Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Quietest Merdeka ever.

its merdeka already, and i dunno about you, but it is the quietest merdeka i've ever had. anyhoo, things have changed alot compared to the previous merdeka celebrations. wonder why. hmm..

i've been pretty busy lately..
AND. there are like tonnes of birthdays in a row these pass few weeks/days. and it hasn't stop! hasn't stop at all..

theres smth not quite right with my right leg.
its hurting me.not too sure whts wrong with it yet.
maybe i pulled a ligament.. or smth..
havent got it checked yet..
so sadly, no jogging or badminton or sports or dancing for me for nw..

sides that.. its 2.40am now and i cant sleep.
i feel reeaaally tired. but i just cant fall asleep..
my mind is really active now so i decided to come blog..

u know i've alot of questions popping out in my head.
ALOT. had a long talk with God just now..
well, not that i literally "talked" to God..
but yeah. i had a talk with Him.
asked alot of things. talked about alot of things..
you know. although most of the time i dont get replies.
but still, i feel so comfortable talking to Him..
cant explain this feeling.
i really need to spend more time with Him.

u know. alot of us do alot of things.
but we dunno why we do what we do.
Why we do what we do.

I think i've a problem letting people take care of me.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Its whether we want to or not.

Alot of things.. people nowadays use general words.


Okay lo.
So so.
Like that lor.

U know, like asking.. what ya wanna eat? anything.
What are u angry about? I dunno.
Whats making u so depressed? Everything.
How ya doing? So so.
What was ur first impression of me? Like that lor.

Its fine if you say that, then explain.
But some people just say tht coz they just dont wanna explain or take the effort to do so. Of course, u cant force people to say wht they dont wanna say. But in some cases. It hurts people. especially if someone really close to you, does that to you. it makes u rmb back then when u just ask one lined questions and they'd reply u in a super long paragraph.

but its a free world. and i guess things just never stay the same. and over time, people may get closer or drift further apart. what else can we do but to accept the fact? we shouldn't force things. although its not easy. although it hurts. although its disappointing. but i guess.. thats just a small part of life.

At least i tried.
All the best in your future undertakings.

And i guess...

This is goodbye for real.
I still thank God for bringing you into my life..
and for being such a blessing in my life.

I made a promise. and i said..
Always, Here.
So i wont force anything anymore, but just know. that i still am here. whenever u need me. even if u suddenly come to me after a decade. im serious. u know i dont say things i dont mean.

till then, Please take good care of yourself.
You meant and still mean alot to me.

=' ( / =' )...?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Love You, Too Much To Make You Stay..

Hello. Lets see. my week, has been alright i guess.. pretty busy as usual.. alot of things happened in just this one week. Certain days i really felt as if i was suffocating.. I've just got too Much on my mind. =( Anyways.. Matt Left this week.. on the 19th.. so on the 18th i met up with him,janning and qian coz i wouldn't be free the whole day on the 19th so it would've been my last time seeing him before he leaves..

so we went to Mid Valley to hang out and have dinner.
and at night we went to The Library for a fashion show thingy..
Only by invitation and Jann's friend gave us the invites..
it was.. so so lah. but yeah.. main thing was to see matt. =)
and i bought something! ahh.. so happy about it. =) will only tell u wht i bought.. after.. a few days more. haha. Pfft. =P and also! a BIG THANK YOU to mr.YAP KOK SIME for fetching me out for lunch and fetching me all the way to TTDI just coz parents dont let me drive home at night.. and so he fetched me to Jann's hse and Jann sent me back after tht. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :)

and on thursday had a crazy business class..
my brain felt so fried after tht.
oh yeah! on tuesday.. was the first class A, class for me.
coz for economics we had a test. and so from our results..
we were grouped in class A and class B. combining both Jan n March intake..
so yeah.. i got into the A class.. and wahh..
the class tht day was so stressed,pressurized and tensed lorh.
the Lecturer treated all of us in the class like we super smart..
those type.. and like smart untill we can teach.
tht kinda standard. and yeah.. i was like... AHHH! haha..
screaming inside.. x)

anyways.. on friday.. had no class..
after sending mum to work i went to the TTDI library to study.
=) then.. mum kinda emo. so went back to curve to find her..
and then i met Inhwan in church.. (korean friend)..
coz he'd be leavin on the 22nd. today. and so..
hung out with him at Mid Valley.. =)
we watched DESPICABLE ME! ahhhh!
so cuteeeeeee!!!!!!!! *its so fluffy im gonna die!!!*
hahahahaa.. ahh the girl sho cute leh..
finally found someone to watch it with me..
everyone else saw edy or dun wanna see. pfft!
haha before tht.. we challenged each other to Daytona *car racing*
and we made a deal. if i win.. he'd buy me popcorn/ice cream..
and vice versa.. GUESS WHT?! HWAHAHAHAHAH!
nyahahahahaha! =P yayyy! popcorn for me! xD

then we took the ktm to kl sentral and the lrt back..
and met up with qian.. had dinner with her and inhwan..
jann came after a while and after tht.. i sent him home. =)
was a nice outing before he left. =D learnt some korean language from him too! hahaha.. cool cool. =D and after tht.. went to DUMC for this Christmas Concert.. it was recorded by 8tv and would be out on christmas day. ahhh! i cant wait for christmas!!!! =)))

it was AWESOME.! i had so much fun! =)
really.. the musicians were awesome!
the singers! fantastic! especially Jaclyn Victor!
Powderfull voice indeed!! so proud of u Jaclyn!
u make Malaysians proud! =)))
there was also Juwita Suwito and Aubrey Suwito..
russel curtis.. john thomas on the drums.. steve.d on the.. haha.
sorry. i dont know wht tht instrument is called. x)
anyways i had ample of fun. =)
altho some unwanted happenings happened just before tht..
but overall.. i was alright.. kinda emo tht night..
actually. it was a REALLY up n down mixed rojak-ed day for me.

but again, thats just life.
Sighs. yes yes.

and on saturday.. had revision for law with big boss in coll.
9am till 2pm. was so tired. went to sleep the min i got home..
and woke up for band prac. yeshy..
i lead worship today. and today, was inhwan's last day here.
had a farewell lunch for him AND INHWAN!
thank you so much for the mochi u bought in Hong kong..
that was made in Taiwan.. but a Japanese Mochi. HAHA!
how complicated. x) but it is nice! really nice. =)
hope you'll reach safely.!

till next time, i've alot of studying to do.
and alot of things to catch up on.
exams are only a month away. as august says goodbye.
not much time left,at all! =S
and lecturer's are giving tonnes of test n past year questions.
its crazie really. but its all for my own good.

haha. thts wht i wrote on a striking piece of paper on my study table. =P
Should sleep earlier nowadays.
and and. im gonna start training for Mount KK edy.
but whts most important is the thought .. right? hhaha.
=D Goodnight goodnight.


Baby..Fly Away.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Just Like Those. :)

these few days.. i've felt back.. again..
feelings i've not felt in years..

haha. i just dont know how to say.. wht to say..
u prolly wont understand this post.
but its a reminder thingy for me i guess.. =)

that feeling.. when u reach the end.
in the end.. its just worth everything.

what can i say?

its just.. Priceless. :)

i've found back.. another piece of me that has been missing for quite a while now. this piece.. used to be all of me. haha. all that i was. and i'm glad i've found it back.

i should sleep. =P been slping at 3am.. fri sat sun. O.O
bad bad bad. so imma sleep earlier tonight.. =)
long day but great day ahead tmr.!
cant wait.

Patience, Celine.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

August Stuffs besides the Dance Concert. =)

Hello wello~!

Yep yep. haha.. on 31st july, saturday.. had lunch with mum n dad.. and had to send mum to work after tht..
then daddy,benroy n i headed to sunway pyramid n reached about 1pm.. and started que-ing up.. baaah. =/ everyone loves going for concerts but none like to que thats for sure! =P

so yeah, it was crazily hot and yeah.. we just que-ed up n got burnt basically. hahaha.

and took pictures too of course. =) but anyhoo! it was useless que-ing up. i mean.. in the end.. when the gates were opened to que up infront of the entrance.. everyone just rushed n pushed their way through .. haha. so yeah.. wht e waste! but nvm. benroy n i only que-ed up for like.. an hour. hahaha then we decided not to que anymore. =P

i had a superb superb time @ mtv world stage! sadly.. pictures aren't with me yet! hahaha.. gotta get em from ikhwan n Kimmy. =) till then~! thts all for now bout mtv world stage. =) haha.

And Last Friday.. i went to Nat's hse to hang out with her and to choreo a dance with her. hahaha.. was suppose to teach her Our Heart's signing too but i kinda forgot. =P hahahaha.. so yeah ended up teaching her through webbie. =)

But before going to her house.. after she picked me up from subang ktm.. we headed to summit and spent like half of our hang out time there. ahaha.. coz i was looking for some jacket thingy for the dance concert but after all the walking and searching.. i failed to find the one i was looking for. sighs. oh wells. at least i had some nice soya lotus chocolate dessert.! was awesome! hahaha im actually craving for it right now!! =S then we had lunch and went to her house.. hahaa.. choreo-ed abit.. but we got lazy after a while and started watching videos and stuffs. =P SWIMMING AHHHH NAATTTT~!!! hahaha.. hope everything in Penang goes well for ya. =) HAVE A SAFE JOURNEY KAY?! *hugs* thanks for the great day..! =)

Sho yep. =) thts whts been happening so far. haha. also! my friend from australia.. Matt Waters. =) he came to malaysia to visit.. and so! had outings with him and also! today.. i had a superb superb time!

Had dance with Celica.
Had badminton with Benson Ban Ho Jann n Matt
(where the girls totally owned the boys = Matt N Benroy in 3 matches tht they lost! =P )
and then we went to Metropolitan Park for my church's youth outing!
oh man! the park is only 20 minutes away from home and i've never been there before! its a reeaaaallly... REALLY! nice nice nice beautiful park. =) we had kite flying.. picnic and FISHING! AHH YEASSSSAAAH! my first time fishing ever! tho.. i wouldn't consider this as my first time fishing as i hardly did any fishing. just hold the rod a while.. and left to be e paparazzi instead! hahaha.. i wanna go REAL fishing n just fishing alone soon! ANYONE?! =D and also! there was this really tall tower. so me andrea and zech went up to the top and managed to see the sun set. =) it was so pretty! ahhh.. i was so hyper when i saw how pretty it was. hahaha.. zech n andrea was like.. =.=.......... HAHA. sorry larh. cant help it. i get so excited when i see such beauty! especially .. the beauty of nature. =) love love love it!
and after that we had dinner together. ahh. wht a nice day. =)

hahaha.. cant wait to see em. IMAGINE! my 8GB memory card was like.. FULL. hahah! coz i had some old pics inside. ( and i thought i'd never have a full memory card problem when i first got the 8GB) xD! and my batt ran out. BOO! =( but at least i got tonnes of awesome shots! ahh.. i love love love it when i get to take many many lotsa lotsa nice pixies! =)

till the pictures are here!

Dance Concert. =)

Haha. so finally heres my entry about the dance concert. =)
before going for our final rehearsal and stage rehearsals..
i had to fetch mum to work.. so B and i decided to catch a movie..

went to the cinema.. ended up in a long ass que.. but guess wht?!
there were alot of booths everywhere..
and benroy went to check em out and guess guess guess wht?!
he managed to get us 2 free tickets to a private screening of..
THE LAST AIRBENDER. =D best part? it suited our timing perfectly!

so yeah! that was pretty awesome. except for the fact that the movie like totally sucked.?! hahaha.. yeah it sucked. they cant act man. seriously. O.O but good thing it was free. Gee. =S cant imagine if it wasn't. we'd totally go into another cinema hall to watch another movie for free. hahahaha. =P
so after that went to MAS in Kelana Jaya. =) this is our stage. was. haha.
half of the place.
and finally all dressed up in our costumes! =)
haha. with me around. especially with e camera. u know what happens alright. ;)

the locking brothers.
See Eleven & See Seven.
and yes im serious.. thats their real name on their ic. guess wht? their sister's name is. Rious.
so her full name is.. SEE RIOUS. =S and yes i aint playing. im serious! O.O
Mei Yan!
Jon! =)

haha hamsap lous!!!

mwahahaha. =)
Andrea! =)
Benroy! haha when did u get so long?! x)
(shh~! thts jon's leg. haha! )
celine's idea again! =P
so the concert included all sorts of styles. tap,ballay,hip hop and just.. everything except ballroom. haha.. =)
half of the crowd.
tap. cute!
the hip hop team i danced with. =)
and playing around after. :)

hohoho benroy~!

yep. andrea tried to hug them both ended up touching jes's boobs = their expressions. =)
she scared edy. LOL!

ended the awesome day with mamak with B. =)

had loadsa fun. ahh.
i really wanna go forward.. so much more in dance.
i feel so stagnant. like i aint improving..
but talking is easy. gotta just DO IT MAN.

but how?

studies.. dance..
(Question Marks)