Friday, March 25, 2011

Dear John..

Ahhh what a tiring day. was so happy when i finally reached home.i was like.. ahh yess~! can do my stuffs and chill..  then suddenly! i had to fetch bro to centrepoint for some band prac and fetch mum home also coz dad forgot to fetch bro and was going out to dinner with friends.. i was like.. NOOOOOOOOO...~! T_T

i'm so stressed up about tort. business a lil.
but more of tort. sighs.. my progress in tort is smth to worry about! pfft..
i've so much more and left to do for tort.. oh tortttt why why why do u pile up so fast till i cant catch up?! =(

anyways i just watched dear john!
i liked the movie alot. but..
emo weih. T_T sangat meng-touching-kan !
but u know.. its always like this after these kinda movies isn't it?

Tht feelings back again.. awwwwhhh~! =(

Here we gooooooo... Again.

And i thought, finally a free-er saturday! =D
Thought wrong again! After dance i'll be having TORT revision class 2pm - 7pm.
Whoaaa ho hoaaaaaaaaa~!

okay my entry is SOOO NOT flowing..
randomness from here and there and everywhere!
its clear tht i need to go tidur edy. i slept early yday!
but in the last hour of my slp, i had a nightmare. =(
and i was running alot in tht nightmare and so when i woke up,
i was exhausted. @_@

anyways, i REALLY dislike the new msn. tried downloading the old one but it just wouldn't work! =( booo~! haihs. i miss the old msn, when things made more sense and when things were less complicated.



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