Monday, July 12, 2010

Hellow Wellow!

Oh hellowww!!! =)

Haha.. okay.. i realize how i've been updating less compared to last time. xD maaan.. =P i've just been SO BUSY lately! so many things going on and i hardly even have time to sleep! O.O its like right now, things at college is really tensed and theres alot of work to do and to be done.. starting this week onwards i'd be having tests and exams edy.. so yeah.. Gotta focus! (nt like i aint focusing atm =P ) but yes, i have to pay most of my attention to my studies starting this week onwards.. lets see.. what events have passed?

well, wedding! yes.. on 3rd of July i attended Joseph & Jamie's Wedding!! ahh.. i just love attending weddings.. =) dont you? its such a happy event.. and .. i just love em.. especially seeing this paticular couple.. =) they are just so CUTE together!! u should see them together in real life.. =) u totally cant help but smile when u see em together..=)

i was the usher for both the morning and night ceremony! =D
hahaa .. so happy i could help them out..
Jo has helped me alot eversince i came to KL..
tht was the least i could do for him.. =)

and on 6th July i went to Cineleisure with Ban Ho,Nick,Joe Ong,Aaron,Janning and Parents to watch the premier of predator! =D i loved the company.. so much! loved it more than the movie! hahahaa.. seriously.. =) i had such a great day great time! everything turned out as planned in the end.. before that there was some chaos.. tht made me feel like banging my head on the wall.. but in the end everythings well. =)

and on 9th of July, We celebrated my dad's birthday at night. but before that, i went to Wan Ching's Hse in Serdang to bake a cake for my dad! yup yup! it was a suprise.. hahhaha..coz he asked me not to buy him anything. so i MADE him smth. hehe. it was a total success!! ahh.. was a super tiring day too.. but at least everything turned out as planned.. =) and my dad liked the cake!! =) and it made him really happy.. hahaha.. i made a video for him too.. as his birthday present.. =)

of course, whats all these events without pictures?!
hahaa.. if you know me well enough..
i bring my camera almost everywhere i go! =)
so yesh!! theres like TONNES of pictures to share!
but maybe not too soon! next next week perhaps.. =D
exams exams.. they're more important.. =)
but u can visit my facebook to view them pictures tho! =)
its easier to upload pictures there. haha.. =P
blogging.. n uploading pictures here takes forever!
but i do it anyways.. hahaha.. =P

And i had such a long day yesterday. i went to church and then to dance prac in cheras till 3pm and then to subang for dance prac till 5pm and waited for benson to fetch us.. left cheras at 6pm.. had a fast forwarded dinner..and guess wht?! i had to drive home from Bukit Jalil at night WITH THE MANUAL CAR! D: coz i suppose to fetch him to ktm kepong and he go himself.. but end up he was rushing for time and his bus leaves at 8pm.. and at 7.45pm we were still in hartamas. imagine tht. i was super stressed sia.. T_T and plus i dunno the way home from Bukit Jalil. but with Kim's directions and God's protection i managed to reach home safely! =)) it was a scary experience lerh.. i went through Bandar Kinrara. it was so dark and my petrol tank was almost empty! Thank God i got to a petrol station in time.. and GUESS WHT?! i didn't stall! despite how crappy that manual car's condition is! hahaha.. HAPPY. =D and i had super alot of fun at dance!!! danced hip hop + locking + breaking + Popping! it was so fun.. and we had hardcore prac k! its like i prac non-stop.. over and over.. i love pracs like those. =)

AND! world cup 2010 finals was this morning!
yep! celine would definitely not miss the finals weih!
hahahaa.. i slept at 5.30am this morning! xD
but yeah i had fun.. watching the finals..
tho, the match wasn't as interesting as the finals in 2006..
but still! i had alot of fun.. haha why?
because of the person i was watching the match 'with..' =)

4 years ago, a promise was made.. i was suppose to watch this year's finals with someone.. but i guess some promises are not meant to be kept. Oh well.. BUT NVM that! I guess i wouldn't have had as much fun as i had yday if the promise was kept.. i totally loved how i spent and ended watching the finals yday.. =) loved it! hahaa.. altho. i got myself in some trouble! hahaha nt really trouble but just before the match ended i made a deal with someone.. HAHA. and.. i lost. T_T but nvm! a deal is a deal... =) hahaha..

now! i need to go finish my economics assignment! =P
c yah!

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