Sunday, October 29, 2006

Tirin Hol..

Ahhh....FINALLY ITS OVER....But first...Lets talk abt Friday..Hmmm...Found out that bro may have Appendix..but its not confirmed yet..but i dun think he does...Well anyways...Thanks to someone for calling...I'm okay now..Hehs...Thanks! Ur such a darlin! Mwaahs! Love ya tonx!!! Wells...I couldnt sleep on Friday till 3am...Right....And on Sat was the CHOIR COMPETITION and i had to wake up early...garrhs...So was super tired on Saturday...Oh yeah...At abt 11pm i called Dan...But he din pick up...And then he called back..haha...Wht larh...Then Just had like a 15 minutes chat with him...And after that he had to leave for KL. He would be going to Russia for 6 years!!! ='(! So he had to go down to KL..Go to KLIA...Get on the 8.30am Flight to Bangkok,Thailand..And from there leave for Russia...Man Am i so gonna miss him...Hehs...That Dungu Mr.Noodle...haha...MISSING U ALREADY DANIEL! Hehs...DANIEL...u so beta Still have the stuff i gave u when u come back from Russia! IF NOT...Haaa...U'll so get it from me...Haha..

ABOUT Saturday...Well...Woke up like..Early? and then headed for St.Christophers which was where the Choir Competition was held..Met sum old fuends! And saw some old faces! hahaha...And let me just go to the results...welll....We got Number 2 in the Choir Competition..St.Stephens,Yong Peng got 1st. We lost to them by 3 points...Heh..but its okay..Kinda happy in a way...Coz if we won..We would have to go to KL for the following competition..At St.Peters,Bangsar,KL. THIS SATURDAY LEH...And my exams arent over till NEXT Monday...So it would be like so Tiring and Rush. Hmms...So yeah..Everythin happens for a reason yeh...

After the Choir Competition...Went to Jusco Tebrau City to look for gifts for the Children tomorrow..Because tomorrow would be Childrens Sunday..But din reli get anything...So went alllll the way to PERLING..and went to a shop called "Arise and Shine" Bought some stufff....And from there...RUSH ALLLL the way back to church for Band tiring man...Was like out the whole day and the fact that i slept at 3am..Hwaah...*Faints* After band prac went for dinner and FINALLY...Home sweet Home...Ahhhh....*Relieve-ness!* lol...When i was abt to sleeep...Dad suddenly sleep talk..xD! he said like something so so funny..I dunno who he was dreamin abt...hahahahaha...Suddenly all 4 of us started laughing like Mad wei..hahaha...

This Morning...CHILDRENS SUNDAY! so services were combined..service started earlier tooo...Hmmms...Din reli get to rest...Was running up and down getting the children ready for the Drama and like hold the back-Drop and sit on the stage for like dunno how loong..And miss all the drama..grrr...Sitting behind a card board..=.= while everyone got to see the fair! hmmph! lolx...Aunty Sheena came to me and started asking me bout the presentations and all tht we would be doing in City Square...Hmms...Gargh...i gotta finish choreographing the hip hop dance fast.....TIME TIME TIME...Blerh..AND after church came home...So so happy la...Like for one month plus alrdy...On sundays always out the whole day..occupied with choir pracs and whtever stuff..Today got to come home and REST! but din rest lah...came home started STUDYING....Hurgh....Tomorrow my FINALS are starting..HOW GREEAAT...Like...SUPER LATE RITE? PpL ending their FINALS or rather ENDED their finals alrdy..ME? I'm just getting started...Bleeeh....I hope i do well..hahhh...ESPECIALLY FOR MATHS! MATHS! MATHS!!!

Tomorrow would be BM1 and BM2..Next day would be Maths 2 and dunno wht else..dun rmb alrdy..Oh yeah..Maths 2 and English..Hmms...Gaaa Gaaa...Maths ah...Aiks!! LoL...God help me...Hehs...I should betta get goin..And continue studying...Guess i wont be on9 for the WHOLE week lerh...Mayb..hahhaa...k lah..take Cares y'all!


Friday, October 27, 2006

On The Edge...

Ish...K Lah..Anyways,Went out for a movie with bro that day..Watched Stormbreaker..Not bad...kinda like Spy stuff and gettin revenge and all..Then on Wednesday..Study...Study and Study till 1am Plus...Yesterday was the same larh..Study,study study...
Then at Night my lil Bro fell sick..And EVERYONE is blaming me...I can't stand this anymore...Since My bro started practicing breakdance with me...Every single thing tht he does wrong or either he falls sick or whtever..I always get blamed..When its totally not my Fault...LIKE... OY! BLAME ME FOR WHT MAN....I din even do anything...I guess most probaly he fell sick was because he ate MILO..Yes...he ATE milo...Ur suppose to DRINK Milo...And he's sickness started with a stomachache...ISNT THAT SO OBVIOUS....They're saying he's sick coz of Breakdancing...And they said I...ME...CELINE YAP KAH MAY....asked my lil bro to diet....WHERE GOT MAN...HE is the one who wanted to go on a diet...I DID NOT SAY A SINGLE WORD..JUZ coz he think he is like becomin super chubby therefore he decided to go on a diet...Which i told him not to..But EVERYONE is thinking that I ASKED him too...EXCUSE ME PPL...Dun simply accuse if you don't know...FIND OUT FIRST than only accuse...@#$% Argh...I feel so like exploading...Its been so long...I've been taking all the blames..Though i dun deserve it...I've been just keepin it all in..And try not to say anything...BUT THIS IS THE LAST STRAW! I can't take this anymore...I'm alrdy on the Edge...And i'm About to EXPLOAD...
I have to take all the Blame for wht he chose to do...For all the choices he made...Even that day going out for a movie...I got scolded..Mom was like saying...Whts on ur mind? goin to the movies when there are so many ppl at the mall..LIKE HELLO? HE INVITED ME TO GO...I din suggest a single Thing...Darn it ...I even got scolded just because he spelt water on the sofa...IMAGine that...Wht was the excuse i kena scold? She said That he is to exhausted from the breakdancing thats why he spelt the water...GREAT...can u believe this..?! SO UNBELIEVABLE! IT SO DOENST MAKE ANY SENSE....AT ALLL! Gaaaaah!!!!!! I was so Frustrated that i din feel like sleeping and studied untill 2am..I know its crazy..I just needed that quietness for a while...Everyone was sleeping..therefore..There was pEACE...And i so treasured it..
But then again..If i think Back..Jesus went through the same thing..But he did not say a word..All the critic...and all the blames...When he did nothing but good...And he died on the cross to take away all OUR sins....not HIS...But ours...How FAIR is that? ITS NOT! ITS NOT ONE SINGLE BIT FAIR...Haihs...i guess i should learn from tht and just shut my mouth and just receive all that Sense-less blames ...All that blames which i do not deserve...It will be so hard...Haih..I need u Lord...Help me...Give me the patience...And just help me to not expload whenever i'm about too...
Hmms...Thank God for Blogs...And stress reliever place...A place to rant abt all the frustrations and just get it all out...Feel so much better now....If i din blog like now...Most probaly i would be down stairs exploading and letting it all out..AND FYI...when i expload i do NOT CRY...I dun cry easily okay...I'll just tell them thats they've crossed the line and all...But i will not do that...I'll just...Shut...And...Cool myself down with music or whtever...
Anyways today is the last day of the hol....Sadly..Tomorrow would be the Choir Competition...I hope everything goes well...On sunday would be Childrens Sunday...And Monday..In the morning there would be prize giving ceremony..And after that..My FINALS would be starting...GREAATT...I can pull through....I guesss....I think....I HOPE...huraamph...And after that the HOLS would be starting...Cant wait for that..And would be going back to KL...And then PS CONFERENCE! heh...Look at me...Thinkin bout Hols when it just ended...And when my finals are just about to start...Bleeeh....Nett just told me that she would be back in Dec...So she wants to do a lyrical Dance together with me...Nice song..Your eyes is On the Sparrow..But its a Jazzy version...Nice..And Nett wants a break from choreographing dances so I'll be choreographing the Hip Hop routine..Hmms...Hope it goes well...I hope..I can finish choreographing it in time..So i won't have worries later on...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Rain Drops Are Fallin On ma Head~

Hmms..Day 2 of Hols din go as good...Unfortunately...Bleeeh...Well anyways yesterday..Woke up kinda late..10am..Tht considered late? Anyways...On9-ed a while and Started studying..Hurramph...FINALS next week..Wht to do..And i do realise that my book is with Khoo...Great...She's somewhere in Muar or sumthing..gaaah...Half way studying..Daddy ask me to help him do some stuffs that took up my whole day..So din get to fully study..Well..One whole day..Gone..Just like that..Daniel wanted to come by..But told him not too..Although i would have liked him coming over..And spend time with him coz His leaving for Russia on Sat..But dad wanted to rest and din want anyone coming over...Haihs..Sorry ler Dan...Slept with kinda no mood feeling yesterday..
Today...Hmms...Woke up at 10am AGAIn...Ruitine or sumthing ah? hehs..Wen Long asked me whether i wanted to go to City Square with him,Zhe Ching and Fu qiang..Asked daddy..He allowed me too..But din ended up going just coz mom wouldn't allow me to...ARGH! WHY ALWAYS LIKE DIS ONE...If MoM allows..Dad doesn't...When dad allows...Mom Doesn't...SO TOOT man...Gaaaah!!!!!! I was so so so FRUST just now k...No mood to do anything...Off the computer..Went to my room and just get some comfort by all my teddy's by huggin em..Was in my room for dunno how long...Just in quietness...Huggin my teddy bears..Sis came in...Din say anything but she was checkin whether i was cryin or sumthing coz she dun always see me in my room doing nth..But she din know i was like so frust lah..Bleeh...I wasn't cryin or anything k..Small thing only..Waste tears for wht...Not tht kinda person tht cries over every lil thing...Was just kinda frust..Grr..
Then after a while i almost fell asleep..Till daddy came in to let me try sumthing..He was Sewing something..Dunno lah whts tht...Then after a while mom came in and was like asking.."wht u doing?" AIYOR EH! JUST lying down on my bed..Alone in the room means got sumthing wrong with me meh? I just needed to be alone for a while..Is that a crime.....Now tht my rooms so clean i so love to hang arnd in my room..But everytime i'm in my room alone..Theres always ppl coming in and like thinkin in their head.."is she alrite?" YES I'M ALRIGHT! THERES NTH WRONG WITH ME...I love my room..I love the quietness in there..I love the atmosphere there...sheesh...
Din have the mood of studying lah today...Even if i did study i know nth would be going into my head..I'll just be tiring my eyes and wasting time...So its better wasting time relaxing then tht..=P...Anyways My lil bro has just brighten up my day..=) gonna go for a movie with him now..Me and Him again..=) Alone! And i do really cherish and love every chance i get to go out with him..ALONE..because he's the youngest and everytime he wanted to go out..My mom would be there with him or sumthing..So time alone with him is precious..hahaa...I love u Bb! Muacks!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I feel so loved!!! Sniffx!

Wow....Saturday was just so so Amazing!!!! But! before saturday which was on Friday..Woke up morning untill 8pm was cleaning and cleaning the whole day!!!!! hahahaha...And i went to sleep at like 11pm...but i woke up at 1am..because there were alot of mosquitos! but i din wake up coz they were biting me..But because my sister and mom was still awake..therefore they kept whacking me..All over..because of the mosquitos..So there was once where MEL slam my back really hard...I woke..gaaah...Couldn't go back to sleep alrdy..Haihs..So i went down and started preparing some stuffs..Until 3am..then only i could go back to sleep..Then me woke up at 7am+...So early..AHhhH! Dunno why also...Bleeeh...
So i went down..And started writing all the Punishments for the games and all...Then did some touch ups to the hse...And not long after...Kim,Sebastian,Karyn and Chee Yen came...Hahahaha....Whee~! Get to see Kim again!! My dear dear god sis!! After so looong! hahahaha...Then Sebastian! My god bro! Well..this is the first Proper meeting we've had...After tht jusco incident..xD! Karyn met b4 de! and Chee yen...Actually dun reli know her..=P hahahahaha....Then The 2 sisters..Kim and Karyn decided to do something to my hair and all..So yeps went to my room..Not long after that My bestie came with her cutie sis and Su Ying! Awwww!!!! Sue mei was wearing the prezzie i gave her for her Bday! How sweet! =)! And her cutie lil sis brought Chocolates and MarshMellows! =)!!!!! How cute! hahahahaha....
Then more and more ppl started coming!!!! And the partae began!! I'm glad everyone enjoyed the food! And after that we had gamesss!!! OH MY GOSH!!!! At first i asked eeveryone to come inside the play the game..BUT there were toooo MANY PEOPLE! So i asked them to go out...instead...Gaaah....U KNOW WHAT? I expected only 20+ ppl but less than 30...But ended up 40+ ppl came!!!!!!!!! AHHHH! not enough chairs! so had to take out some from the store room and wipe wipe wipe!!! THANKS Jackson,Benjamin and Zang Will for helping!!! =)! Mwaahs! I was so like...*dunno wht to do* situation! hahahaha...I'm glad everyone enjoyed the game lah..hahaha..i prepared it last minute though..=P but it occupied the party la..So game...ONE game can occupy the whole party..HAHA! And wow..i din noe some of me friends were THAT that Sporting! xD!
After games we cut the cake! whoo Whoo!! Hahaha...Served everyone..And because more ppl than i expected came..(Even some ppl who i did not invite came..=S) I ate only the crums that were left...But it was okay..hahahahaha...Whats important is that the guest get to eat..hahahaha..Then Heh...Something that cannot elak one la...My bro benson came and smash cream on my face..GRR! so i smash back his faced...hahaha..Took a pic but i wiped off most of it alrdy...Hehehehe...After that I opened me presents! WHOOO! SO HAPPY MAN! I GOT LIKE 5 TEDDY BEARS! *SO CUTE!!* I got A real REAL nice B.U.M WALLET! (really needed one!) I got the Adidas Wrist Band i wanted! I got a watch!!!! (needed it too!) i got Bags!!! ( SO SO needed em!) And loads of other Nicesh stuffs! Man..I'm so so so happy lah...hahahahaha...The last ppl to go back were some of me good friends! hahaha..Went back kinda late..xD!
I do realise something..i was so busy that i did not take a group picture this year...=( haihs...Din get to take much pictures this year lah..Sobbs! but at least got take some larh...And i feel kinda bad coz i din get to layan some ppl that much...Coz of running up and down...So sorrry lerhs...I wanna say THANK YOU LOADS to those who came! Some of em lived like FAR! But they still came! Some Were busy on that day..But made time to come..=) Thank y'all so muchiexxx! THANK YOU MUMMY! DADDY! JIE! BB! AND BENSON! for helpin make this party happen! Without u,My family..this wouldn't have been a sucess...=) I LOVE YOUU!!!!
Well...this week holidays...Would most probaly be studying because of my FINALS next week..Bleeeh..Exam so late..Gaaah....AND NOW!!!! FOR SOME PICTURES!!!!

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Well Thats All For Now! 12am alrdy..gaah..doing this entry for how many hours alrdy...hahahaha..Aites! *Oooh yeah..As u can c..Those pics of me prezzie..=P those are the ones i reli reli like..Apart from the others..hahaha..*


Friday, October 20, 2006

ParTae BaBeh!

Alrite Man! Hahaha..its been a crazy crazy week..But Anyways..I can't really fully rmbered wht i did the whole week actually..=P hahahaha..but hey..i wanna thank all those tht gave me prezzie's this week also...Though my bday was last week..But ah wells! THANK YOU! hahahaha...WoooT~! Yesterday was My best Best bestiex BDAY!!!!
After school we straight went to Tebrau City to catch e movie..Hahaha....We watched "John Tucker Must DIE!" xD! That movie is Juz....HILLARIOUS! hahahahahaha..Go watch! It's Nicesh!!! Then after da movie..We finally got a photo Print togetha..Gaah...FINALLY! xD! And after we wasted alot of time doing Who knows wht..We went to this reli reli reli Nicesh,Romantic place for Dinner! Whoo Whoo!
The FOOD....*breathes in* Haaaahhh....RAWKED! hahaha..Then we took loadsa crazy pics! Still waiting for Sue Mei to send em to me! Then i'll up load em and may post tit here if i'm free...hahahaha...I reached back at erh like 10pm? hahahaha...later then i tot i would reach home! hahahahaha....But anyways...Had a great great time yesterday!
And tomorrow....*drum rolls* PARTAE TIME BABEH! WHOO WHOO! I'll be celebrating my Bday togetha with my Elder bro Benson and have e combine partae! WOOT~!!! hahahahaha....So this whole week i've ben cleaning and cleaning and Just Simply...CLEANING! And i soooo Love my room now! Mwahaha! Aites...I should go continue cleaning larh..Tomorrow Already ah! Its finally here...hahahahaha...Time really does flies..*gulps*
OOoo Yeah! Da Holidays Are here!!!!!! WHOO! SO KEWL LAh! hahahaha...But would most probaly be studying the whole week..=( coz the minute i go back to's exam time..Bleehhh...Aites la..

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Friday, October 13, 2006


Aye! Yesterday was a great day...Gosh! at like 11.30pm+ still gettin calls...hahahaha...I truly am Blessed..=)! Thank You once again! Then slept pretty late at erh...12am+ larh...So woke up...TIRED!!!!!!! AHHHHH! Went to school and erk..Ooooo yeah...i mentioned abt some trainee teachers coming to my school b4 ya? Well they are uni students on asingment..which is to teach for 3 months at the school they are placed in..Well there were 3 of em..Only two of them taught me..Which is my Maths and P.E teacher..So today had P.E aka PJ...So Actually only suppose to have PJ for 2 periods...But this would be her last time teaching here...My maths and PJ teacher would be going back to their Uni's today..They left alrdy...
Anyways we had PJ for 4 periods!! SO LONG! TIRING WEI! coz my PJ teacher requested to PJ with us longer...She went to ask the other teacher which was suppose to be BM to let us PJ longer...hahahaha....So PJ untill Recesss...waaah! Tiring tiring...Anyways gonna miss them both! though they're not as good in teaching but they are good at heart...=) So when they were leaving my Maths & PJ teacher hugged me and gave me a kiss?! O.o???! hahahahhahaa...Nice ppl larh both of them...And wow...Just received an sms from my maths teacher..Wokays? hahaha...Anyways....I felt kinda weird in school today coz of some particular reasons..=/
Came back...On9 a while and like...Started cleaning my room from 3pm untill 8pm! ARHHH! LEG SO PAIN OKAY! Standing whole day...Din sit...And like threw away alot of Junk....Heh....Anyways the result of me hardwork was nicesh! My room looks more tidy and erh less compressed with things? and junks? LOL...But during the process of da "cleaning"...I couldn't stop sneezing...Gaah...And now i'm down with flu...Greaaat....Anyways before i started cleaning my room i felt cold...Din know why...And now i have flu..Bleehhh....So tired...And gotta wake up early tomorrow...So....Hmms...Ciao!

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Man! Yesterday..I mean this morning was just so So NICE okay! Aww man..I'm touched...Sniffx! This morning at 12am..I received special calls from special ppl! Thank you so muchs!!!! First one who called was Beng...=)!!!!! Smarty Pants! hahaha..She called b4 12 because she knew that other ppl would be calling me too! hahahaha...Thank You so much for that phone call! I REALLY APRECIATE IT!!! MUACKSSS! Then after the call between me and beng ended..Calvin called right after! hahahahahha! THANK YOU TOOO! Really really APRECIATE it lerhs!!! Sniffx! And the minute i answered Calvin's call...My sis put her HP to my ears..And there was 2 sweet guys singing there..A bday song for me! THANK YOU!!! hahahaha...So i like din know wht to do!!! 2 phones at my ears at the same time! hahahah!
Then the smses! *touched!* there were actually ppl who stayed up untill 12am just to send me a sms! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Really means alot to me...=)!!!!
So my phone yes was really bz...Therefore...I slept only at 1am...Hahah! Woke up this morning...Went to School...First person to wish me in school was Grace! Hahah! Oh yes!!! THANK YOU ALL FOR THE PREZZIE's!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You Loads! Especially That BIG TEDDY BEAR!!!! I HEART IT SO MUCHS!!! THANK YOU!!! SUE MEI! Thanks for that bear Album!!!!! I can't stop saying how much i really apreciate it ALL! So So happy!!!! Especially this years birthday...=) Then ALSO for all those who wished me! IT DOES MEAN SOMETHING TO ME TOOO!!!!
During moral..i went back to my class to get something..And all my Malay friends were there..And they actually Remebered my Birthday!! After recess when i went in the class...THE WHOLE CLASS STARTED SINGING FOR ME! Awwwww! *Can't stop smiling!* THANK YOU THANK YOU! When i went into the Teachers room to get something...The Teachers sang a bday song for me tooo!!!!!!!!! THEY REMEMBERED! I CANT BELIEVE THIS!!!! @_@!!!!!!! Even ppl who i din really know wished me...And i apreciate it tooo! When i reached home...Daddy was playing a birthday song on the keyboard! WAAAAA!!!!!!!! DADDY ON THE KEYBOARD WOR!!! *TOUCHED TOUCHED!*
THANK YOU for all the Testimonials TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just really wanna say how blessed i am by all of you this year and that U guys really touched me...=)! Sniffx! I LOVE YOU ALL LOADS!!! Once again...THANK YOU!!!!
*The most blessed person Coz of her Friends And Family*

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Aww man...Thanks alot guys...
Thanks so muches!!!! like i there was a so called meeting that i was called to attend...=)!!! They were so sweet to give me a bday suprise! And i got presents b4 my bday..hahahhaa..xD!
Anyways i just really wanted to thank u guys really...I really appreciate it alot...=)
Mwaahs! Lurve u guys loads! Hugs!

Monday, October 09, 2006

As time goes by..

Hmms...It's already Monday..a new week...Well anyways..haven't been coming on9 idea why..but just haven't..Anyways..School has been fine and all..Cant recall wht happened last week..But anyways..On sat..Was a long day..hahaha..And Sunday..Had choir prac,went to jusco..Me and mel got ourselfs some stuffs...She got some 'ppl' some stuffs too..hahahaha..Then at night...I dunno la wei..My mood...or something wasn't that good la...So though i was kinda tired coz of bz days..still didn't felt like going to sleep early..I was for some reasons feeling..Aiyah...i dunno la...I was just having mood swings...Gaaah...It happens...That shows i'm still human! Whee! heh...rites....bleeh...So i just opened my history book and started studying untill i got scolding from my mom asking me to go sleep..Hmm...
Today...In the morning..Hmm...Was still feeling the same..I dun think i was feeling at all..I din feel anything la..Its the dead kinda feeling..Not happy nor Sad nor Normal..Nth..yeah..Nth...I felt nth..Dunno la yor...Then after i went to class my day turned out quite aite..And it was simply just coz of the presence of my friends..There...Making me laugh and all..hahaha...=) love u guys babeh! lolx...And like...I can't believe...My sejarah teacher made us play musical chairs in the Bilik Sejarah...RIGHT??? SWTS...Music stops,u dun have a seat,Answer he question,correct than u continue,wrong ur out..So i purposely like tried to get out..But i kept answering correct..coz she was asking darn easy it'll look like i did it on purpose? finally i got out...stupid darn table had like how many staples there? it tore my uniform..So did it tore my other 2 friends uniform..ISH...
The haze in JB is becoming worse..Haze...Toot la the country that made this happen...Always like dat one...Ish...hmm..I realise that..i like to spend time alone in a peaceful situation or place..And i could just spend dunno how many hours like that..For example..Yesterday night..I was just downstairs with the radio and my book..and it felt like nice..Coz my hse is always noisy everywhere..And all..So i actually do Appreciate that kind of time..Or in the morning everytime when i go to school..i would just go sit on the astaka..feel the breeze..and just let my thoughts run through..Yeah Dan..ur right..I'm a person who does alot of thinking..Heh..I could just sit there for hours..Without saying a word..Hmms...Also realise that i'm not easily affected by the things around me..And that if i wanna do sumthing..Nth can stop me..If i set my mind on doing that..It will be done..And its kinda difficult for ppl to change my mind set..Hmms..And if i choose to stay away from particular stuffs..or rather like give my ownself restrictions to stuff..I can do it..i can control..hahaha...LoLx..And i do rmb that in some part of me..If i tell myself to stop feeling whatever i'm feeling..I can just change...If i wanted to..IF i wanted too...
Ooo yeah...Heh..Finally my headstand is not so cacated alrdy..And my freeze also..Wheee~! hahaha..Took some pics on Saturday..Heh...This is weird...At first daddy was kinda agaisnt it and all..But when he saw the pictures..He told my mom..."Nice ya that pic?" *that was a pic of me doing a headstand..* i was like..Did he actually just said that? ppl can change so fast..I still feel a lil *NtH* feeling..gaaah...I feel a lil dead..Aihs..No idea...Tomorrow goin to Sue Mei's hse after school and than would be going to a friends hse for PBSM meeting tomorrow..hmm..i wonder why they called us to go..Weirds...we're not even AJK's yet..till next year that is...Hmm...*thinks*...
I guess this whole month i would be rather broke..heh..Coz would be going out alot i guess...My bday got some ppl wanna go out...Then next week me bestie's bday..go out again..$$$$$$$! Ahhhh! lol...okay la...type to much alrdy la me...Take cares!
Oooo yeah....Breaking Benjamin- Diary of Jane...So nice....=)!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Haaa...Now listening to the CD Zhe Ching gave me..Awww sweet~! At first i wanted to lend listen to some songs..But instead of lending it to me..He gave it to me! Thanks Loads Ching!! =)! Appreaciate it! haha...Aites...PMR has started! Bwahahaha! 3rd day already! Heh..Guess what? My stewpit school gave all the classes a one week holiday except for the 1st,2nd and 3rd class...Dang...Anyways..Kinda bored out.Coz alot of teachers are away..And like everywhere have to be quiet..And i gotta keep the class quiet..or else i'll get it from the teachers...Gaaaah! Then..Like on the 1st day..Heh..Already got some ppl tried to cheat in Daring eh?
Like this guy...He brought in small notes into the exam hall...And u know..he tot they were small...So he wouldn't be caught...HAH! WRONG GUESSING BRUDDER! When the HEAD of the teachers who are watching the PMR student walked pass...the notes fell..Right infront of the guys feet..HAH...What a coincidence eh? heh..Poor guy...Sides that..The others..After the exam..They go to the toilet..And burn up all the notes..Righty...THEREFORE CHILDREN! hahahahahhaa....Dun copy..Not good u know..hahahaha..xD! Bleeeh! Sum how u will just get caught..xD! Oh Yesh! So sweet of Jian Ming to offer to help me out in studies after his PMR...Thank Euuus! Appreciate it!
Wah wah wah..So fast u know..And like..2 more days and PMR's over! hahahaa...Fast...Hmms...And next weeks alrdy my bday....So fasttttt! It was like one month ago when my friend asked me wht i wanted for my bday...And its like next week alrdy...CEPAT!!! hahahahahaha...Then Me Exams date changed to 30 October..But still..Its like so late only start..Haihs...I do realise something..A fact..When u know..your like okay...Normal..Then the ppl around you keeps asking you..this question.."Are you okay?" U answer them a few times..yes i'm okay..but they just keep asking over and over untill u ask yourself..Am i okay? And then u start to get affected and feel down,depressed and all..But when u think about the whole thing..your actually Okay! But u just feel down! U dunno why...Theres no reason for it...Thats why...I say this...What people say..can really affect the way u feel...Hahaha...So be careful there...
OoooH Yeaaah! Mwahahaha! So Happish! coz like I can see improvement in my breakdancing! WoooooT~! hahahahhaa...It's nice to like know u ARE improving and going somewhere..Because if there isn't..what the point on practicing everyday? hahahaha...So yeps..I do know there IS actually SOMETHING coming out from my *Rajin-ness!* hahahahaha...=P Bluek! My studies...Ahmmm....My Maths...maths Maths Maths....It can really give u a headache...Especially when your teacher's knowledge is almost the same as yours...=.= rights.....So did some catching up today...coz theres totally nth for me to do in school..So just brought some books to practice on my maths...Hmm...Other thingy..SEJARAH! aiks..Gotta do more remembering...Bleehhh....I really hope to get better results lar in the final year examination..
Oh Yesh...I've learnt...To appreciate the Every LiTtle or Slightest things people do for me in life...Like example..Sending me songs...Or finding out some stuffs for me..or just simply even taking the effort to say Hi...or Ask me how I am...It may be just a small thing..But hey..It does mean sumthing...And i do appreciate...So just wanna say Loadsa THank Euu's Too Most of all Sue Mei! My bestie...She's been like sending me songs and has been like doing alot of stuffs for me and all...I really love her LoaDs! U know...She like take up her precious time to go dwnload Songs for me..And online just to send me songs and all..She'ss been doing that for few years already! Muacks! Love uuuuu! I also wanna thank Beng Girl for all the songs you've sent me..TQ!!! For being there...For being APPLE! hahaha..CALVIN! Thank you tooooo for all the songs you've help me dwnloaded..especially all that TECHNO'ssssss...Boy u've really influenced me into techno ok..hahahaha...I din reli liked it that much b4..xD! And thanks 4 caring..=) Thanks for being there for me...And the Support u gave me though no one did at that time..hahahaha...