Saturday, March 14, 2009

If You Want It So ~

Today was a tiring but awesome day. =)
Well.. i got to let out all my frustration through sports..
so its a good thing.. Healthy way of releasing stress. ;)
Was pretty angry yesterday night..
i've been pretty angry for a few days now..
down too.. and when i feel angry or down..
i cant fall asleep easily. =( or either i just dun wanna sleep.
so i'd online till early in the morning or.. just.. blast music..
i actually fell asleep blasting music from me ipod.
i woke up at 6.20am and realize tht i fell asleep..
thankfully, i turn here turn there and my earphones came out..
and i offed my ipod. sumhw. =.= lol..?
its bad falling asleep with yer ipod on.. So kids! dun do tht if u think ur gonna doze off. i'll most prob nt repeat it again. =)

In the morning.. Scy's mum fetched us to Di Shen's Hse. Tc came later on.. and KS came even later.. =.= and caleb.. he never came.. =.=........ LOL. ANYWAYS.. i had fun.. i've not had e badminton session since last year..So yeah.. I had a great time. =D Not Untill Scy hit the shuttlecock right on my right eyeball. T_T...BULLS EYE u say. Heh. the most sakit thing is tht.. he hit super hard, super fast and the part of the shuttlecock tht hit my eye was the ball part. Owh maaaaaaaaans! SAKITS! T_T....... of course he didn't do it on purpose la.. so.. i sat down.. and looked at some green stuffs for a while.. washed my eyes and all.. and yes it hurt. Anyways, DONT WORRY BOUT ME NOW! coz i'm finee! after giving my eye a good rest.. it felt better.. and no its not bengkak or any of tht sort. and no its not hurting anymore. =) so i went back inside and played with Scy and KS while Di Shen and Tc sat behind me. lol.. and when we were playing.. whenever there was an oppurtunity for Scy or KS they smashed either D or Tc.. or at least they TRIED. lol.. after we played.. Di Shen and TC wanted revenge! x) so here are some pics and some vids. lame ones. dun mind us. =D

kok sime behind the box and Scy behind the badminton bag. lol.
and thats TC smashing KS. =.=

TC smashing Scy. Check out Scy's face. He was like screaming x)

KS z victim again. lawl. they look so kesian. x) like kena bully like dat. xD

KES BULI! lawl. So funny to see them behind a box and a bag. x)

KS getting his revenge! lawl. =.=

We played from 10am till 2pm. NT BAD EY? =D
Tc's dad sent Scy and I home after tht. =D
wasn't quite satisfied tho.. didn't feel tired enough..
or.. hmm.. didn't really get to let it all out.. =P
So i asked ah sun jie if she wanted to go swimming! =)
So we planned to go to Bukit Jalil Public Pool..
She did a research on it.. and found out tht.
the pool there is clean and environment is good..PLUS..
its indoor! =) so whether rain or shine, we'd be able to swim. =D
So got ready.. and before we left..i suddenly heard a crash sound and glass cracking sound.. and a car alarm went on. Rushed to the window and saw this.

Fortunately, there was no accident. =) The tree branch broke and fell on a saga parked there. took this pic from my room. again, the POWER OF ZOOM! x) POOR CAR MAN! the windscreen must be like.. totally GONE! i din exactly see what happened..but yeah, whtever. The only thing tht matters is tht no life was endangered. =D

Headed to my tuition centre to settle some stuffs. and found out tht this week's replacement class will be held this coming sat. OH NOOO! =( i'm gonna miss 1 chemistry class, 2 addmaths class and 2 physics class if i come back to KL on Saturday or Sunday. =( Nooooooo~! haihs. still thinking when i should come back. ANYWAYS.. after tht.. went to bukit jalil. on the way there, we got caught in a jam. T_T..bad jam plus it was raining cats and dogs. when we finally got there, we didn't know hw to enter or even reach the public pool. T_T and it was raining heavily. we went to the nasional stadium and asked some dudes there and they said..

"Sorry Miss! Hujan larh, Jadi public pool tutup. Bahaya. Kalau hujan mereka tutup"

I was like .................................................... isn't it suppose to be indoors?
so then.. ah sun jie saw my unsatisfied face and decided to look for a way to get into the public pool. we instead ended up at the Hokey Stadium. =.=...... So we gave up and called a relative tht stayed around tht area. Ah sun jie wanted to meet up with her.. But she wasnt home. Instead she gave us directions to find the public pool! =) so we tried again and we found it! wohoooo~!!!! And no, it wasnt close and Yes it was indoors and was shaded. but they had 30mins break between certain times. so me and ah sun jie walked around and looked for a way to find the entrance. we ended up at the pool for training. those nasional swimmers and for those tht took swimming classes. We wondered around for a while.. but couldn't find a way to get into the public pool. So we waited till 6pm. (the time the re-open) After we paid (rm4) and all, we realised tht OMG?! we actually didn't need to pay just now! because me and ah sun jie was actually inside edy.. just that we didn't turn at the right turnings. =.= So Zha Dao. But nvm la. Kami Kan Jujur. ;) hehe. Its those.. olympic kinda pool? 50metres long. I did all together 13 laps i think. =D (to and frow = 1 lap) we swam for 2 hours plus. NOT BAD. =) oh man! i missed swimming so much!! ^^ and this wasnt those play play water kind of swimming. I really Swam! x) its been a while. =) reminded me of those times i stayed in Vista Komanwel. =) those were the days.

SO YESH! i really had fun. and i felt so much better after swimming. =) tho i was super exhausted coz after badminton went swimming.. it was so worth it! i feel so so much better now. Dun feel angry no more. nor down. nor stressed nor pressured nor emo. =D Was supposed to meet up with Jovenne and Lyd! but coz of transport probs. =( Coz Jov just got back from Ns. ah wells. =/ we'll have church sessions! haha.. IF u come to St.pauls. =P i miss u darlings! both of you. =)

Gotta go Pack now!
tho i feel like SLEEPING! =X
i'm going back to JB tmr! Whee~!
Awaits me Darlings! =D

PS: Thanks Ah Sun Jie for not giving up on looking for the public pool. most ppl would've just said "Aww, next time larh." but u didn't. =)

PPS: Darlings in JB! i'm currently free on Mon,Tues,Fri,Sat. I think. lawl. But i'm DEFINITELY not free on Wed. Got some pretty important Family Appointment. =)

i'm glad i aint angry no more. =)


  1. omg. TREE ON CAR.

    you;re back todayyyyyyyyyyyyayayayayaayyyyyyYAY....

  2. Interesting. I agree with you totally. Furthermore I have another point to add. I think its essential that children today have a friendly and good swim instructor to guide them along. So that they will take to the hobby with delight, rather than find it a useless skill. But then again, most kids always love swimming afterall.