Saturday, July 31, 2010

You Know I Know How~ To make em stop and stare as i Zone Out~!

Hello hello!
my week passed by so quickly..
my week was emofied. seriously. till today.
mwahahahah~! anyways before i get there..
not only the week is ending but the month of JULY! O.O
was that fast or wht?! =S

super super fast if u ask me. cant believe july has come and gone.
anyways been really busy with exams these few weeks..
but before exams.. i got to go..
sing k with Kim kim kimmmmmm~!!! =D =D =D

ahhh.. i missed her so much. =( and now she's going back edy.. again. SO FAST LAH YOU! ISH.

Always satisfying-ly FUN! =)

and she drove me to St.Pauls for AFC altho it was so jam! thanks alot baby!

poor girl was so tired when she reached my church. haha. =P
and also got to meet shan li after so long! hahaa boy has he grown!

my weekend was crazy.
had revision for law in coll by my coll's principal. rushed to dance prac and came back. and at night.. fetch mum or smth. cant rmb wht happened. hahaa.. i prolly blogged abt it before this. on sunday had our full dress rehearsal in subang and had our photoshoot. cant wait to get the picture. hehe. =D

after the dance. see! so red and sweaty. ish.
hahaha my top has an ' xD ' on it. but the blings came off!
after dance. everyone so tired. =/
hahaha the front seaters! sheryl!
and mua! =D

i like this. =) been a while since we took pictures like these eyh? =)
and when i was driving us home benroy sudd realize both of us was in green. haha.
tiring tiring day. at night kim came to kepong and we went to Mc D to revise for moral studies exam the next day.

so glad im done with it! tho my hp almost got stolen tht day. glad moral is done with! =D

on wednesday, Met up with kim n michelle in central point Mc D. kim tuitored me in econs. =D

coz exam for econs is on tuesday.. and malaysian studies exam was brought forward to Monday. so back to back exam days! ahhh~! =/


without flash. my camera cant capture the red-ness. no idea why. hahaa.. its the lighting lah.
looks brown. =P

so yep! finally got down to getting it done!!!
finally yeaaaah! it made my day. hehe. =D
i loveeee the outcome!!!

happy happy girl. =D
rmb the shoes i bought? and sold?
yeah used tht money to highlight my hair. ;)

and NOW.
i really need to sleep.

gotta let go,gotta move forward.
Gotta breathe.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Its the 700th post.

Anyways, today, today was just like one of those days.. Like yesterday.

Everything tht i've been bottling up inside is starting to overwhelm me. I thought i'd be able to sleep these things off slowly by slowly.. Day by day. But looks like its not working..?

Sighs i dunno. Today was just a completely .. I dunno what word to use.. Stressful? Tiring? Annoying? Emotional? I've no idea. Maybe its a mixture of All..of em. Or smth. Sighs. All i know is that its getting worse n i dont really know what to do about it..?

I admit. Words like pray abt it and all have appeared in my blog. But words are only so much if not an aCtion is carried out. I havent really sat down.. Set time aside just to pray.. Or to talk to God. I feel drifted/drifting. I've been so caught up with my busy lifestyle tht even God became less of a priority in my life. The only time i ever pray is before i eat n before i slp. But prayers before my meals are not as meaningful n sincere as it used to be for me. I do it nowadays coz i was taught so. And i did so. Btt nowadays i just do it in a rush. Which just doesn't mean aything to me anymore?

I just feel so.. Dry.. I have not been making the eFfort to talk to God like hw i'd make the effort to talk to my close friends n to stay in touch.

I am..
I have.. Lost touch with God and i haven't been keeping in touch with Him..i've set aside this friend of mine. I've set aside this Daddy of mine. This saviour this God of mine..

How could i.. ?

I wont say anything like oh! Yeaaa! Imma so totally start reading the bible n praying everyday.. But i will try to start again.. No. Not start again. But contiinue my wallk with God from where i left off.

In fb i said.
Who else do i turn to?
Someone said christ.
I said i know.. Thts Why i said else.
He said, why do u need to rely on humans?

Do i?
COz in the worship songs i sing.. 'all i need is you.. All i need is you Lord.. Its you lord.'

so do i need humans? Maybe i do when God uses them to reach me? Sighs i dunno.

No solutions nor answers.
I guess i jst need to selah.
To look back n reflect.

Coz right nw the question in my head keeps making me feel like i dont have anyone to turn to anymore at the moment. I feel isolated. I think i've isolated myself.. I dunno. No idea. Im a confused child atm.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Disappointed Much.

i've been so disappointed with so many people lately.. N these ppl aren't just merely ppl i know but people tht are close to my heart. And people whom i love. People whom my heart is like a thin piece of glass tht can be shattered very easily by. And yes i know. Things like these happen all the time. Its part of life and yada yada but still.. We were created with feelings nw weren't we? Sighs. Thts all i can do/say.

Anyways..i've nt been able to come online much coz of some reasons.. And alot has been happening. Both good n bad of course. But hav been crazily busy as well. Havent been able to sleep well lately too. =( its like every night i either have weird dreams or i cant find the right comfortable position to slp. I toss n turn n before i know it, its time to wake up already. Baaah.

Sides that, finally took my moral final exam today.. Its good coz after this monday i wouldn't hav to go to coll on mondays anymore. Save time n energy. N money as well. Sat for the exam just nw and guess what? My new handphone.. The E63 almost got stolen. T.T! Ahhhh. Thank God it wasn't i've completely no idea wht tht person was thinking bt im jst glad tht his conscience or whtever made him leave my handphone at the staircase..n he just left. When i finished my moral exam, i went out of the room happily n took my bag everything n was abt to ciao. N as i made the turning to the staircase i saw my handphone pOuch on the stairs n i was like omg! Whts it doing there?! Grabbed it n checked n was so relieved my ic touch n go driving license n phone was still inside. T.T thank God also that no one else came out after me. Even if there was, i thank God tht no one else noticed my hp there. =/

Ur probablY thinking y i didn't bring in my hp to the hall? Coz frm wht i was told, we r nt allowed to bring in our hp n there will be someone taking care of our bags. ObviousLy there wasn't anyone doing so. Sigh.. Pffftttt! Anyways im jst waiting here in coll for my dad to fin work till 6pm. Using my E63 to blog. So tired n yeah. Im still in shock. Imagine urself.. Just bought a new Hp tht u worked for n sudd u see it on the staircase out of no where. Ur hp was offed n out of the usual place y'd always place it in..tht was my feeling.. Still recovering from tht tho jst so thankful tht it wasn't stolen. T.T

Aihs..anyways. Mondays r free nw. Bt tht doesn't mean free time for me. Means i've an extra day to study more nw. Lol. Exams r in like 3months time..cant afford to waste anytime. Plus, exams are going on every week nw till i dunno when. Exams for diff subs. Cant wait to fin my malaysian studies exaM. Then i dont need to go to coll on friday eitheer..

Dance concert is also coming reeeaaalll soon. 7th Aug. At kelana jaya mars auditorium. Tickets are at rm 35 and rm 50. Whoever wanna come see can lemme noe. Time, its in the evening bout 7pm if im nt wrong. So lemme noe yeah. Had full dress rehearsal yday and a photoshoot.. Sad seven n eleven wasn't wit us. The photo wasn't complete. =/

Anyhoo, thts whts been going on wit me i guess. Status atm... : disappointed.. Emo? Hmm mayb a lil.. I dunno.. Sighs.

guess some things r jst out of our reach yeah? And all we can do is to pray abt it. Pray for whoever thtd hurting us and stuffs. =/


Sometimes a hug can mean everything. More than words could ever do.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Midnight,Swimming Pool,Stars. Imissthat.

Hello hello. its already thursday..
time is flying really.. anyhoo..
monday was a complete waste of time as usual..
tuesday was a tiring one.. and it rained like.. crazie..
the rain was so heavy that the jams lasted till 8.30pm to 9pm.
can u imagine tht? got stuck in it for almost 3 hours plus. =(

so yeah, tuesday was a reaaallyyy long day for mua...
Wednesday! got back my Law test results.
turns out, am one of the top scorers for the test in class! =D
teeheee! =D happy happy. =)
but no, it doesn't mean i dont have to push myself to be better. ;)

sides that, i've no idea why, but..
lately alot of people are asking me economics questions..
i dunno why or where they got tht impression tht..
my economics is better than theirs.. =S nooo.. =/
even the smart ass ppl are asking me. they make me feel so..
awkward. makes me ask myself if its a trick question. heh..
weird. but yeah am glad to help whenever i can. :D

sides studies, managed to finally settle my dance costume..
for the dance charity concert coming REAL SOON on the 7th of AUG!
if u wanna come support! do come! tho, u'd have to buy tickets...
prices at rm35 and rm50. it'll be held in an auditorium in Kelana Jaya.
wan more info can ask me. =D but i've yet to know more info myself.
haha! so just book the date! if u wanna come tht is. ;)

AND! i went swimming todaaaaaay! (wednesdayy)
yep yep yeep! went swimming with Gwyneth and Michelle @ One Club. =) thanks gwyneth for bringing us and thanks gwyneth's mummy for treating us to both swimming and dinner! =D had fun had fun. =) was a great night. tho im like super the tired right now.. hahaha.. still thinking twice if i should go for badminton later.. =S it'll be another long long day if i go.. gonna be in Brickfields area till like 10pm++. almost 12 hours. hahaa..

anyhoo, alot of tests and exams are coming up..
next week,following week and so on..
and SO. i should really cut down my usage of the internet.. =S
(tho talking is so much more easier than actually doing it)
haha.. we'll see.. wht i can do. =P i can if i really wanted to. aha. =D
and FULL DRESS REHEARSAL is this sunday..
and the PHOTOSHOOT would also be this sunday..
and at the same time i'd be having revision class for Law by my college's principal.. on sat and sun.. 9am till 2.30pm.. =S so i've to like rush from coll to dance.. or dont go for either one.. =S ahhh... clashes.. me no likey at all! Pfft.. =(

i shall see how.
but till then!
time for me to sleeeep. =)
Wonder what i'll dream about tonight. :)
(been dreaming ALOT lately..)


i m j s m !

Sunday, July 18, 2010

What a Long Weekend!

Hey hey hey!
my blog has been deprived from pictures for quite a while now eyh?
hahaa.. sowee.. =P well, so! from where i stopped!
hmm lets see! My grandma's 80th birthday! yesh..
the one i was supposed to do a more detailed entry of..
but i guess that wouldn't be happening anytime soon!
hahaha.. yeah.. i've just been so BUSY lately!
with test and exams coming up.. assignments filling in..
Dance concert drawing near.. both my saturdays n sundays..
are taken up by dance pracs the whole day!
and just like that, i've hardly time to sleep even!
yes.. i've been sleep deprived lately..
and been driving alot today as well.. i drove to so many places..
i felt as if i drove to JB. T_T

not only today actually. been driving.. ALOT.
hahaa.. example of today, went to church..
Mum forgot her working uniform, went back home after church..
drove her to curve.. passed by church again to go to federal highway..
went to cheras for dance prac. then had dance prac in subang..
then from cheras fetched benroy home coz he was having fever..
well.. he was just nt well lar. dunno whether it was fever or wht..
then drove to curve from home to pick mum up..
and drove back home. T_T tiredddddddddd!

1st-ly, my car can only travel at 60km/h! the fastest..
if not my car will die or smth..
2nd-ly, im shooo broke right now..
i didn't have enough money to fill petrol.. T_T
used up my last rm20 for petrol today..
yeah.. so my weekend has been a very LONG one!
but i really love dance pracs moments. =)
wht more can i say? Dance is my passion. =)

SO. enough abt me being oh-so-busy!
here are some pics from where i left off.. =P
(not all, but some. haha.. i need to sleep!) =D

Joseph & Jamie's Wedding! =)

the cutest couple i've ever met so far. =)
(im serious!)

U cant help but smile when u see them together.. =)

I won passes to watch the Premier of Predator.
So nick came to my college from subang.. and he followed me back to my hse.. bathe and then we headed to curve/ cineleisure to meet up with the rest. =)
there was nick,joe,benroy..
Janning.. and also aaron! yes yes.. aussie boy is back. =)
i like. =D
well predator was So So only larh.. =P nothing big or HU HA about. =P
( for me tht is. haha..)

One of my seniors, Gary, was bored and so.. wasted a new Study Planner by doing the above. =.=!

9th July.
Rushed to SERDANG after class to bake a cake for daddy. =)

The End Product! =)
Couldn't have done this without Wan Ching!
yep, baked it in her house. i actually took pictures of the whole baking process, but again, i shall blog abt it some other time. had alot of fun, tho we were rushing like crazy.. hahaa..
Glad they loved it! =) hehe. it was hard work kay! hahaa..

Recently, like.. 2 days ago i think..
Finally got a hair cut. =D
Changed my fringe side,and changed fringe style. =D kept my long hair tho. wanna grow it longer. =D

Friday, Went to RED AMP
Mainly to see Colby O Donis & Mizz Nina.

Colby n Nina
basically this event was like the search for Asia's best band or smth.. so yup! there were bands from indonesia.. thailand and just everywhere. The above picture is 69, from thailand. took pic with em only coz i liked how they performed and their style. =) and they're really nice people! haha.. =D

so yup. these were my events so far. hahaha.. those tht i took pictures at.. sometimes i forget to bring my camera along. =P and i need a new hard drive! ahhh.. pictures have overloaded my current one. =/ haha.. shows the amount of pictures i take. =P

next event? MTV WORLD STAGE.
YES! im gonna be there. =)
Lil bro won tickets to go. =D

and also my Dance Concert on the 7th of Aug!
will fill ya in with more details soon. =)

till then!
i owe myself LOADS and LOADS of sleep!

lemme share with you 2 scenarios that shows how sleep deprived celine yap is!

I was half way setting my phone alarm so tht i could wake up early for band prac on saturday. While i was setting the alarm.. i fell asleep. CAN U IMAGINE THT?! hahaha.. gosh! halfway setting alarm also can fall asleep. =.=!

woke up late the next morning. duh. no alarm. D: and guess wht?! I WAS DROOLING! O.O! hahaa omgosh! i dont drool! i woke up and was like.. EWWWWW U DROOLED! hahahahahaha...

After dance on saturday.. i totally went into la la land the minute i touched my bed. @_@ like totally knocked out weih.

hahaa.. okay 3 scenarios. whtever. =P
but yeah maaaan!
i need to start taking care of myself. HAHA. =P

so Goodnight!

Someone Like You. :)