Monday, March 21, 2011

Joshua is such a CUTIE!

hello hello! i'm back from JB already!
i miss everyone in JB now.. =( but i still love staying in KL.
its good to be home! hahaha.. now enough holiday-ing..
back to my hectic life and intense revision shall start this week..
imagine this.. TUESDAY - BUSINESS CLASS 9AM - 6PM.
T_T ahhh.. cant wait to be done with A-lvls!
Exams in May-June.

anyways! i had loads of fun in JB!
especially with JOSHUA! hahahah..he's always adorable lah!
super duper adorable! u CANNOT NOT LOVE HIM! LOL!
And managed to meet up with EUNICE! after like wht? 2 years plus?!
ahahahaha and i bumped into bryan when i was with her..
so managed to meet up with him after dinner together with karyn too! =D

had so much fun with them too! =)
and of course family time.. was nice =)
i took 504 pictures in 3 days. ;)
its no wonder why i need so much memory space. HEEE! =D

cant wait till i save up enough for a video cam!
=D =D =D =D

i have come to love videos more than pictures  lately..
figured that pictures only capture the moment..

but videos.. videos relive the moment! =)
so yeah! thts y! hahaha.. till next time when im free-er!
go look at pictures in my FB first lah! hahaha.. no time to blog em yet. =P


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