Thursday, July 01, 2010

Forget about the malls or movies.

hello people! u know how outings nowadays..
ALWAYS include movies.. shopping malls.. and just some sort of entertainment?
its as if it is a MUST when u wanna hang out with someone..
there must ALWAYS be something to entertain ..
and some people just try so hard to think of where to go..
where is fun.. where are places u can do most things and all..

tsk tsk tsk.
you know, i think we've all missed out the point about hanging out with someone. why would we wanna hang out with someone? coz we wanna spend time with em. but tell me, how much time do u spend with someone when u guys watch movies in the cinema? how much do you guys actually communicate and talk?

i almost forgot how nice and waaaay awesome a simple outing at the park.. or just somewhere quiet and nice.. without any source of entertainment.. where theres just these two friends.. talking and talking and talking and without noticing, it was almost midnight! O.O could be the best outing ever!

outings like these are soo much more meaningful..
so much more .. nicer! compared to the yada yada malls..movies..karaoke..
of course yes, having movies and all are fun..
and i like em too..

but i guess starting from now imma try to have my outings..
away from all these.. where we can just talk and talk and talk.. =)
and ACTUALLY SPEND TIME with whoever im hanging out with.. =)
seriously. :)

Goodnight! =)
And Oh!
Hello July! O.O

that was fast.!


  1. doesn't this just mean you wanna go out for a picnic? It's easily done you know. Its just that most ppl are lazy to prepare beforehand. Ipoh has nice parks for picnics. =)