Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Back In JB

Okay..Where do i start? hahaha..Well anyways...I had a great great time in KL thats for sure! xD..After going out with AppLe on tht day..on Wednesday went to My Aunts hse and spend the whole day there...Why? Coz my bro's were playing PS2..hahaha...and at night went to Mont Kiara,Starbucks...Met some Jap Guys there...lolx...Anyways...on thursday..Stayed at home to babysit my 3 year old cousin..spent the whole day with her...Had to bathe her and all...xD...And on tht Night..My uncle (my cousins father) brought us all out for a movie...watched flushed Away..kakakakaka...Those Slugs are so darn cute when they sing..hahah! thens after movie went to MamAk! hahahaha...
On Friday went to Mid Valley with bro's and Calvin. Haaa...Sure My brothers had fun..Why? Because i was like their ATM machine...xD...yeah la..that day i belanja-ed them the whole day..lolx...
Saturday..Hmms..Wht did i do again? hahaha..Oh yeaaah...Morning went to CC with My cousin...Its beeen sooo long since i've went to CC wei..Haha..So damn Fun..Me,My two brothers and My cousin brother go own 4 other guys in CS! xD!!! MWAHAHAHH! when they saw tht a girl killed them in CS they are like... #$%&~*! wht???!!! hahahaha!!!! Damn fun...mwhahahahaha.....
Then in the afternoon Some of my cousins friends came over...Penyu,Ed,Yoong chuen,and one more guy...tak tau who..but sure looks vv blur blur lidat...lol...They were playing like..Dunno wht game..And I had no Single Clue how u play tht game or either what tht game is about but i sure do know tht it Cost a BOM...RM300 for the whole set...And it took them 4Hours or more to finish the game..hehs...Riiiiteee...And I became their tong Sampah..-_-'''! CHOO KOK WUI!!!! but it was his bday so whtevr la..See...Me such a good cousin! MWHAHAAH! Then Gave him e Suprise bday Cakey!!!!!! At night went to Lai lai Heong to eat...Omg..go kepong always eat there one..hahahahaha...Anyways after dinner went to Pasar Malam..Man do I miss the Pasar Malams in Kepong! hahahahaha...Than sweet sweet Aunt Maggie Bought me the Cargo pants i've been wanting for soo sooo loong!!! THANK U SO MUCHH!! MUACKS MUACKS!!!
On SUnday ahh..Went to erh...Wht did i do on Sunday..Wells went to Jusco Kepong with Uncle,Aunt and His two small small children..Gosh!!! My new cousin Baby Boy loooks sooooo CUUUTEE!!! hhahahhaa...At night went for Dinner with the WHOLE family to celebrate my cousin's bday..Which was on Sat but ah Wells...Anyways...Nice food wei! hahahaha...It was great having dinner with all of them again..=)!!!! After that went back..at like 11pm like dat..Daddy reached KL..Me and all da Boys (brothers and kok wui and kok yew) went over to my Other uncles hse which is like..at the back of my grandma's hse to go watch MAN UNITED VS CHELSEA!!! hahahahha...All are in favour of MAN U EXCEPT CHOO KOK YEW...hahaha..chelsea fan..xD...In the End..the scores turned out MAN U-1 Chelsea-1...Draw...WHAAAT LAAA!!! It was fun!!! =)! watching Footie with uncles,cousins and brothers..hahahahaha...
On MONDAY!! Woke up so darn early..So tired coz of watching the Match..slept at 3am..hehs...Woke up at 7am..at 9plus Beng's aka Apple's Father came to fetch Me and Brothers to 1 Utama...Reached there..Went to Makan at KFC...Belanja my two brothers again..U know what..That Sweet Sweet Girl...(Beng) bought stuffs and made cards for all 4 of us! Me,Benson,Benroy and Melissa! And she's not met MELISSA YET! BUT SHE STILL GOT SOMETHING FOR HERR!!! how sweet is that? She got me a very super darn nice Necklace..that says.."TOMATO" (my nickname) hahaha...She has one that says "APPLE"..Stickers! (SHE HAS IT TO!!) EARINGS!!! One side of my ear is a star earing and another side is a heart..(Same goes for her!!!) and a specially made card by her...aww man..She's so so sweet lar...How nice of her...hahaha.. Then went to go see da rock Climbing place...coz Benroy wanted to see it SOOO MUCh...lolx!
After that went to Old Wing to buy movie tickets..We watched ACCEPTED!!!! So darn nicee! hahaha..Calvin came in time to watch movie together with us..Anyways after that brought beng to go Makan..She was hungry..xD! and then benson brought Benroy to this Big big play ground...Dunno how to say..But its like those big play grounds where u have to pay to go in..Aiyah...Anyways...He went in there and Benson Helped jaga him..while me,beng and calvin went to go look for something to give my sister...Anyway in the end i bought a Bracelet that says "MELISSA" for her...the type that u have to make urself one...like choose the letters and bla bla..haha..Then Benson wanted to go to MPH for a while..so Beng,Me and Calvin stayed at the play ground there to Jaga benroy..hahaha..HE MADE TWO NEW FRIENDS ALRDY...Wow..thats was fast...xD!
Anyways time pass real real fast...Calvin left earlier...daddy came around 7pm+ gossh...we had trouble finding where he was and he had trouble finding where we were...1 Utama is a vvvvv Big complex..so..yeahhh...ALOT OF doors and ways to go out...It was a great day! had fun! haha..Dad fetched Beng home..And she asked me to wait for a while...when she came back out..She gave me this glass bottle she decorated and made for me..OH MAN!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH LER...Sniffx...Love u so much!!!! such a nice girl she is...=) Haha...My dad could see she's a very nice girl too..He like told my grandma and aunt how nice she is..and told my mom too..hahahaha...SEE APPLE!!!! YOU ARE LOVED BY MANY!!! hahahahahhaa...
Left KL that night with Great great and Sweet Sweet Memories..=)!!! Dad drop by at Sri Petaling to buy some DVD's to let us watch on the way back to JB..but i dun really fancy watching movies in cars...so i just looked out the window..the Night Sky was good enough for me..=) Left KL about 11 plus and reached at 2am plus...Its good to be home..=)
HOME SWEET HOME!! hahahaha...Anyways before i slept i wrote a Note for my sis and left the present i bought for her and the Note on the Teddy bear she gave me for my bday..Slept at 4am..hahahaha...woke up at 10am today..Went into the room to check..and the note i wrote for her was gone..Instead..I saw a note there...ANOTHER note...saying.."Darling Sis" with a gift there too..I read the note...She wrote it this morning after she saw my gift and read my note..and she gave me a pair of earings and a really nice bracelet..=) Awww...She got something for me too!!! Sniffx...touched...hahaha...Thank U Jie...=)
Alrites..Got loadsa pics to Upload...Therefore...OFF I GO!!!
PS: PPL IN C.O.G.S DANCE TEAM..DANCE PRAC ON SATURDAY..3pm to 6pm..At COGS.. Wear comfortable clothes and Bring tons Of Water..Please Be punctual ,Thank You.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Gosh..I'm so so Happy! Yesterday was such a great day! FINALLY i got to go out with dear dear APPLE!!! wooot~! hahahha..Morning went to 1Utama..Apple's daddy fetched us there..how nice..hahahaha...And wow does he know his directions well..I suck at it..Blaah...Anyways..Went to Mc.Ds and then went to buy tickets! Bleeh...Happy Feet won Death Note..Therefore..we watched death note..I MEAN i mean Happy Feet won..type wrong...aunt la..talking to me only..mwahhahaa...Happy Feet..OMG so darn cute! hahah..Laughing like dunno what in the cinema..hahaha...those cuties!!! hahaha...It was a nice movie..=)

Glad i watched tht instad of death note..if not surely after the movie will be like..In shock..or sumthing..kakakakaka....After the movie..We were all Happy happy..hahahahah...Then the boys went to play bowling.kakaka...And me and apple went to walk around..well actually she said she need to buy prepaid reload for her sis and she wants to buy a CD by The Veronicas for her sister...*which i though she meant her REAL sister* hahahaha..OMG!!! She was like..Yeah..Its for my sister...I'm like yeah..i know..Then she said...Yeah..Its for my SISTER!! then she looked at me...i was like..What...Oy..Oy! then she say..Yeah..My sister tomato! OMG!!!! I was like DUDE! dude! serious??!!! hahahaha...Oh man...So nice of her! coz last time i told her i wanted to buy the CD..OMG!!! And something really touched my Heart and tht is..When she was buying..before i knew it was actually for me..

Celine: Ouch to the pocket wei..
Beng: Nvm..It's for my sister..=)
Celine: *thinkin to myself..Oh how sweet..=)*

Then after i got da SHOCKING news..I thought back..and rmbered wht she said..I was like..Awww..*melts* she said tht..referring to me..hahahhahaa...Aw man..I still dunno how to thank her wei..i can say thank u a 100 times..hahaha..but still..macam tak cukup..lol...Well after she managed to make my face totally like RED..lol..when i smile or laugh or too happy my face becomes red like tomato..=P Went arcade there...coz thats where the boys were..then me and her..tak tau nak buat apa...Just start snapping pics like mad! hahahahha..Snap here..Snap there..Went somewhere to strip and snap..=P Nyahahaha..xD *Beng..U know wht i mean..=P*
hahahaha...And then went to go get something for Ourselves!!! whEEE~! we got a vvvvvv nive Bracelet after looking and walking for Sooo Loong..hhahahhaa...Then went to play pool...Wah...play fast like dunno wht...why? Beng's mom was like...there alrdy..hahahahhaa...then Run like crazy from the New WIng to The Old wing..OMG..i was wearing heels...GREAAT..hahahaha..thank goodness i din trip and fall or my heels like break or sumthing..tht would be so damn MEMALUKAN!!! hahahahaha....

Well..we got lost...and reached kinda late...7pm+ close to 8pm..hahaha...I tot i was dead meat...coz my Uncle...and aunt grandma all waiting for us...mwhahahahah..but they din scold or anything..Wheee~! Had a great great day man! hahaha..a TOTAL SISTERS OUTING MAN! woot~! Calvin actually wanted to come but in the end did not..ahh well..kakakaka..His lost. Not mine. hahaha..It was good too la..Got to totally hang out with apple..mwhahahahaa...

I love Apple man..I love Lim Kien Beng.I love her so much...I truly love her..Hehs..Heck those ppl who finds fault with her or tries to make her life miserable..Bleehs..Coz it won't work on her..She's TOUGH! She's strong! and she have ppl who care and love her..hehs..ppl like ME! kekeke..lalalala...*dun mind my crazy and perasan-ness..I AM after all typing my thoughts out as it flows.hhehe..* Though i've only met her for not tht long..but to me..it seems as if we've met a loong loong way back..Haha...everytime i look at the CD or listen to it..i cant help myself but smile...=) Looking at that bracelet too..I'm glad we bought it..hahahaha...

Right now..in My aunts hse...sitting down...infront the com..Thank goodness theres internet..infront my latop actuallly..thank goodness i brought it..mwhahaha...at her hse..with my 2 bros...playing PS 2 like mad...blaaah..alritey..i shall stop..NOW! hahahaa...

Anyways it was an Unforgettable day yesterday..=) I love u sister..love ya loads! Hugs!

Friday, November 17, 2006


Yea Babeh! ITS DA HOLIDAYSSS!!! WHOOOO! A week have really gone by FAST..Well on Monday i went to Khoo's To bake a cake for the class year end party...Then on Tuesday had the class year end party..mwahahah..I'm glad the cake tasted nicesh! Wheee!!!!

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Alrite..It doesnt look sooo good..But tasted good! =)! =P!

Wells Didn't go to school on Wednesday and Thursday! Mwahahha...Coz like i've much more things to do at home then to laze around in school waiting for time to past...Bleerh...I"M SOOO GLAD I'VE FINALLY FINISH CHOREOGRAPHING THE HIP HOP DANCE!!! WOOT~! With the help of my lovely dearest sister of course! =)! Then I can go to KL without worries! Mwahahahaha..WHEE~! I'm leaving for KL this SUnday! mwahahahh!!!! Bwahahah!!! LoLx...
Well tomorrow would be a friend's bday party..She thought i wouldn't be going because she doesn't know tht i'm goin KL on Sunday not Saturday so plan to give her a suprise! mwhahahaha...Ayeee! Well...SPM's started for some ppl...
Hahaha....Took Some Pics in School!!!

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We were supposed to look sumwhere else...But all of them Pakat and look at me instead..=.=!!!

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Ayes! Have a Happy holiday Y'all!!!! OH YES!!! Just for My friendsss Info...I'll be performing in City Square on the 16th and 22nd of Dec. Most probaly would be at night gua...If want more info come ask..=)! HAPPY HOLIDAYS PPL!

Saturday, November 11, 2006


OKays well...After the exams..Going to school has just been a waste of energy and time coz firstly we don't do anything..and even the teachers are lazy to come into the class...So practically we just stay in class...for 7 hours doing absoloutely NOTHING...Goodness...On tuesday and wednesday i went..But on Thursday and friday i did not...Like for wht? hahahaha...
Well...On friday went out with some friends..Hahaha..How nice of them to totally treat me on everything..=) Thanks guys! Well..Got to watch Step Up! Its about Dancing and stuffs..And some romance of course...=) haha...Its nice..After tht we went shopping..and bought alot of stuffs for a friend..Then went to the Pasar Malam at Putri Wangsa for a while..And came home..Got home at about 8pm like dat...So was out the whole day..Hmms...
Oh yeah..Bout the dance choreography...Its going quite okay lar..At least i have some ideas on how to do some parts..But still stuck at some parts too..hahaha..HELP! Well thank goodness i have my Dear dear sister by my side to help me..=) Thanks Jie!
Hmms...I guess i'll have to go to school for the whole of next week..Sighs..Cik Fatimahtulzarah gave my sis a letter informing me tht i have to do some stuffs next week..In the book shop and attend other stuffs ...where i'm needed..So..BLEH...On monday would be going to Khoo's to bake a cake for the class year end party on Tuesday...
For PS conference..I guess tht there are some inconvinience for accomadation but i'll get thorugh it some how..Hopefully..Will not be staying with the Deligates from JB and Singapore but will be staying in my Grandma's hse instead which is in Kepong and which is like FAR from Sunway...Bleeeh...Have to take Taxi..Whoa will that cost a BOM..Aihs...Abt money..I'm like so out of money..Paying for PS conference and all..Buying presents..And You know whats so GREAT? My hp is like Cacated alrdy...SOT...Gila...Crazy already..It keeps offing...GRRR! And i'm so not in a state where i can buy a new HP..And its coz...I have to use my own money to get my own HP..Unlike some fortunate ppl..hahaha...
So yeah..Thats about it..It has been amazingly fast how time has past..And realising that..I better finish the choreography FAST! before i head down for KL..Hmms...Ciaoz!

Monday, November 06, 2006


ITS FINALLY OVERRR!!!! WOOOT~! I'm SO totally DONE with FINALS! ALRITEY BABEH! WHOOOO! Well Lets see...KH was EASY! GeoGraphy...I WAS SOO CLUELESS! SEJARAH! Suprisingly easier than Geopraphy..Hahaha..I guess this is because i din really read geography but I read the WHOLE text book of SEjarah and KH..xD! thats goes the same for Science! hahahaha...Man! I'm SO LIEK HAPPY EXAMS ARE OVERRRR! AWW YEAHHH! NOW I CAN FEEL THE EXCITEMENT OF PS CONFERENCE DRAWING NEARER AND NEARER TO ME!!! YEAH BABEH! I CAN FEEL THE CINEMA'S CALLING ME! HAHHAHA...AND I FEEL SO CLOSE TO KL! xD! =P Soon Soon..hahaha...WHEEE~!!!!
I'm like So HIGH rite now! hahahaha..LOLX! OLE OLE OLE OLE! hahahaa...Can finally start watching "It Started With a Kiss" haha! So kewl! And Oooh Yeah! GOTTA START CHOREOGRAPHING the dance wei...Goshhys!! Hwaahhahaha! Friday will be going out ba..Got PpL say wanna belanja me! =)!!!! Wheee~!!!! hahahaha...
Okay Lar..I should stop here and Go Watch!! hwhahahaha!
Ooo yeah...Hmm..Let me Just write this down...So i won't forget..kakakaka..I mean type this down..mwahahaha....
Schedule For Celine! mwahahaa...
10 Nov-Go out with Fuendss!! =)!!
18 Nov-Go KL!!!
24th Nov-Hopefully go for Hillsongs United One day Concert
28 Nov-Back To JB!
2-10 Dec- Teach COGS team Dance
12-16 Dec-In KL for PS Conference!
15,16,22 Dec-Perform Dance In City Square
(Will miss 1 day of performing due to clashing of PS =S)
23 Dec-Childrens Christmas Party (Worship leader & MC)
24 Dec-Christmas Dinner 06 *So gonna Dress Up! Like Every year! ^^)
26-30 Dec-Sell next years Books In School Bookshop..Bleeerh...
(What to do..In charge of it..blergh..)
31 Dec-Hopefully go Sumwhere with Friends Or Slumber Partae with PpL
1st January 2007!!!- Happy New YEar!!!!
Haha..Busy Busy Me..lolx!!! Totally occupied! So if wanna go out must go out this week or next week lerh..If not i guess no time go out de..=( lol..Or maybe the week before christmas..hahahaha...Wow..Times so totally flying..hahaha..B4 i know it i'm already On the way to KL! Whee~! hahaha..

Friday, November 03, 2006


PHewh!! One week Of Finals Over! FINALLY..Left just one more Killer day..heh..Well Lets see...I've been Studying my head off for the whole week..Especially for Maths..Gaah...Thank Goodness its Liek Over! Hmms...Monday I had BM paper 1 & 2. It was okay..Wasn't hard or anything..Normal lah..Then Tuesday Was erm Maths paper 2!!! and English paper 1 & 2. Okay..Maths Paper2 wasnt as hard..Heh...Relieved bout tht..Tot i was like a gonner on tht day..But it turn out..Well...Pretty well..haha..English was like duh..ok...hahahaha...Wednesday...Had Seni paper 1 and gosh..I so totally forgotten..BLUEK! but i know there was Chinese which i don't take and had to sit still for 2 hours doing..Well..NTH..haha...Oh Yeaahhh...I had Moral too..Hehs..
Thursday had Siviks (Again i say this..A total waste of time! >.<) Then had Science paper 1..That was easyyy!!! hahaha...And then there was chinese again..Sat in the class for 1hour..Bleeeh...And..Bwahaha..Science paper 2..ALAMAK...That one...Sigh..One part of the paper i totally like BLANK...dunno wht to write..Coz i din fully understood the question..Therefore i just simply TEMBAK the answers and to my Suprise..After exam when i checked..HWAHAHHAHAHA! THE ANSWERS WERE CORrECT!!! OLE OLE OLE OLE~! hahaha...TODAYYY!!!! MATHS PAPER 1!!! Wow that went pretty well tooo!!! WHEE~!! hahaha...Seni Paper 2 ah..Aiyah..Simply draw...xD...Wht?? I kinda suck in drawing..=P at least i did draw..but of course its not PERFECT..hehs...
Today Jo,Jay,Jesse and Josh came over..Those cuties!! hahahaha...And its Jesse's bday today!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE! That sweetie and cutie! hahahaha...Mwaahs!!! Then Spent the whole day entertaining them..their still here though..hahaha...And wht am i doin? lolx..nah la..Their busy watching dunno wht show..I come on for a while lor...LoL..=D! Man..ONE more day of Finals and i'm done! Well...the last day is gonna be pretty *Pleasant* i guess...HISTORY,GEOGRAPHY and KEMAHIRAN HIDUP...And my whole day was occupied entertaining those cuties..And liek din study at all..Brother...Oh wells....Oh My...Look at the time..Heh..It flew by just like the Wind..Blurgh...Kays la..I better get back to the Cuties..Ciaoz!