Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Ongs ! =)

Roger roger! reporting from the Ong's household! hahahaha..

Didn't have to fetch mum on monday till wed! how rare! so i grabbed the opportunity to spend time with my bestiee ! =) so i stayed over on Monday and going back tomorrow after class. Been a while since i've last stayed over! ahaha.. BUT IM STILL NOT SATISFIED.! altho i stayed over.. i still feel like i have not enough time to spend with KIM! gaaaah! Saw tht twin?! =P hahaah..

So anyways! i wanted to blog about my first time experience of being left alone in a friend's hse! LOL!

Kim and I had morning classes and after class we came back. Then at night she have classes Again.. But she didn't want me to teman her and ask me rest at home and study at home instead of going out again..so i fell asleep around 5pm plus like that.. then when i woke up at 7pm, She ciao-ed edy! hahaha! And i went out to the living hall.. and realized tht no one else was home! LOL! even Kathleen aka Da Jie had already left for training.. 

So, i was kinda.. literally locked inside the hse! HAHA. okayyyyy i noe i noe she says tht it is practically my second home.. BUT.. first time ever! being alone in her hse! hahaha.. so felt this weird feeling.. but i dont even noe wht i was feeling?! xD Then Da Jie came back with dinner for me! =DDDDDDD but she thought i was with Kim at coll also.. LOL. so she got a fright when i opened the door and said.. HELLOOOOOOOOO! hahahahahahahahahha! funny lahhh!

And when Kelly came home, she was like, Wheres kim? LOL. then when i told her she's in college. Kelly went, HUH? LOL! then i explained everything to her and she was like.. She left without you?! LOL! so yeah. Hahahhaa.. i mean, this is the first time i was left completely alone in a friend's house. haha!

but awww... i feel as if i'm one of the ONGS! =)))))))))))! 


=P btr start studying before she reaches home.. Nyahahahaa...
*off computer and pretend like i never touched it* xD!


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