll[/c] says (10:14 PM):
now ASS. *spanks butt here* i mean. "S" *stand sideway to show off your SEXY S hot body curve here* *hand gesture an S shape beside your body/ showing off la!* SSSSSSSSSS!! IS FOR. many stuffs. like, SEXY *points to self* , SUPER ATTRACTIVE *points to self again with diff hand* & NOT TTO MENTION, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-OH-OH-OH-ooohhh-oh-oh-oh HAWWTTTTT! *brag on the T sound*
¤ ¦¦ †ĈέŁïŃë† ¦¦ ¤ --> . Bao Bao .
¤ ¦¦ †ĈέŁïŃë† ¦¦ ¤ --> . Bao Bao .
u aaaaaahhh!
¤ ¦¦ †ĈέŁïŃë† ¦¦ ¤ --> . Bao Bao .
[c=#808040]secondhand-doll[/c] says (10:17 PM):
*lick index -> touches buttt -> psssss* YES, HAWWT!! *smile sexily* now, S also stands for SERIOUS. in order to do things properly, we must be responsible & dedicate & serious to put well effort on our jobs. therefore, in order to get points in this speech, i would LOVE to restart & tell u my SERIOUS point of view of feeling L-O-S-T
[c=#808040]secondhand-doll[/c] says (10:17 PM):
[c=#808040]secondhand-doll[/c] says (10:19 PM):
so if i may, i would like to intruct u to address me as LORD OF SUPER TALENTS. *brag about what whatever here*
[c=#808040]secondhand-doll[/c] says (10:22 PM):
... in conclusion, that IS NOT all i have to say but time is running short, & LOST, aka ME, of course which is the one & only CELINE YAP *points to self proudly* have to bid farewell & leave u all now. DO MISS ME AS I WILL MISS U. & in additional, i would like to say I LOVE U JUDGES. pls let me have the 1st place. THANK U. *bows down. DONTT SHOW TTOO MUCH CLEAVAGE* *blow kiss & blink flirtily to the cutest judge there, male or female* *wave like a princess & off the stage gracefully* *DONT U DARE FALL DOWN THE STAIRS & TRRIP!*
[c=#808040]secondhand-doll[/c] says (10:22 PM):
[c=#808040]secondhand-doll[/c] says (10:23 PM):
celine, u should really just blog about my SPEECH
¤ ¦¦ †ĈέŁïŃë† ¦¦ ¤ --> . Bao Bao .
xDDDDDD i'll save it man

Haha.. I.. have no say. =PP

Anyways, tht was the hectic part of my week. well part of the hectic moments. On saturday, went for tuition as usual. and Randomly, i realized i wore ALL BLUE. x) YESH. i was ALL BLUE dat day. =P

Blue file

Blue Watch

Blue HairBand

Blue Umbrella

Blue Necklace and Outfit. EVEN THE CHAIR WAS BLUE! xD

And lastly, Blue Headphones! x) altho mua Ipod is purple it looks blue-ish too! xD

I suddenly realized i was SO BLUE tht day. randomly. x) like i took out my file, i was like EH BLUE. x) nyahahahahaa. APRIL is coming. its gonna be a super duper busy month for me. =/ I've got my public speaking competition, Intevensi 2 and soooo muccchh moreeeeee~! I need to have good time management yo! Today Pn.Kuik gave us some talk abt after spm stuffs. about going into Uni and all. i suddenly felt so pressured and started to say stuffs to myself like, CELINE U AINT WORKING HARD ENOUGH! =( April edy weih. i neeed to seriously be more serious in my studies. Haaaaaaaaaaah.

BTW~! DIGI TERUK LARH. SUPER SMS ur head. If u didn't realize, they keep crediting ur account. semua TIPU PUNYA! Pfft.

I'm A Winner.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Hi darlings! YESH! i know i've not been updating!
thats coz i didn't have the time! BUSY BUSY BUSY. =X
Like i said in my previous post, i GG-fied when i got back to KL.
aahaha. =P SO ANYWAYS. Bout my JB trip! =)
Before leaving, went to church!
and lookie lookie! JOVENNE IS BACK! :)
After tht.. Me,Aunt and BB hung out ad Mid Valley! =)
I didn't know photohunt could burn so much time. x)
So our bus left at 2.30pm and arrived at 6.30pm!
Plusliner super on schedule one. Hee. =)
Dad picked us up along with the tweedie boys!
Dad was baby sitting em. went to their hse till Uncle Greg,Aunt Jolayne and Jolisa got home.

Jesse,Joshua and Celine. =)
Meet Jolisa! =)
Joshua. =)

After tht, we went to Tesco Plentong to suprise mum! =)
Awwww.. =)
wohoo! It was so nice seeing her again! oh how i missed her!
I've seriously not seen my mum work in such a long time!
it felt weird in the starting. hehhs..
Waited till mum finished work and that was end of my first day in JB!


I went to Ah Khoo's hse to hang out! =)

Shu xin came later on.. and we chaaaaaaaaaat from 1pm till 6pm++! time just flew so fasssst! so much things have changed and all in my ex school. so many ppl have changed too.. some from good to bad.. some from bad to good.. and some from bad to worse? Hehs. Anyhoo, It was soo nice catching up with em again!



Went KAAAAAAAAAARAAAOKE with Sis, BB and Mummy! =D dad joined us for a while. Man, i cant rmb the last time we ever went karaoke together! =P it was great fun! ^^ sang and dance till hyper gila. xD



Spent time with family.. =) Mum had an off day. woot~!

Eunice meix came over to my house!!!!!

and yesh! we chaaaaat chaaat chaaaaattt and watch movie together.. and makan this and that together and hugggg and gila and everything together! hahaha.. we got so occupied tht we even forgot to snap even A PICTURE! can u believe that?!!!! so sorry mei. =( And her dad came early! nooooooooooooooooo~! =( But at least we got to catch up larh. =) I LOVE YOU MEI! sayang you banyak-banyak! ^^

Then family and I went over to Bryan's hse to have dinner. x) On wed morning.. i kena shooting from Bryan on the phone coz i forgot to tell him i came back to JB. CELINE IS GUILTY! SORRY BRYAN! x) but u nvr read my blog! partly ur fault also. hehe. =P Pffft! After eating dinner we played bball for a while! =) dunggu bryan made me play in my skirt! Sheeesh! then played pool until super late! planned to go swimming the next day after kim and karyn's. but i caught a flu the minute i reached home. and started to feel sick. =( So yeaaah CANCELED. *dunno who sat down without a shirt and watched tv when some VIPs were leaving.* PFFT. =P


Went over to Kim and Karyn's!!!! WOOT~!!!! D'you know.. tht.. it waas the FIRST TIME i ever stepped into their hse??! YEAH MAN. i cant believe it myself! coz we always meet outside. haha. =P and yesh we had an awesome awesome timeee! they invited me to a BBQ but i wasnt allowed to go. =/ SO they didn't go too. to spend more time with mua. aawwwww.. *sniffx*


While Karyn was at tuition.. nyahahahaha...

You can stand under my umbrella~! xDDDDD!

ISLY! =)

And after karyn came bacck! x)
We hung out in their Attic! =) sho cool. heee. =P
LOL. i look so funny. =P

And then we had Marry Browns for DINNER!!

my 2nd time ever eating marry browns. =P
THANKS FOR DINNER DARLINGS!!! =)) Ahhhh i miss u both so muccch! its defo gonna be a sleepover the next timeee!!! =D ILY ILY ILY "D-EYS~!" x) * dun u go emo-ing on me nw! SUPERPOKE!* =) xoxo


Went to Tebrau City with Jolisa to watch Race to Witch Mountain!! wheeeee~!!! My first movie with her. =) MY FIRST MOVIE THROUGH OUT MY WHOLE HOLIDAY WEEK MAN! x)

then went to Giant Plentong at 2.30pm coz wanted to have the last lunch with mum before we left for KL. So me,bb and dad temaned mummy for her lunch break! ^^


went to my ex-school's PBSM's Buffet! :D haha.. it was so nice seeing all those old faces again! and alot of new PBSM-ers edy.. hahahaha.. now all my level punya orang become seniors edy weih. =P WAS SICK THOUGH. So i couldn't enjoy ALL the food there. but thats okay! i went there not for the food anyways. =) AI NI MEN O~!!! ^^

take 1~

take 2~ falling!
Take 3~ Steady. ;)

Photobucket Photobucket
Shu Xin~! =)

Khoo,Mey Yun,Rui,Celine,Li Hong,Shu Xin! =)


Had breakfast with z tweedies! Went to their hse.. and had fellowship.. And had to send mum to work. =( tht was the last time me and bb saw her before we left. too bad she couldn't send us off. but nvm! at least dad did. =D He waited untill our bus left.

Reached KL at around 7pm i think. and didn't get a very welcoming.. welcome. Zzzz. I was pissed off. But anyhoo. its in the past. =)

thats like my whole week in JB.
I fell sick.. very, on monday. so i didn't go to school.
Its been long since i've last visited the doctor.
Both me and benroy were sick the whole week. Sheesh.
Me no likey eat medicine! =( but i'm getting better nw. =D
quite alot of stuff happened in this first week of school.
shall say more in my next post! ^^
till then! xoxo.

Ps: JB DARLINGS! i miss u all superrr lots! Can't wait to meet up again! =) Love!