Friday, March 18, 2011

What tiredness can do to You.

Yesterday and today itself have been two really tiring days..
On wed, started the day early earllyyyy in the morning..
and reached home really late.. for some reason, i felt easily agitated on wed..
started  feeling like that the minute i reached college..hmm..
maybe its cause the journey from kota kemuning after dropping shan..
to college was so long and the sun was burning hot tht day weih.. T_T
so by the time i reached college felt super hot and tired..and no mood..
Then dunno lah.. got annoyed very easily and no.. my 'bestfriend/aunty' is nt here. lol =.=!
hahaha wht lah.. nt everytime girls moody is coz of tht la kay. xD

so when all my classmates were kacau-ing me and disturbing me as usual..
coz i was feeling tht way.. just didn't have the mood and energy to layan them like i usually do.. actually recently i've been feeling and thinking alot about how sometimes people tend to forget that i'm human too.  Sighs. =( I know i'm open and stuffs.. i'm able to handle jokes..i'm those fun fun hyper crazie girl when i'm in my normal state and take in criticism which i know they dont mean.. but sometimes people around me kinda forget that i have feelings too.

Just been feeling this alot lately.. Hmm..

and what ticked me off on Wed were the Intermediate UOL students.
We were having our lecture half way through.. ends at 6pm.. but at 5.30pm..
they were already outside waiting coz they wanna make sure they get to seat in the front row. U wanna wait, fine, its ur problem. but they made so much noise.. Law Students? really? Zzz.. how mature and considerate. they were such a distraction which soon became an annoyance. And Mr.Kumar couldn't concentrate, and He,being so nice and kind, asked them to come in and sit behind and wait instead of standing outside. AND EVEN THEN, they made EVEN MORE NOISE thinking whether they should or shouldn't go in when Mr.Kumar allowed them to. Gosh whats wrong with them? No offence, but..

Kiasu Giler lorh! Zzz...

then when class was over, there were students who were chasing my friends off to get up quickly so they can book seats. SERIOUSLY?! first, evade our class. second, distract us and annoy us. third, RUDE MUCH?
so yeah. super sien-ed dao with these kinda attitude people lah. U guys suppose to be our seniors. So called  "Seniors". Geez. i think we're more well behaved compared to u guys.

So yeah.. was kinda ticked off.
they did the same thing today. but u noe whats worse? when we went out for our break, when i came back to my seat, there were actually books on our seats to book those seats. LIKE.. SERIOUSLLLYYYYYY?????! Show some respect please? Class is merely over! and they're booking seats edy? Too Much wei, if u ask me. SUCH PEOPLE EXISTS?! *bangs head on the wall* I cannot stand the Kiasu-ness of these students.. it is just TOO MUCH.

sadly today, they didnt give Ms.Eunice an opportunity to teach them how to BEHAVE.
that would've been nice. =D lol. Sorry la? =P
they're  just so unbelievable lah..

OH. and i realized that i am SO BUSY untill Eunice had to make an appointment with me just to have a phone call session with me. Omgosh? like what am i? a busy CEO running a company? HAHA. aiyoohhhh! this is baaaddddd! i need to improve my time management and allocation.

And i stayed up till very early in the morning yesterday..coz i only got off the phone at 2am. And i waited for Karyn's dance video to finish uploading and then watched it a few times and gave her my last tips and advise before her audition! =) i'm so proud of her ! she improved alot compared to the first video she showed me. =) and super good student! because she took into account every single pointer i pointed out and put it into practice just the way i wanted it to be! =D

Hope and Pray that you will get through tomorrow's audition! =)

and after doing that, i wasted alot of time because i was hooked on this..

The Motorola Sidekick T-Mobile Phone!

ahhhhhh~! i've always wanted a phone like this eversince i think..2008? JUST LOOK AT IT! its so niceeeeeee! I was searching pictures and deals and stuffs. Apparently, it only works in the US. =( unless it is unlocked. ahhh.. i was searching if u can get this in malaysia.. and reviews and stuffs. hahaa.. so yeah..ended up sleeping REAAAALLLYYY LATE!

which i will try to make up for the lost hours, tonight? oh wait, its already 1.16am! hahahaha.. gosh time passes so quickly.. Had a really long day today as well. class till 6pm and just now i had a sort of reunion with my highschool mates. =) we just sat at the mamak and talked all the way till 11pm. but i had to go then coz i was "suppose to come back and pack" suppose to. coz i'm heading down to JB tomorrow.. But.. i haven't pack! ahhh.. i dont like packing.. not one single bit! =S

i'll prolly pack tomorrow.. i'm so tired now.. @_@ but anyways i really enjoyed the mamak session with Chi wing, Kok Sime, Jia Yi,Marilyn,Mey Eun and Di Shen. =) great times! hahaha.. 

He's officially 2 years old today! 18th March! =)
cant wait to hug and kiss him in a few hours more!
hahahaha.. Wed and Thurs have been very tiring.
And people around me keep telling me that i look very stress! O.O
Maybe the lack of sleep is starting to take its toll on me.

So goodnight! JB here i come. =)


Reporting from my hard earned money. *hint hint* =D

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