Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dance oh Dance ~! =)

hello! i had a super tiring saturday but it was definitely a satisfying one! =)

Had to wake up soooo early to fetch my lil bro to band prac in church.
later on had dance class with Celica at 11pm till 12pm plus almost 1pm.
and at 2pm till 7pm i had TORT class at college!
wht a day eh?! long long day!

dance class was definitely the highlight of my day! =)
as always...! hahaha.. i had so much fun.. =D
its like part of me.. hee. =)

and i ended my day with PIZZA! nyahahaha~! thx mummy. ^.^

ANYWAYS! sorry it took me so long. i know i said i was gonna be more active in my new youtube account and upload more dance videos but atm, i'm just too busy to choreo anything lah! seriously. BUT ANYHOOO! FINALLY, heres a new dance video tht we took today in class. hope u like it! ENJOYYYY~ =)

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