Sunday, March 06, 2011

Friends. =)

here are some pictures of some outings with friends.. =) didnt have time to post them up!


Went out with My Bestfriend coz altho we do bump into each other in college.. Tht doesnt really count as spending time with each other.. 

So we went to Sunway Pyramid to chill.. and had KEBAB KING for dinner! first time eating kebab king.. for me.. =P hahaha..

But after a while we had to ciao.. =( coz Kim had to fetch Shan Li to his friend's open house..

Ooooh! and As u can see.. Kim also cut her hair Short! =D =D =D hahaha.. so cool.. finally got to take pictures with our short hair and new hair style! =P

So, drove back to Kim's place, picked up Shan and His friend and drove to kota kemuning..coz thts where his friend lived. we kinda got lost because Shan didnt noe the way.. =.=! but we found it in the end.. =D But it was a really long drive! SO GLAD i was there with you twin! =)
 After dropping him, Kim and I decided to chill around tht housing area till he was done.. Coz its those big and expensive house kind of housing area.. so there were guards constantly rounding the areas.. so it was safe to chill there.. =D the houses there were gila big and nice weih! ^^ ^^ ^^! ahahahaha.. we went house strolling.. kept Wow-ing.. and eventually settled at a park.

And what did we do at the park? =D

WE ATE BAQ QUA! mwahahahahahahah~! and half way through.. we saw tonnes of pretty pwetty FIREWORKS.! I turned to Kim and said..

Kim.. i'm having super nice baq qua, i'm with my bestfriend, and i have a beautiful view of pwetty fireworks right infront.. It doesn't get better than this!

Altho we were just at a park with some Baq Qua And it was only the two of us, It was one of the best Baq Qua nights ever! =) and I personally love and treasure such outings.. Compared to the normal shopping mall movie yada yada~ dont get me wrong.. watching movies and stuffs are cool.. i love watching movies! =) but i guess..

Many people dont know how to appreciate these kinda outings nowadays. They must always have a source of entertainment to burn time and thts it, go home. To be honest, when u say meet up catch up and spend time, ur company, IS your entertainment. I mean, i dont get it when ppl say.. OOOHH! YES WE MUST CATCH UP! and then they spend 2 hours in the cinema without talking and then go home after tht. im like.. ?????? spending time? catching up? really? hahaa.. 

But u do get what i mean.. right? =D but chill la. Movies and shopping malls are cool. =) But outings where the main concentration is ur company are the best ones! =) for me at least.. =D =D =D

After we agreed that we were feeding the mosquitoes waaaaay too much.. we decided to go get ice creaaaaam~!!!!!!! =DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD 

MCFLURRY OREO~! *love love love love loveeeee~!*

Then we headed back to that housing area to just chill in the car and eat our ice-cream. hahaha.. GUESS WHAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTT?!!!!!!!!! after we parked at a random spot.. SUPER ALOT/LONG/Beautiful pretty awesomeish jsdhkasdkjasdhj~! FIREWORKS shot up in the sky over and overrrr!

All kinds and types of paterns styles colours! u name it! it was like a FIREWORK presentation! i think it went on for about 15 minutes long.. or LONGER?! i dunno! but yeahhhh! it was THAT LONG! best part was?! the random spot we parked at was like right infront of the direction the fireworks were shooting up from.. =))))))!

 I had.. One of the best nights! ♥♥♥♥♥♥
Love u tonnes Kimberley Ong Jing Ling! 

Also, before Valentines on the 13th of Feb, we celebrated my cousin's bday!

Yup.. my cousin.. but she's still so small.. 11 years younger than me.. hahaha.. =) we went present shopping.. goshhh i didnt know Barbie dolls cost so much! goodness.. and TOYS in general.. puts a hole in ur wallet weih! hahaha.. 

One Friday after class.. I met up with Kok Sime and Boon Sin!

Kok Sime came to pick me up from the Ktm and then fetched Boon Sin.. and we headed to 1 utama. =)
Been a REAAAALLLYYY long time since i've last met up with Boon Sin! we planned to catch a movie .. But..

Our plan totally failed.. hahahaa.. we had dinner.. and we just sat there ..



AND TALKING! hhahahahahaa.. time flew so fast.. =) this is what i call quality time with friends.. Seriously!

hahahaa.. we all know talking wasn't the only thing that took up our time.. =P

THE NYEHHHH.. face! =D
Boon sin we need to go sing k together again!!

And we took pictures untill we were super duper tired... INCLUDING ME WEIH! Hhahahahahaha! how rare! =P like.. seriously seriously exhausted from just taking pictures! hahahaha.. but the minute we stepped out of the restaurant..

I recharged edy! LOL!

I weally LIKE these two pictures! =D =D =D =)

And everytime i go to One Utama, i never fail to show my friends.. 

My ARTWORK when i was 10 ! =D
hehe.. =P

I had a really good time spending quality time and catching up with My friends in February.. =)

Friendships are like plants, that always need nurturing, care, love ,attention and effort.

I got too busy for a period of time.. But i'm glad that i managed to meet up with a few of my friends in february and got to just.. catch up and .. talk. =) Many others! but i didnt take pictures with em. hahaha.. So yep. It has been a month of super busy-ness and also a great month of catching up and meeting up. =)


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