Monday, August 09, 2010

Up and About

hey all. sorry been MIA for a while..

well, event events events~! whts been happening?
MTV WORLD STAGE! tht was one awesome awesome event.
the best concert i've been to so far..
all only because i had the best concert pal with me. =)

the performances was awesome too!

sides that, last saturday was my dance concert.
and i had tonnes and tonnes of fun. =)
its always super fun performing and dancing..
seriously.. im so glad im part of this side of the world. =D

and my sis and nephew was in KL for a week..
my nephew is just shooooo cute.!
but also at the age where they're notty-ness overwhelms they're cuteness. =P if u get what i mean. but its always nice to have him around..

i'll blog more about mtv world stage and my dance concert soon. but till then! just brief updates for now. =]


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