Sunday, March 27, 2011


Today's sermon by a special guest speaker at Glad Tidings, Rev Michael Puffet was really impacting.

Sermon was about transformation in Life.

God's original intent is that we would live a life of creativity and purpose & not a life of meetings or to go through life just so that we will arrive at death safely.

So many people nowadays get to busy with work,always at meetings that at one point of time, they will start asking themselves if this is all Life is about?

they dont actually LIVE life. Which is sad. 

"Preach the gospel wherever you go,Use words If u must." 

Get ?

Its like someone preaching the word in church sharing and all but at home, in his household, theres hate anger ..theres no life. do u actually think whtever he preaches would be easy to believe?

thats why that quote there says, use words.. IF u must. Preach the Gospel by your actions, by the life u lead. and be a living testimony. Because words are so easy to temper with. 

Second point was about relationships.

"We are meant to walk right with one another, because we will leave an impact on the later generations. And if we dont walk right, its like a tsunami hitting the later generations."

This made me think about me. and my family.
in my friendster profile, the about me section. i said..
"I have the BEST family anyone could ever have!"

but now when i fill in descriptions about me, that line isn't in it anymore. Why?
i dunno. i guess alot of things  that have happened have really affected my family as a whole. my family have really changed since i dunno.. last time? we're really different now. lets just say, there are more imperfections now then there was. i cant even recall if there were imperfections in my family last time. we were crazily united, i could tell u straight up tht this is the best family u could ever have. but as time passed, alot of things changed as well.

if i look back, yes, i'll feel real sad.
coz things are very different now,compared to before.

i guess after us siblings start to grow up and after we were faced with the 2008 shock, alot of things just fell apart. and we all started having our own lives our own friends our own worlds. spending time together wasn't a priority, family became less of a priority in our lives. other things and people became more important.

but of course now, things are better than it was during tht phase, but still, its different. 

Anyways, back to now, the present. we may always say, family comes first, family should be our priority and yada yada but do we actually practice what we preach? honestly i havent been doing so. When we get home, all of us are busy with our own piece of technology. we do talk la of course but honestly, u probably spend majority of ur time on the internet or ur books than spending time with family right?

we see each other everyday but do u spend time with them?

hardly eh?
anyways this second point made me think alot. seriously. and i questioned myself alot.
i always talk about not having enough time to meet up with friends, catch up and hang out. but i realize i hardly use my free time whenever i have it and say hey! lets hang out! to my family. i always automatically think.. OHHH! IM FREEE! i'll call so and so to go hang out. its been ages!

but hey hey look here, its been ages since u've spent time with ur family by initiative as well.

so yeah. thought alot about tht. its true huh? we see each other everyday but we dont actually spend time together. 

think about it.

and the last thing i wanna share.

"When God changes me, He's got more than just Me on His mind."

true isn't it? When He changes you, You impact alot of others around you as well..
The generation now affects the generations after us and after after us.

anyways i'm kinda brain dead now so i've no clue if this entry have any flow at all. haha. u noe how it feels when ur so tired dont really have the blogging spirit and mood ? dunno lah. but i just really wanted to share this today. before i start by busy week.

gonna miss my mum for a week! she's going to Sabah with her company!
ahhh Life without my mum is just, NOT NORMAL. gonna miss her tonnes!
please pray that she'll have a safe trip there and back, for me, will you? ;)

thanks alot!

and dont forget, Live Life to the Fullest! Treasure every second. Especially the seconds with your family. If they're not your priority at the moment, Challenge urself after reading this? I know i am. 


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