Thursday, August 26, 2010

Its whether we want to or not.

Alot of things.. people nowadays use general words.


Okay lo.
So so.
Like that lor.

U know, like asking.. what ya wanna eat? anything.
What are u angry about? I dunno.
Whats making u so depressed? Everything.
How ya doing? So so.
What was ur first impression of me? Like that lor.

Its fine if you say that, then explain.
But some people just say tht coz they just dont wanna explain or take the effort to do so. Of course, u cant force people to say wht they dont wanna say. But in some cases. It hurts people. especially if someone really close to you, does that to you. it makes u rmb back then when u just ask one lined questions and they'd reply u in a super long paragraph.

but its a free world. and i guess things just never stay the same. and over time, people may get closer or drift further apart. what else can we do but to accept the fact? we shouldn't force things. although its not easy. although it hurts. although its disappointing. but i guess.. thats just a small part of life.

At least i tried.
All the best in your future undertakings.

And i guess...

This is goodbye for real.
I still thank God for bringing you into my life..
and for being such a blessing in my life.

I made a promise. and i said..
Always, Here.
So i wont force anything anymore, but just know. that i still am here. whenever u need me. even if u suddenly come to me after a decade. im serious. u know i dont say things i dont mean.

till then, Please take good care of yourself.
You meant and still mean alot to me.

=' ( / =' )...?

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  1. it's like reading an email i typed.. -.-