Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dance Concert. =)

Haha. so finally heres my entry about the dance concert. =)
before going for our final rehearsal and stage rehearsals..
i had to fetch mum to work.. so B and i decided to catch a movie..

went to the cinema.. ended up in a long ass que.. but guess wht?!
there were alot of booths everywhere..
and benroy went to check em out and guess guess guess wht?!
he managed to get us 2 free tickets to a private screening of..
THE LAST AIRBENDER. =D best part? it suited our timing perfectly!

so yeah! that was pretty awesome. except for the fact that the movie like totally sucked.?! hahaha.. yeah it sucked. they cant act man. seriously. O.O but good thing it was free. Gee. =S cant imagine if it wasn't. we'd totally go into another cinema hall to watch another movie for free. hahahaha. =P
so after that went to MAS in Kelana Jaya. =) this is our stage. was. haha.
half of the place.
and finally all dressed up in our costumes! =)
haha. with me around. especially with e camera. u know what happens alright. ;)

the locking brothers.
See Eleven & See Seven.
and yes im serious.. thats their real name on their ic. guess wht? their sister's name is. Rious.
so her full name is.. SEE RIOUS. =S and yes i aint playing. im serious! O.O
Mei Yan!
Jon! =)

haha hamsap lous!!!

mwahahaha. =)
Andrea! =)
Benroy! haha when did u get so long?! x)
(shh~! thts jon's leg. haha! )
celine's idea again! =P
so the concert included all sorts of styles. tap,ballay,hip hop and just.. everything except ballroom. haha.. =)
half of the crowd.
tap. cute!
the hip hop team i danced with. =)
and playing around after. :)

hohoho benroy~!

yep. andrea tried to hug them both ended up touching jes's boobs = their expressions. =)
she scared edy. LOL!

ended the awesome day with mamak with B. =)

had loadsa fun. ahh.
i really wanna go forward.. so much more in dance.
i feel so stagnant. like i aint improving..
but talking is easy. gotta just DO IT MAN.

but how?

studies.. dance..
(Question Marks)


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