Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"Oh Happy Day~~!!!" *sings*

Bwahahah! Okay..TODAY!..was me sports day.
So anywaysh..Was in PC today..DUH.
So yeah..Alot of ppL fainted and all..
Then like have to be ketua yeah..
Buzy buzy buzy!!! Most thing tht..
Make us PC ppl all very the angry is that..
After they cramp or faint ,we go help them..
Then after they ok..They go run again..
Then this time become worse...
Like.....................Injured alrdy dun take part edy la!
i feel like *BISH*-Ing them..Blerhg! >.<
So yeah..Sports day was ok la..Kinda boring..
And Sim today was acting quite weird..=/
ANYWAYS..lets not talk further abt him..=P

After sports..Went to Yam Cha with Sue Mei..
But when we reach the mamak there..
FULL HOUSE. So we like..Aiyakk..
Suddenly we saw Zhe Ching and Yi Quan..
We were like WHEE~!!! So we joined them..
So ..Hmm..Nice lar to yam cha with them..
Then talk talk talk...then go back. LoL.

After that..Went to Guo Rong's house lor..
Waaaa..Nice hse ler Guo Rong...haha..
And CUTE DOGGIES!!!! =D! but but but..
Baby and Blacky so Big...But Fei Fei very cute lerh!
hahaha..especially when it climbs up the stairs..xD
So neways..was like in his hse for 1 hour plus..
Then took cab to Tebrau City..
Then ate KFC..hahaha...Long time no eat..!
Then he Bought me ice-cream! bwahahaha!
THANK YOU!!!!! =D! Yang treated me KFC..
THANK YOU TOO!!! =)! So after tht..
Took cab again and went back to Guo Rong's hse..
And just hang out lor..hahaha...Nicesh day..=)
Just got back..and to conclude today..
It was a nicesh nicesh day..=)!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Haha..Alright! I just had to post this entry!
Well neways..let me first start with Monday.
Hmm..Let me see wht was the "highlight"
Of the day..Oh yeah..Now i rmb..
Like...Whaaaatttt maaan....And like...
I was carrying this girl to the bilik kesihatan..
Coz her leg got cramp..So she still can walk..
So dun need use stretcher...So i just like..
Put her arms around my shoulder and help her walk la..
Then suddenly she fainted..And all her weight was on my neck..
I was like @#$%^ SHIITTT! like..The weight was..
Overwhelming..lawl..and..i almost dropped her..
Coz of the sudden.."overwhelming" weight on me..
But THANK GOD i did not drop her..i like use ALL my tenaga..
And Pull her up and carry her to the Bilik Kesihatan..
Friggin other malay guys just went OMG and watch..
Yes..They stood there..and WATCH! @#$%^ come help lar...=.=!
So Hmm..yes..I was very tired yesterday..doing PC in my uniform..
Something I HATE like so much..=/

TODAY! okay..was tired..hahaha..
Coz stayed up chit chatting with mum till 2am..
so perhimpunan today..
was for 2 arse hurt like mad k..Pfft..
Then KH..Gotta build my project this Friday..
So lakar lakar..then Ms.Ong called me to bring my bag..
and go to the Com Lab and practice debate the whole day..
So yesh..i spent my whole day researching..and doing notes..
and all..and helped Faridah practice..
Before we knew it..IT WAS TIMEEE...
We were up against SMK Ulu Tiram.
So they came..and we went to the quarrantin room.
Then three of the guys from tht school came to me and said..
"hey..D'you mind showing us wheres the boys toilet?"
I was like..Kay...abit weird right..They could've ask a GUY..
to bring them to the GUY neways k ma show lor..
Then Ben and Raja was like..LOL. Yeah..We know u wanna
Use the guys toilet too..=D! Happy Goin in..I was like...............
So while i was on my way..bringing them to the toilet..
Which was all the way on the other end of the school..
All the other students from my school was like..JAKON la..
Like nvr see other students>.< SWTSS...

Anyways..Carrying on..Our school got the "NEGATIVE" side.

Which we were hoping NOT to get..Blerh...
We were hoping for Affirmative..
Anyhow..Debate today was AWESOME!
Haha..Lotsa FUN!!! =D! LOL..
Raja..Man..tht guy was just..LOL!
he lighted up the whole room..=)
Joker lar tht fella..hahahah...
The other school said "POI" (point of information)
And he went.."Ahh Come!" xD
Nice Job today RAJA!!! =D!
Ben!! U did AWESOME too!!! Proud of ya..hahax..
The other team said..
"U don't see a rich man doing open burning infront of his hse do you?"
Then Ben objected and said..
"YES! I agree! A rich man doesnt do open burning infront of his hse..Instead..he does it BEHIND his Hse." =D
That was a GOOD GOOD one..=P hahaha..
DEBATE today was great..=)!!!!
To conclude todays debate competition..
WE WON!!!!!!!! Wheee~!!!!

Hisyam,Poh Yee,Mahanis,Faridah,Me & Our 3 fellow opponents!
*After the DeBate Competition!*

Our district level would be on the 8th of Mac.
Bz bz bz bz bz! And tmr would be my sports day..
I guess it would be a Hectic day of ppl gettin hurt..
and fainting here and there..SO! I must bersedia!! xD
Alright..Thats all for today..=D!
Would be goin ta visit Guo Rong's hse tmr after sports!
Whee~! haha...Alright..Take care Y'all! Hugs!

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Ello. On saturday went visiting! =D!
So we basically walked around the whole of Taman DC.
LoL..first went to Yang's hse..With sue mei and su ying..
Then went to Jian Mings hse..Then weng chong,grace..
Yan Bin,Su Ying,Xiu Ling,Ruskim,Mei Jin and lastly..
Went to Sue Mei's hse. walked to each hse...
Lawl...Tiring lar..but it was fun coz i was with my Beloveds! =D!

TODAY! Church..Hmm..
Then after church had the childrens program.
So yeah.....i had to play the key board and sing...
Coz Mel wasnt around..And...Andrea..
Was supposed to do P&W..
But she din turn up.Dang. I'm gettin pissed with..
PpL who dun inform you earlier..and last minute.
Give so much Maa Faan to other ppl..Like..
Wheres the resposibilty? Blergh.
So neways..Bryan bought me Toblerone! =D!
Thank You Bryan..=)!

Anyways...P&W din go that well..=/
Me and Ben played the same key..when suddenly..
Uncle Ben sang on a different key..And i was like.."........"
Okay..Now i'm like very tired lar..Haih...
HW..LOTS to be done..T_T

Just wanna say..Beng,Jef Fri,Bryan and D..
really really love u guys larh..
For simply just being there 4 me. =)

He told me..
"Let me know your thoughts..So dat i can understand whats going on in your mind..If you have any objection,please do tell me."

So I told him what I thought..I let him know how i feel.And that i couldn't handle it.
But he gets angry.

I think to myself..
"Whats the use of even saying anything?"

He told me..

That he wanted to be a care free person in school..But he couldn't. Because of his high rank in school. And that he needed to be firm in his words and needed to give a good impression to other students so that they would respect him or rather be afraid of him.

He told me..

His senior told him that with his rank. He must be in-human. and can't have pity or give in. He must not have any feelings at all. so that he could carry out his Duty with full resposibilty without giving pity to any1 even if they were his friends.

He told me..

That went he saw "us" in school he wish he could join in the fun. And be just like us and do whtever we wanted..anytime we wanted. But he just can't. Because of his rank and duty.

He told me..

Whtever he said infront of "us" was all just a lie. And was just for show. Because he needed to giv all of "us" who are in school..An impression,that he was STRONG and nvr FEARFUL.

I Told him..

I knew everything u said in school was just for show. I could see through. Even b4 u told me. I already knew..

I think to myself. He is as Human as I am. He shouldn't be restricted to have fun and do what he wants and feel what he want and say what he want just because of his RANK and DUTY. Yes. U must carry out your duty well. BUT..wheres your duty to your OWNSELF in the first place? U cant do anything well if you do not treat yourself well. Please..don't do this to yourself..because if you continue..your heart would automatically turn to cold..hard..rock.
I Love You. Yes I Love You as a friend. Thats why..I'm saying this to you,because i Care. You can carry out your duty well even if you don't Stone ur feelings. U may even carry out your duty even BETTER if you feel as a normal human and dun restrict ur feelings. Hey,I Love you. ME! yes..I love you..Ur not alone aite! Hugs! =)

Friday, February 23, 2007


Haih..I'm going through a "Miss" feeling rite now..
Miss some ppl so much.....=(
I miss Lim Kien Beng..
I miss G...
I miss D...
I miss Daniel Raj...
I miss Anand...
I miss Jackson...
I miss Rachel...
I miss Hin Loong...

Aiyer...I miss them larh...
And sides that..i got a pile of hw to finish..
But i just dun feel like touching em..=/
No mood..Yeah..I'm not in the mood to go back to school yet..
The fun i had in KL was just totally awesome..
Now in dilemaaaa!!! blergh.
And bryan yong...I love you larh...
U just know how to brighten up my day..
Or rather if not..make me feel better...
D too...Thanks lerh..
I feel like hugging ppl larh...
Who would be so kind to giv me one..? =/

Thursday, February 22, 2007

K.L Was A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!!

I'm BACK! And Haha..If u plan to read this entry..
then prepare for a super friggin long blog..xD

Wokays! DAY 1! Left teh house abt 6pm..
And fetched mom to Tebrau City..
Coz Mel would be working..So..Mum wouldnt be coming down to KL with us.. So just me,My brothers and dad started our Journey down to KL and like..OMG!!!!!!!!! the Freaking JAM started in JB! Imagine JB already got JAM! like WHATT!!!! so reached KL like super late..cant rmb wht time..coz alll the way..JAM JAM JAM! blergh. It was nice to see my grandma!!! I MISS HER SO MUCHHS! then i saw a certain BOTAK fella sitting in the living hall! HAHA! It was My cousin who got chosen for NS! xD! CHOO KOK YEW! hahahahahaha! Been long since i've saw him too! So was very very tired...and went to sleep..hahahhaa...

DAY 2!! Me and Dad went out to buy bro's and our breakfast! but the shops mostly all closed we went to the Kaptong Pasar there but it was like raining soo soo heavy man..first time i recall CNY ..having rainy got soaked..BROTHERS! u should appreciate US for buying u guys Breakfast especially in the heavy rain! time we ate..and got back to my grandma's hse..and was 11.30am alrdy..So left the Hse and went off to 1U with Benroy and Dad. WHEE~! met up with APPLE aka BEng tht day! So happy to see her again mann!!! =D!! so we went to buy tickets for "Ghost Rider" which would only be starting at 4.30pm *i think* and it was only we went walking around..hahaha..Actually me and apple went shopping..and poor benroy had to tag along..he was so friggin boreed..Haha...

So neways..Me and Apple went into "Extreme" and i went over to look at the caps there and saw one reli reli nicesh one!!! so i asked beng..hey! nice nice? then she wore it..I was like..=D! wahahaha..then to make sure i asked her to look at the caps and see whether there is any other1 tht looks better..but in the end i bought the cap i "fell in love at first sight". =P! Then it was on the counter..and Beng help me hold it..then she gave it to me.."Nahh.." then i said..Happy belated Birthday! Then i walked away..hahahaha...Then she was like..OMG OMG OMG! CELINE!!!!! hahahahahaha....and she was like in shock for quite a while..xD she kept going..OMG!!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha...

The Cap I got for AppLe..=D!

Benroy was waiting for us outside the shop on the bench..
And he Looked friggin BORED! haha..
So i told Beng..tht i wanted to get him Cotton Candy..
Coz well..he's been wanting to eat it loong loong time ago..
but my dad wouldn't let him buy..
So i was to go buy...
so i told beng to keep him company while i go buy..
But..BUT..BUT...suddenly Calvin appeared out of No where!
hahahahahah! I was Like..EHHHH???!!!! So shock k..haha..
Then i was like..Since when u were here?!!
hahaha...Neways..Calvin helped to keep bro company..
While me and beng went down ALLL THE far lar..
to buy the Cotton Candy for him..hahaha..
So we kept it in the plastic bag..and when we reached there..
Benroy din notice..then i took it out and gave it to him..
he was like..O_O!!!!!!!!! his face Light up right away!
He was like..OMG JIE! I LOVE YOUU!!!!
Haha..But at the same time..He was afraid tht..
My dad would suddenly show up and catch him eating it..
He was like so worried..hahaha..Neways..
We cotinued go Jalan Jalan..and before we knew it..
It was already time for teh movie..time reli does fly..
Hehs..Calvin would be having his reunion dinner in 1U..
So off we went to the Movies! and off he went to..Erm sumwhere..
hahahahaha...No idea where he went...

GHOST RIDER! It's a NICE SHOW!!!!! haha..Had fun! but the new wing seats hurts ur neck man..anyways..the movie was great! =D! after the movie..Me,Bro and Beng had to after the movie we went our seperate ways..but of course..b4 we left..=D

And when Apple was going down the escalator..suddenly she sliped and fell two steps down the escalator and thank God she got hold of the sides and fell on her butt..i was Like..OMG!!! And i rushed to the escalator there..then she looked back at me..then she said..I'm oKAYYY! i was like..Phewwwh...Worried like wat man...Ishh..See la u..hahaha..So left 1U and headed back to grandma hse for reunion dinner...The food..*drools* i love my grandma's cooking! =D!

DAY 3! SUNDAY! The first day of Chinese New Year!!
Yes..The first day of chinese new year..
But still went to church! =D! hahaha..! Morning went to Mamak
with dad and lil bro..elder bro lazy..Blergh..=P Boo u! hmmph!

After makaning..Off we went to church!
Haha..Dad and bro wanted to go to St.Pauls..
So reached there on time! =D! earlier by abit actually..haha..
First person i saw when i walked in..Sugin!!! haha..
He was walking out to talk to the guard or sumthin..
hahaha..Nice to see him again! =D!
Then went in..Saw Daniel only..The rest all dunno where..
haha..Then service started alrdy..Then saw Melissa!
Followed by Joseph! then Nicky! hahaha..
It was great seeing all of them again..=)
Then later on i saw Shereen!!!! Pics Pics Pics!!

Sugin and I!

Joseph and Me!

Nicky and Me! *He's TALL K! Not me Short!*

Shereen!! =D!!!

Din get to take a pic with Melissa and Dan though...had to rush off..Neways..reached back..Makan Vegetarian food cooked by Grandma! may be vegetarian food..but it taste So SO NICE!!!!!!! I just LOVE her cooking..=D!!!! after makan Me,Bros and Dad went to Time Square and jalan..hahaha..So kesian man..I went shopping..and the 3 guys just followed me..and each shop i went into..they just waited outside..till i was done..hahah..awww..Sorry..=P After Time Square..we went to Wai Kuen's grandma's hse! Saw wai kuen,wai hong their aunty,uncle and their grandma..aww..the rest of my other cousins wasnt there...they would only be coming the next day...Well neways..At least Wai Kuen and Wai Hong was there..hahaha..din c them for 2 years already!!! =)!

After visiting them..went back to grandma's hse..and wht did i do again for the rest of the day? lol..i think we wanted to go out for a movie but ended up not going..coz of certain reasons..haha...Neways...was yeah..SLEEP! lol..

DAY 4!!! Morning..Woken up by my grandma..
So yeah..I woke everyone else..and we went to
My dad's 5th uncle's before that..hehe..
We took a pic with our beloved grandma!

We love you More then we can can Amma..=)!

So went visiting..the whole day... night..Wai Kuen asked me to go out
with him and his friends...But in the end tak jadi..
Because saya kesingkatan masa..hahaha..
Sorrry..=/ next time yeah?
At night wht i do
HAHA..i cant rmb..Forget it then..=P

MOVING ON! DAY 5 BABEH!!! Ok..morning makan at home..Grandma cooked..=D! i know i said this like alot..but..I LOVE HER COOKING! hahahahhaa...Then went to 1U to Meet up with Aaron!! Goshh! it's been 3 years since we've last saw each other!!! =D!! So went to 1U..and he was queing up to get tickets for movie..the que was so so long! And tv3 was i called ask him where he was..suddenly the tv3 dude came and started filming me..i was like..=.=! Walk Away.....walk away.......LOL. Then FINALLY found Aaron who was sumwhere in the crowd..hahaa..And he gave me the Necklace that he has been keeping for 2 years! hahah..coz 2 years ago he went to Australia and got Me,My sis and Sue mei a Necklace each..but we nvr got the chance to meet he's been keeping it for 2 YEARS! he gave them to me and he was like..Ok..The Bear pendent is yours and the other two u let ur sis and sue mei choose..hahaha..Awww! He remembers that i like bears! =D! hahah..So the end..we din buy any tickets after lining up for like super long..Coz the movies we wanted to watch was all yeah...nvm...

So me and aaron decided to go shopping! But benroy didn't want to follow coz most probaly he's learnt his lesson from tht day when me and Apple went shopping..Haha...So he decided to follow My dad and Benson to go lepak..xD...So me and aaron went walking in 1U and shopping for like 4 hours! HAHA! So cool wey...going shopping with a GUY..u know..GUY! many guys can shop with a girl for 4 hours?! there are..but very few..hahahas...Coool!! i got a guy friend that SHOPS! bwahahahhaha! In the end of the day..Aaron Bought a shirt that cost him RM45 for me! =D! Thank Youuu!!!! and I chose a shirt for him..But..he paid..=P! hahaha...He insisted in belanja-ing me the whole day! so alright then..hahahaha...Thanks for the day! =D! Had fun! haha..

Me Shirt!!! GAME WORLD! hahahaha...

At 4.30pm..Had to leave..coz my Two Cousin's and their mom..
would be celebrating their bday!
So Had to leave by then...Hwaha..
I guess by now u would know..that..
I nvr leave..without taking a pic..=P

Reached the restaurant in time! =D!
and we 'Lou Sang-ed" hahaha..

My two cousins that celebrated their bday!

His bday's on 20th Feb!!
His 1 Years old!!!

Haha..She got cream on her nose from blowing the candles..
Her bdays just 1 day before valentines!
13 Feb!! and she's 4!! so adorable!! =P!



Benson and Liang! Kk..First they look macho right..

OMG!!!!! hahaha..Benson looks cute! xD!

Me and my dad!!

*ME AND MY UNCLES!!!* and My Whacky cousin GARY BOY! Ooops..I mean Kok Wui..=P

Me and Liang!!!

Me and Sun Jie!!

Well After the dinner...Me,Bros and dad..
Went to Titiwangsa to see the "Eye On Malaysia"

Very nice sight..=D!

Went to Makan Dim Sum!

And after Dim Sum..Went back to Grandma's hse..
And chat chat chat till like 1.30pm! cehh..
Banyak Cerita mann..hahahahhaha...
At 1.30pm..Left for AppLe's House!!!
Aka..BENG's HSE! Wheee~!!!!
Got sesated a bit before reaching..hahaha..
But we reached anyway..=P
My dad could chat like LONG with her Mom,Aunts and Grandma!
And while they adults were chatting..Wahahaha..=D

Benson Got bored..xD!

We went on anyways! hahaha..Untill Benson's hand appeared.."Would ya like e Orange? =D" hahahahaha....

Okay..I was trying to get a clear shot..but they just wouldnt stop Moving! They kept "growing taller" Pfffttt! STOP MOVING LA!

HAH! FINALLY...U'all stop moving...LOL! =P

And then..We...CONTINUED! hahahaha..=P

Aiyak..What to pose..??? *thinks*

Aiyahh..pose like dis lor! Like dat also dunno..Hahaha...

I Love Her..=)!!!

After having an Awesome-ness time at Apple's hse..xD We went back to my grandma's hse..bathe,ate and took our bags..Just before we left...Wai Kuen called me..and say.."Hey..Come out of the hse..I'm outside" I was like..O_O! so i went out..and he gave me a box of 30 Ferrero Roche and a "Vincci" watch..Awww mann..It must have cost him a Bom! THANK YOU SOO SOO MUCH!!!! =)!!! Hugs! ILU~! How sweet of you!! =)!!!!!!

Reached JB about 10pm..and went to Tebrau City to wait for Mel to finish work..and reached home abt 12am..haha..Uploaded the pics and on9ed after unpacking..=P And slept at 5am. hahaha..yes yes..I know its not good..yesshhh...I i had a great time in KL! =)! Now...time for me to go finish my pile of hw! Blerghs! Alright alright..Alot of ppl are waiting for me to post this kk..i shall stop here! I know right..the one reading the entry would be like..YES! FINALLY! She's stopping! hahaha..YEAH LARRR...HUGS! Take cares Y'all!

And..=) I DO appreciate the PPL i have in My Life! So Much!