Friday, March 13, 2009


i suddenly feel like eating captain crunch or Trix. i miss those old cereals i used to eat as a kid. yes. i've nt slept since the previous post before this. CANT SLEEP.

angry? / thinking alot? /down? /idunnoy.


tmr IS afterall the last day of school and its gonna be the march hollies.
Just got some pictures from someone.

Meet Zhong Hwa. A very talented badminton player.

And Meet Fabian. A runner. can be super manja. and is Annoyingly-Adorable. lol.. its very hard to stay mad at him for long. heh.And he is.. the person tht super reminds me of Calvin Siew. not only the looks but the character and everything larh. lol. maybe nt in the picture? but in real life, its like another Calvin Siew tht sesated in my school. lol.

imma try to slp.