Saturday, March 12, 2011

For Tomorrow's A Gift.

The Earthquake and Tsunami that occurred in Japan today was so sudden.
I just saw the Live footages online.. Gosh.. i didn't know what to feel..
i actually dont know what i'm feeling atm actually....
I'm so blown away by the footages..

And Again, This is a very strong reminder to all of us how precious every single day is.
Its sad how the generation nowadays take every single day,hour,minute,second for granted.
How everyone take Tomorrow, for granted.
Most people go to sleep with the highest confidence that they WILL wake up tomorrow, that there WILL be a tomorrow and they'd carry on with their daily routines and yada yada..

In fact, i think people nowadays are SOOO worried about the future that they dont actually LIVE today!

They're so worried about how much money they'd need in the future, how i want this in the future, how i wanna save up and make sure i can do this and that in the future, live in a luxurious house, etc. They're so worried about the future, that they forget how to appreciate and treasure today. How they fail to Live, Today. Its all about the future future future nowadays.

But, what if.. The future never comes?

I've known people who go to sleep, and wake up the next day finding out that His brother never woke up from his sleep. that few hours back, when he had a short conversation with his brother before going to sleep, that was the last conversation he'll ever have with His brother. His brother wasn't sick. He was normal. like You and Me. but he just suddenly died. He suddenly never woke up from His sleep. Later on, doctors found out that he died due to lack of sleep. Leading to failure of his organs one by one without any obvious effects. and after a period of time, His system just shut down.

Can u imagine that happening to you? Have u ever thought that such things could actually happen to you, in Your Life? Cause i have.

Alot of people dont even say goodnight to their parents or siblings before they go to sleep. they dont hug them. dont nothing. They go to sleep and wake up like its a routine. Like Life is all about going to sleep. and waking up the next day (FOR SURE) and living Life.. seeing ur family memebers, loved ones and friends.

I know of friends who said.. "BYE! SEE U ON MONDAY!" and those were their last words.. the very next day, got into an accident, and passed away.

After our basketball practice, Our coach treated us to Mamak and was just motivating us and telling us really useful stuffs on how to improve. The next day he got a stroke. Went into coma. And passed away.

All of us fail to appreciate every second in life.
We fail to realize how Fragile Life is.
We get so dragged down by Life sometimes, We take it for granted.
We take tomorrow for granted. with the feeling..

"Aiyaaahhh~! tomorrow will come la! tomorrow will be a better day! i can do this tomorrow, i'll settle this problem that i have with my mother father brother sister boyfriend girlfriend bestfriend, Tomorrow."

Too sure. in fact.

We fail to think or remember Tomorrow as a Gift from God.
So i guess things like deaths and disasters like what happened in Japan..
Reminds us not to take our time and Life and Tomorrow for granted.
Not to take our Loved ones, for granted.

Not to leave matters unsettled.
Not to let these ill feelings, Linger.

Because if you leave it for Tomorrow, Well..
Tomorrow may never come.
Its harsh. But thats just reality.

What if they never wake up? What if YOU never wake?
What if a sudden disaster like this occur wherever they are?
What if an accident suddenly occurs?

You'd never know. You'd never think of such even.
For God is the only one who knows what the future will Bring.

So i guess it makes sense why they always say..
"Dont Flight from a Fight."

I have sorted out my ill feelings with the person in the sad story below.
I always try my best not to flight.
I always try my best not to let it linger.

I have talked it out, and now, we're Good again. =)
What about you?

Have u sorted out these issues?

Think about it.


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