Thursday, July 22, 2010

Midnight,Swimming Pool,Stars. Imissthat.

Hello hello. its already thursday..
time is flying really.. anyhoo..
monday was a complete waste of time as usual..
tuesday was a tiring one.. and it rained like.. crazie..
the rain was so heavy that the jams lasted till 8.30pm to 9pm.
can u imagine tht? got stuck in it for almost 3 hours plus. =(

so yeah, tuesday was a reaaallyyy long day for mua...
Wednesday! got back my Law test results.
turns out, am one of the top scorers for the test in class! =D
teeheee! =D happy happy. =)
but no, it doesn't mean i dont have to push myself to be better. ;)

sides that, i've no idea why, but..
lately alot of people are asking me economics questions..
i dunno why or where they got tht impression tht..
my economics is better than theirs.. =S nooo.. =/
even the smart ass ppl are asking me. they make me feel so..
awkward. makes me ask myself if its a trick question. heh..
weird. but yeah am glad to help whenever i can. :D

sides studies, managed to finally settle my dance costume..
for the dance charity concert coming REAL SOON on the 7th of AUG!
if u wanna come support! do come! tho, u'd have to buy tickets...
prices at rm35 and rm50. it'll be held in an auditorium in Kelana Jaya.
wan more info can ask me. =D but i've yet to know more info myself.
haha! so just book the date! if u wanna come tht is. ;)

AND! i went swimming todaaaaaay! (wednesdayy)
yep yep yeep! went swimming with Gwyneth and Michelle @ One Club. =) thanks gwyneth for bringing us and thanks gwyneth's mummy for treating us to both swimming and dinner! =D had fun had fun. =) was a great night. tho im like super the tired right now.. hahaha.. still thinking twice if i should go for badminton later.. =S it'll be another long long day if i go.. gonna be in Brickfields area till like 10pm++. almost 12 hours. hahaa..

anyhoo, alot of tests and exams are coming up..
next week,following week and so on..
and SO. i should really cut down my usage of the internet.. =S
(tho talking is so much more easier than actually doing it)
haha.. we'll see.. wht i can do. =P i can if i really wanted to. aha. =D
and FULL DRESS REHEARSAL is this sunday..
and the PHOTOSHOOT would also be this sunday..
and at the same time i'd be having revision class for Law by my college's principal.. on sat and sun.. 9am till 2.30pm.. =S so i've to like rush from coll to dance.. or dont go for either one.. =S ahhh... clashes.. me no likey at all! Pfft.. =(

i shall see how.
but till then!
time for me to sleeeep. =)
Wonder what i'll dream about tonight. :)
(been dreaming ALOT lately..)


i m j s m !

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