Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy. :)

I liked my day. =)

had ELS class in the morn till 1pm.. and then wan ching and i went to burger king @ KL SENTRAL to study after having lunch. reasons? my coll isnt a very nice place to study at the moment. coz renovation is going on and only the 3rd floor is available for studying which is usually filled with students chatting and all.. plus its so hot. =.=! cant wait for the library to be back. anyways.. back to burger king. its gonna be our study place for now. hahaha we found a nice place to study edy.. =) burger king is cooling,comfy coz of the sofas. hahaa and its quiet. yesh really. its quiet.. and so yeah. we had a fun time studying. enjoyed the peace alot. =)

and wan ching left around.. 4pm? haha.
and i really wanted to use the toilet.. and if i left burger king already i'd have to buy smth again to sit there or smth. ya ya i noe some of u may say.. no need lah! just go sit again larh.. hahaha but yeah.. thats just me. anyhoo.. decided to go back to college. so on the way back to college.. this really old lady asked me for help to help her out with RM2 in cantonese. coz she didn't have enough money to go home. and so yeah.. i was glad i could help. she came kl sentral to accept a job offer but she got ffk-ed. =( so yeah. just glad i could help. n glad tht i decided to go back to college to wait for dad there.

so after dad picked me up.. he told me a good news!!!
he told me that we as a family are gonna be going to climb Mount Kinabalu next year! he edy booked the flights and all! ahh~! this is sooo COOL! i've always talked about climbing that mountain. and now its finally coming true!!!! ahhh i'm so excited really! it'll be our second family holiday ever! hahaha.. and my second time on an airplane! =) why second? coz in sept we're gonna be having our first family holiday in penang! and we're going there by flight! hehe. ahh~! so happy.. finally! another wish off my wishlist! =) so cool~!! and excited! i cant wait really!!! hahaha...

so after i got back, changed and fetched chi wing.
we went jogging at DPC!
been a while since i've last jogged! wasn't sure if i could still jog 4km!
hahaha plus i wore the wrong shoes. they were so tight! i got blisters.. =( but nvm tht. GUESS WHT?! i can still go 3 full rounds without stopping! hehe.. so happy!!! i managed to complete 3 rounds although my shoe base came out during the last round. hahaha.. geez man.

i seriously dunno whats my problem with shoes falling apart!
first one was during my school's merentas desa. my shoe became 3 pieces! and i had to walk home with rubber bands keeping my shoe together. hahaa. i blogged about it in 2008. u can go look it up.

second! during my netball competition my nike shoe's base came out.. and i just tore it off and threw it to the side. when the whistle went "PRRRIIITTT~!" I took a step.. to run forward and guess wht? i ended up in a split position. =.=.. yeah. the field was muddy. and flooded with water, it rained tht day. so yes, i ended up playing without shoes and got stepped many many times with those stud shoes. OUCH MUCH?! haha rawr.!

third! after reaching the top of BROGA HILL.. the other nike shoe that benroy gave me.. well.. it became 3 pieces as well.. and i had to go back to the bottom of the hill.. and so.. my aunt's friend took out her umbrella string that hung on the handle and i used tht to survive till i reached the car. HAHA. ahhhhhhhhh.. WHY OH WHY?!

And today. the shoe i wore.. haha.. dad brought it back from JB coz he rmbered i didnt have a shoe to jog with.. it was alright at first.. but yeah.. the shoe base came out as well. ISH!

i need a new jogging shoe. AGAIN. D:
haha. whts up with me n shoes falling apart?!
i've seriously no idea why. hahaa.. ahh wells.
it was so satisfying.. running tht 3 rounds.!

and the greatest highlight of the day was a message from someone that meant so so so much to me. a promise. that i'll hold on to. u know i would. =)

great day great day.
and now! i need more sleep. hahaa..

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