Sunday, March 27, 2011


Today's sermon by a special guest speaker at Glad Tidings, Rev Michael Puffet was really impacting.

Sermon was about transformation in Life.

God's original intent is that we would live a life of creativity and purpose & not a life of meetings or to go through life just so that we will arrive at death safely.

So many people nowadays get to busy with work,always at meetings that at one point of time, they will start asking themselves if this is all Life is about?

they dont actually LIVE life. Which is sad. 

"Preach the gospel wherever you go,Use words If u must." 

Get ?

Its like someone preaching the word in church sharing and all but at home, in his household, theres hate anger ..theres no life. do u actually think whtever he preaches would be easy to believe?

thats why that quote there says, use words.. IF u must. Preach the Gospel by your actions, by the life u lead. and be a living testimony. Because words are so easy to temper with. 

Second point was about relationships.

"We are meant to walk right with one another, because we will leave an impact on the later generations. And if we dont walk right, its like a tsunami hitting the later generations."

This made me think about me. and my family.
in my friendster profile, the about me section. i said..
"I have the BEST family anyone could ever have!"

but now when i fill in descriptions about me, that line isn't in it anymore. Why?
i dunno. i guess alot of things  that have happened have really affected my family as a whole. my family have really changed since i dunno.. last time? we're really different now. lets just say, there are more imperfections now then there was. i cant even recall if there were imperfections in my family last time. we were crazily united, i could tell u straight up tht this is the best family u could ever have. but as time passed, alot of things changed as well.

if i look back, yes, i'll feel real sad.
coz things are very different now,compared to before.

i guess after us siblings start to grow up and after we were faced with the 2008 shock, alot of things just fell apart. and we all started having our own lives our own friends our own worlds. spending time together wasn't a priority, family became less of a priority in our lives. other things and people became more important.

but of course now, things are better than it was during tht phase, but still, its different. 

Anyways, back to now, the present. we may always say, family comes first, family should be our priority and yada yada but do we actually practice what we preach? honestly i havent been doing so. When we get home, all of us are busy with our own piece of technology. we do talk la of course but honestly, u probably spend majority of ur time on the internet or ur books than spending time with family right?

we see each other everyday but do u spend time with them?

hardly eh?
anyways this second point made me think alot. seriously. and i questioned myself alot.
i always talk about not having enough time to meet up with friends, catch up and hang out. but i realize i hardly use my free time whenever i have it and say hey! lets hang out! to my family. i always automatically think.. OHHH! IM FREEE! i'll call so and so to go hang out. its been ages!

but hey hey look here, its been ages since u've spent time with ur family by initiative as well.

so yeah. thought alot about tht. its true huh? we see each other everyday but we dont actually spend time together. 

think about it.

and the last thing i wanna share.

"When God changes me, He's got more than just Me on His mind."

true isn't it? When He changes you, You impact alot of others around you as well..
The generation now affects the generations after us and after after us.

anyways i'm kinda brain dead now so i've no clue if this entry have any flow at all. haha. u noe how it feels when ur so tired dont really have the blogging spirit and mood ? dunno lah. but i just really wanted to share this today. before i start by busy week.

gonna miss my mum for a week! she's going to Sabah with her company!
ahhh Life without my mum is just, NOT NORMAL. gonna miss her tonnes!
please pray that she'll have a safe trip there and back, for me, will you? ;)

thanks alot!

and dont forget, Live Life to the Fullest! Treasure every second. Especially the seconds with your family. If they're not your priority at the moment, Challenge urself after reading this? I know i am. 


Dance oh Dance ~! =)

hello! i had a super tiring saturday but it was definitely a satisfying one! =)

Had to wake up soooo early to fetch my lil bro to band prac in church.
later on had dance class with Celica at 11pm till 12pm plus almost 1pm.
and at 2pm till 7pm i had TORT class at college!
wht a day eh?! long long day!

dance class was definitely the highlight of my day! =)
as always...! hahaha.. i had so much fun.. =D
its like part of me.. hee. =)

and i ended my day with PIZZA! nyahahaha~! thx mummy. ^.^

ANYWAYS! sorry it took me so long. i know i said i was gonna be more active in my new youtube account and upload more dance videos but atm, i'm just too busy to choreo anything lah! seriously. BUT ANYHOOO! FINALLY, heres a new dance video tht we took today in class. hope u like it! ENJOYYYY~ =)

Friday, March 25, 2011

U should really watch it!

hello! today was the first time in a long time since i got to reach home before 6pm!
how nice.. =) have some free time for myself before doing anything else..
later i'll be going to church for bible study. =)

the movie was on my mind the whole day today..
feel like watching it again later if i have time.. =)

i really like the movieeeeeeeee! haha.

and we celebrated Kok Huah's birthday today.. =D


hope u had a great time today.. it has been great getting to you! such a joker this fella is. hahaha .. he reminds me of nigahiga! =P no, seriously! hahaha..just wait till u meet him.

another thing that have been on my mind these pass 2 days is Miss A's Good Girl Bad Girl! goshhh~! been listening to it all day long.. and dancing the routine in my head.. hahaha.. the first korean song i like tht is sung by a girl group.. =) its pretty cool.. unlike the other usual bimbo ones. =S im soweee k pop lovers! but its trueeeee! NO? its not really music lorh.. =X its like.. ppl only hear it coz of the MTVs where ppl drool over them.... yeeeeee-ah, okay i shud stop. =P

haha. gtg! long weekend ahead for me.
dance and tort class from 2-7pm tmr!
crazy! but whats life without craziness eh? (:


Dear John..

Ahhh what a tiring day. was so happy when i finally reached home.i was like.. ahh yess~! can do my stuffs and chill..  then suddenly! i had to fetch bro to centrepoint for some band prac and fetch mum home also coz dad forgot to fetch bro and was going out to dinner with friends.. i was like.. NOOOOOOOOO...~! T_T

i'm so stressed up about tort. business a lil.
but more of tort. sighs.. my progress in tort is smth to worry about! pfft..
i've so much more and left to do for tort.. oh tortttt why why why do u pile up so fast till i cant catch up?! =(

anyways i just watched dear john!
i liked the movie alot. but..
emo weih. T_T sangat meng-touching-kan !
but u know.. its always like this after these kinda movies isn't it?

Tht feelings back again.. awwwwhhh~! =(

Here we gooooooo... Again.

And i thought, finally a free-er saturday! =D
Thought wrong again! After dance i'll be having TORT revision class 2pm - 7pm.
Whoaaa ho hoaaaaaaaaa~!

okay my entry is SOOO NOT flowing..
randomness from here and there and everywhere!
its clear tht i need to go tidur edy. i slept early yday!
but in the last hour of my slp, i had a nightmare. =(
and i was running alot in tht nightmare and so when i woke up,
i was exhausted. @_@

anyways, i REALLY dislike the new msn. tried downloading the old one but it just wouldn't work! =( booo~! haihs. i miss the old msn, when things made more sense and when things were less complicated.



Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I walked alone. A challenge that only made me stronger.

Third V-Log. ;)

and sorry bout the messy hair and tired face. i couldn't be bothered to dress up and powder my face before making this vlog. ;) original kan bagus? LOL. this is just.. who i am. how i am.. =) and look at those eyebags! ahhh.. i need more sleep. =S had an emo day today. maybe too stress thts why my eyes so teruk. gosh! but anyways! enjoy.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Joshua is such a CUTIE!

hello hello! i'm back from JB already!
i miss everyone in JB now.. =( but i still love staying in KL.
its good to be home! hahaha.. now enough holiday-ing..
back to my hectic life and intense revision shall start this week..
imagine this.. TUESDAY - BUSINESS CLASS 9AM - 6PM.
T_T ahhh.. cant wait to be done with A-lvls!
Exams in May-June.

anyways! i had loads of fun in JB!
especially with JOSHUA! hahahah..he's always adorable lah!
super duper adorable! u CANNOT NOT LOVE HIM! LOL!
And managed to meet up with EUNICE! after like wht? 2 years plus?!
ahahahaha and i bumped into bryan when i was with her..
so managed to meet up with him after dinner together with karyn too! =D

had so much fun with them too! =)
and of course family time.. was nice =)
i took 504 pictures in 3 days. ;)
its no wonder why i need so much memory space. HEEE! =D

cant wait till i save up enough for a video cam!
=D =D =D =D

i have come to love videos more than pictures  lately..
figured that pictures only capture the moment..

but videos.. videos relive the moment! =)
so yeah! thts y! hahaha.. till next time when im free-er!
go look at pictures in my FB first lah! hahaha.. no time to blog em yet. =P


Friday, March 18, 2011

What tiredness can do to You.

Yesterday and today itself have been two really tiring days..
On wed, started the day early earllyyyy in the morning..
and reached home really late.. for some reason, i felt easily agitated on wed..
started  feeling like that the minute i reached college..hmm..
maybe its cause the journey from kota kemuning after dropping shan..
to college was so long and the sun was burning hot tht day weih.. T_T
so by the time i reached college felt super hot and tired..and no mood..
Then dunno lah.. got annoyed very easily and no.. my 'bestfriend/aunty' is nt here. lol =.=!
hahaha wht lah.. nt everytime girls moody is coz of tht la kay. xD

so when all my classmates were kacau-ing me and disturbing me as usual..
coz i was feeling tht way.. just didn't have the mood and energy to layan them like i usually do.. actually recently i've been feeling and thinking alot about how sometimes people tend to forget that i'm human too.  Sighs. =( I know i'm open and stuffs.. i'm able to handle jokes..i'm those fun fun hyper crazie girl when i'm in my normal state and take in criticism which i know they dont mean.. but sometimes people around me kinda forget that i have feelings too.

Just been feeling this alot lately.. Hmm..

and what ticked me off on Wed were the Intermediate UOL students.
We were having our lecture half way through.. ends at 6pm.. but at 5.30pm..
they were already outside waiting coz they wanna make sure they get to seat in the front row. U wanna wait, fine, its ur problem. but they made so much noise.. Law Students? really? Zzz.. how mature and considerate. they were such a distraction which soon became an annoyance. And Mr.Kumar couldn't concentrate, and He,being so nice and kind, asked them to come in and sit behind and wait instead of standing outside. AND EVEN THEN, they made EVEN MORE NOISE thinking whether they should or shouldn't go in when Mr.Kumar allowed them to. Gosh whats wrong with them? No offence, but..

Kiasu Giler lorh! Zzz...

then when class was over, there were students who were chasing my friends off to get up quickly so they can book seats. SERIOUSLY?! first, evade our class. second, distract us and annoy us. third, RUDE MUCH?
so yeah. super sien-ed dao with these kinda attitude people lah. U guys suppose to be our seniors. So called  "Seniors". Geez. i think we're more well behaved compared to u guys.

So yeah.. was kinda ticked off.
they did the same thing today. but u noe whats worse? when we went out for our break, when i came back to my seat, there were actually books on our seats to book those seats. LIKE.. SERIOUSLLLYYYYYY?????! Show some respect please? Class is merely over! and they're booking seats edy? Too Much wei, if u ask me. SUCH PEOPLE EXISTS?! *bangs head on the wall* I cannot stand the Kiasu-ness of these students.. it is just TOO MUCH.

sadly today, they didnt give Ms.Eunice an opportunity to teach them how to BEHAVE.
that would've been nice. =D lol. Sorry la? =P
they're  just so unbelievable lah..

OH. and i realized that i am SO BUSY untill Eunice had to make an appointment with me just to have a phone call session with me. Omgosh? like what am i? a busy CEO running a company? HAHA. aiyoohhhh! this is baaaddddd! i need to improve my time management and allocation.

And i stayed up till very early in the morning yesterday..coz i only got off the phone at 2am. And i waited for Karyn's dance video to finish uploading and then watched it a few times and gave her my last tips and advise before her audition! =) i'm so proud of her ! she improved alot compared to the first video she showed me. =) and super good student! because she took into account every single pointer i pointed out and put it into practice just the way i wanted it to be! =D

Hope and Pray that you will get through tomorrow's audition! =)

and after doing that, i wasted alot of time because i was hooked on this..

The Motorola Sidekick T-Mobile Phone!

ahhhhhh~! i've always wanted a phone like this eversince i think..2008? JUST LOOK AT IT! its so niceeeeeee! I was searching pictures and deals and stuffs. Apparently, it only works in the US. =( unless it is unlocked. ahhh.. i was searching if u can get this in malaysia.. and reviews and stuffs. hahaa.. so yeah..ended up sleeping REAAAALLLYYY LATE!

which i will try to make up for the lost hours, tonight? oh wait, its already 1.16am! hahahaha.. gosh time passes so quickly.. Had a really long day today as well. class till 6pm and just now i had a sort of reunion with my highschool mates. =) we just sat at the mamak and talked all the way till 11pm. but i had to go then coz i was "suppose to come back and pack" suppose to. coz i'm heading down to JB tomorrow.. But.. i haven't pack! ahhh.. i dont like packing.. not one single bit! =S

i'll prolly pack tomorrow.. i'm so tired now.. @_@ but anyways i really enjoyed the mamak session with Chi wing, Kok Sime, Jia Yi,Marilyn,Mey Eun and Di Shen. =) great times! hahaha.. 

He's officially 2 years old today! 18th March! =)
cant wait to hug and kiss him in a few hours more!
hahahaha.. Wed and Thurs have been very tiring.
And people around me keep telling me that i look very stress! O.O
Maybe the lack of sleep is starting to take its toll on me.

So goodnight! JB here i come. =)


Reporting from my hard earned money. *hint hint* =D

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Ongs ! =)

Roger roger! reporting from the Ong's household! hahahaha..

Didn't have to fetch mum on monday till wed! how rare! so i grabbed the opportunity to spend time with my bestiee ! =) so i stayed over on Monday and going back tomorrow after class. Been a while since i've last stayed over! ahaha.. BUT IM STILL NOT SATISFIED.! altho i stayed over.. i still feel like i have not enough time to spend with KIM! gaaaah! Saw tht twin?! =P hahaah..

So anyways! i wanted to blog about my first time experience of being left alone in a friend's hse! LOL!

Kim and I had morning classes and after class we came back. Then at night she have classes Again.. But she didn't want me to teman her and ask me rest at home and study at home instead of going out i fell asleep around 5pm plus like that.. then when i woke up at 7pm, She ciao-ed edy! hahaha! And i went out to the living hall.. and realized tht no one else was home! LOL! even Kathleen aka Da Jie had already left for training.. 

So, i was kinda.. literally locked inside the hse! HAHA. okayyyyy i noe i noe she says tht it is practically my second home.. BUT.. first time ever! being alone in her hse! hahaha.. so felt this weird feeling.. but i dont even noe wht i was feeling?! xD Then Da Jie came back with dinner for me! =DDDDDDD but she thought i was with Kim at coll also.. LOL. so she got a fright when i opened the door and said.. HELLOOOOOOOOO! hahahahahahahahahha! funny lahhh!

And when Kelly came home, she was like, Wheres kim? LOL. then when i told her she's in college. Kelly went, HUH? LOL! then i explained everything to her and she was like.. She left without you?! LOL! so yeah. Hahahhaa.. i mean, this is the first time i was left completely alone in a friend's house. haha!

but awww... i feel as if i'm one of the ONGS! =)))))))))))! 


=P btr start studying before she reaches home.. Nyahahahaa...
*off computer and pretend like i never touched it* xD!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

For Tomorrow's A Gift.

The Earthquake and Tsunami that occurred in Japan today was so sudden.
I just saw the Live footages online.. Gosh.. i didn't know what to feel..
i actually dont know what i'm feeling atm actually....
I'm so blown away by the footages..

And Again, This is a very strong reminder to all of us how precious every single day is.
Its sad how the generation nowadays take every single day,hour,minute,second for granted.
How everyone take Tomorrow, for granted.
Most people go to sleep with the highest confidence that they WILL wake up tomorrow, that there WILL be a tomorrow and they'd carry on with their daily routines and yada yada..

In fact, i think people nowadays are SOOO worried about the future that they dont actually LIVE today!

They're so worried about how much money they'd need in the future, how i want this in the future, how i wanna save up and make sure i can do this and that in the future, live in a luxurious house, etc. They're so worried about the future, that they forget how to appreciate and treasure today. How they fail to Live, Today. Its all about the future future future nowadays.

But, what if.. The future never comes?

I've known people who go to sleep, and wake up the next day finding out that His brother never woke up from his sleep. that few hours back, when he had a short conversation with his brother before going to sleep, that was the last conversation he'll ever have with His brother. His brother wasn't sick. He was normal. like You and Me. but he just suddenly died. He suddenly never woke up from His sleep. Later on, doctors found out that he died due to lack of sleep. Leading to failure of his organs one by one without any obvious effects. and after a period of time, His system just shut down.

Can u imagine that happening to you? Have u ever thought that such things could actually happen to you, in Your Life? Cause i have.

Alot of people dont even say goodnight to their parents or siblings before they go to sleep. they dont hug them. dont nothing. They go to sleep and wake up like its a routine. Like Life is all about going to sleep. and waking up the next day (FOR SURE) and living Life.. seeing ur family memebers, loved ones and friends.

I know of friends who said.. "BYE! SEE U ON MONDAY!" and those were their last words.. the very next day, got into an accident, and passed away.

After our basketball practice, Our coach treated us to Mamak and was just motivating us and telling us really useful stuffs on how to improve. The next day he got a stroke. Went into coma. And passed away.

All of us fail to appreciate every second in life.
We fail to realize how Fragile Life is.
We get so dragged down by Life sometimes, We take it for granted.
We take tomorrow for granted. with the feeling..

"Aiyaaahhh~! tomorrow will come la! tomorrow will be a better day! i can do this tomorrow, i'll settle this problem that i have with my mother father brother sister boyfriend girlfriend bestfriend, Tomorrow."

Too sure. in fact.

We fail to think or remember Tomorrow as a Gift from God.
So i guess things like deaths and disasters like what happened in Japan..
Reminds us not to take our time and Life and Tomorrow for granted.
Not to take our Loved ones, for granted.

Not to leave matters unsettled.
Not to let these ill feelings, Linger.

Because if you leave it for Tomorrow, Well..
Tomorrow may never come.
Its harsh. But thats just reality.

What if they never wake up? What if YOU never wake?
What if a sudden disaster like this occur wherever they are?
What if an accident suddenly occurs?

You'd never know. You'd never think of such even.
For God is the only one who knows what the future will Bring.

So i guess it makes sense why they always say..
"Dont Flight from a Fight."

I have sorted out my ill feelings with the person in the sad story below.
I always try my best not to flight.
I always try my best not to let it linger.

I have talked it out, and now, we're Good again. =)
What about you?

Have u sorted out these issues?

Think about it.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mystery Unveiled.

With much anxiety, butterflies and curiosity..
For a Whole Year..

The Mystery has finally been Unveiled! =))))))

It has been a crazy year of sampat-ing..
But its just TMTH for the whole Mystery to be unveiled in JUST A DAY.!
ONE YEAR and ONE DAY.. HUGEEEE difference weihh!
hahaha.. but anyways..

It brought alot of Smilesssss! =))))))))))))))))))
hahahaa... Ahhhhhhh~ =)))))))))))))))

Anyways! besides all the JOY..
Theres also a sad story to be told.. =(
Like usual Kan? Life is always about Ups and Downs. =/

I used to share both Happiness and Sadness with you..
But the troubles and problems in my life doubled and tripled..
It became too much for you to handle.. U got tired..
I understand and i stopped sharing my overloaded problems with you..
And so.. i only shared my Happiness with you..
But now..

I cant even share my Happiness with you either..
I can no longer share both Good and Bad..
Both Ups and Downs, Happy or Sad times with you anymore..

How is this then, called a Friendship?

It was really amazing how that simple miss call explained every single question.

Sighs. Oh wells.. =( 

As happy and over joyed i am about the unveiled Mystery,
You definitely play a bigger role in my life. 

But i guess this is Life. People and Things change as time goes on.

i'll be going down to JB on the 18th to celebrate my Nephew's 2nd Birthday! =)
Cant wait to huggg himm! he's such a cutieee! =)))

Till next time.. =D


Lord, You are.. truly the Only One..
Who I can trust and fully rely on.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Friends. =)

here are some pictures of some outings with friends.. =) didnt have time to post them up!


Went out with My Bestfriend coz altho we do bump into each other in college.. Tht doesnt really count as spending time with each other.. 

So we went to Sunway Pyramid to chill.. and had KEBAB KING for dinner! first time eating kebab king.. for me.. =P hahaha..

But after a while we had to ciao.. =( coz Kim had to fetch Shan Li to his friend's open house..

Ooooh! and As u can see.. Kim also cut her hair Short! =D =D =D hahaha.. so cool.. finally got to take pictures with our short hair and new hair style! =P

So, drove back to Kim's place, picked up Shan and His friend and drove to kota kemuning..coz thts where his friend lived. we kinda got lost because Shan didnt noe the way.. =.=! but we found it in the end.. =D But it was a really long drive! SO GLAD i was there with you twin! =)
 After dropping him, Kim and I decided to chill around tht housing area till he was done.. Coz its those big and expensive house kind of housing area.. so there were guards constantly rounding the areas.. so it was safe to chill there.. =D the houses there were gila big and nice weih! ^^ ^^ ^^! ahahahaha.. we went house strolling.. kept Wow-ing.. and eventually settled at a park.

And what did we do at the park? =D

WE ATE BAQ QUA! mwahahahahahahah~! and half way through.. we saw tonnes of pretty pwetty FIREWORKS.! I turned to Kim and said..

Kim.. i'm having super nice baq qua, i'm with my bestfriend, and i have a beautiful view of pwetty fireworks right infront.. It doesn't get better than this!

Altho we were just at a park with some Baq Qua And it was only the two of us, It was one of the best Baq Qua nights ever! =) and I personally love and treasure such outings.. Compared to the normal shopping mall movie yada yada~ dont get me wrong.. watching movies and stuffs are cool.. i love watching movies! =) but i guess..

Many people dont know how to appreciate these kinda outings nowadays. They must always have a source of entertainment to burn time and thts it, go home. To be honest, when u say meet up catch up and spend time, ur company, IS your entertainment. I mean, i dont get it when ppl say.. OOOHH! YES WE MUST CATCH UP! and then they spend 2 hours in the cinema without talking and then go home after tht. im like.. ?????? spending time? catching up? really? hahaa.. 

But u do get what i mean.. right? =D but chill la. Movies and shopping malls are cool. =) But outings where the main concentration is ur company are the best ones! =) for me at least.. =D =D =D

After we agreed that we were feeding the mosquitoes waaaaay too much.. we decided to go get ice creaaaaam~!!!!!!! =DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD 

MCFLURRY OREO~! *love love love love loveeeee~!*

Then we headed back to that housing area to just chill in the car and eat our ice-cream. hahaha.. GUESS WHAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTT?!!!!!!!!! after we parked at a random spot.. SUPER ALOT/LONG/Beautiful pretty awesomeish jsdhkasdkjasdhj~! FIREWORKS shot up in the sky over and overrrr!

All kinds and types of paterns styles colours! u name it! it was like a FIREWORK presentation! i think it went on for about 15 minutes long.. or LONGER?! i dunno! but yeahhhh! it was THAT LONG! best part was?! the random spot we parked at was like right infront of the direction the fireworks were shooting up from.. =))))))!

 I had.. One of the best nights! ♥♥♥♥♥♥
Love u tonnes Kimberley Ong Jing Ling! 

Also, before Valentines on the 13th of Feb, we celebrated my cousin's bday!

Yup.. my cousin.. but she's still so small.. 11 years younger than me.. hahaha.. =) we went present shopping.. goshhh i didnt know Barbie dolls cost so much! goodness.. and TOYS in general.. puts a hole in ur wallet weih! hahaha.. 

One Friday after class.. I met up with Kok Sime and Boon Sin!

Kok Sime came to pick me up from the Ktm and then fetched Boon Sin.. and we headed to 1 utama. =)
Been a REAAAALLLYYY long time since i've last met up with Boon Sin! we planned to catch a movie .. But..

Our plan totally failed.. hahahaa.. we had dinner.. and we just sat there ..



AND TALKING! hhahahahahaa.. time flew so fast.. =) this is what i call quality time with friends.. Seriously!

hahahaa.. we all know talking wasn't the only thing that took up our time.. =P

THE NYEHHHH.. face! =D
Boon sin we need to go sing k together again!!

And we took pictures untill we were super duper tired... INCLUDING ME WEIH! Hhahahahahaha! how rare! =P like.. seriously seriously exhausted from just taking pictures! hahahaha.. but the minute we stepped out of the restaurant..

I recharged edy! LOL!

I weally LIKE these two pictures! =D =D =D =)

And everytime i go to One Utama, i never fail to show my friends.. 

My ARTWORK when i was 10 ! =D
hehe.. =P

I had a really good time spending quality time and catching up with My friends in February.. =)

Friendships are like plants, that always need nurturing, care, love ,attention and effort.

I got too busy for a period of time.. But i'm glad that i managed to meet up with a few of my friends in february and got to just.. catch up and .. talk. =) Many others! but i didnt take pictures with em. hahaha.. So yep. It has been a month of super busy-ness and also a great month of catching up and meeting up. =)