Thursday, June 28, 2012


Regardless of all that has happened..

I am still thankful for this day.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012


So how was my first day back at work?

heh. it was GOOD!

#1. Someone picked me up directly from my house.
#2. Someone bought me breakfast.
#3. I finally now know how i look like with purple hair! and i honestly think it is not too bad! :D
#4. I met so many people! and ran into so many familiar faces! i sangat SHY! not bad, they could recognize me even with my purple hair. ahahaha. awesomess!
#5. Someone bought me dinner.
#6. Someone sent me home.

Who gets such treatment on their first day of work?!

hahaa. Ahhhhhhhhhh... how am i not blessed u tell me?!
I was worrying and am i gonna get to work tmr? thinking thinking thinking.. and suddenly the phone rang..

Celine! i need you to work for the mentos roadshow tmr instead of the Le-Mond roadshow.. u okay with that? I will get someone to pick u up from ur hse tmr morning. :)

Me: okay boss..anything is good with me!

thinks..*i didn't even mention abt transport problems! gasp!*

Thanks for watching out for me.. :)

So it is true..

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow,for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. " Matthew 6:34

U know how i previously blogged about being so lost.. and struggling still to cope with everything that has been happening? Well, on sunday, in church, the pastor suddenly said.. " I dont know who this message is for.. but whoever u are..i suddenly heard/saw this.. You are standing there..with so many things in front of you..You are struggling to cope and you feel so lost.. But God wants you to stop worrying for He will piece them altogether for you. He will align all these things for you. "

Me: wow..... =')

It's exactly a week since i left Perth and i've still not unpacked. *dropsonbed* i dread packing.. and i dread unpacking.. it takes foreverrrrrrrrrrrrr. D: my luggage is still sitting there..all packed and nice. No, not nice actually.. my room is in a mess from all the shopping bags and yada yada from Perth. I have to clean my room before the 7th of July! i'm awaiting a very special guest..VVIP! to come into my life.. I'm excited yet nervous. =S!

and oh.. u know.. everytime i look up at the night sky now.. i feel sad. =( It is nothing compared to the night sky in Perth. sighs. miss miss miss just lying down and looking up at the most beautiful night sky i've ever seen..the milky way and all.. ahhh.. the sky here is so polluted u can barely see the stars!

i cant wait to see an Aurora with my own two eyes. i know that day will come.

and and and i've so many story books/books to read! i bought some before my exams.. but all of a sudden, it seems almost impossible to finish em.. i'm just.. SO BUSY! :O! gonna work hard! then its finally time for some twin time! a whole week with The Bestfriend, away away away to our secret gettaway~! packing again! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I LOVE TRAVELLING! but i hate packing! how now?! this is so difficult. hahahaa. wonder why some things just end up this way.. wht u love and wht u dread.. comes in one package. nyehh..

Time for some reading and then its standing for 10 hours again tmr.
Goodnight. :)


Saturday, June 23, 2012


Okay. Heart pouring session.

I had a good time in Perth, and i was really happy. But now that i'm back, everything feels so strange still. Because i've been so busy eversince before exams up till now, i hardly had time to spend at home. I was always busy with something. So it was really good in Perth.. i got to chill and relax and put my busy life on hold.

When i got back from Genting, i felt so weird to be home. Got the 'not used to it' feeling.. and before i could get used to it again, i left for Perth after being home for only 4 days. Another 2 weeks away from home. Heh. anyways, when i got back from Perth, i've been struggling to adjust myself to alot of things around me. I also feel still, so disconnected from everyone here. Because i've been so busy and not forgetting how i was so isolated from the world starting 2 months before my exams, i feel even more so, disconnected from the people around me in Malaysia. I know i've alot of catching up to do, alot of outing owed, but sometimes i just feel so.. lost. Where do i start? where do i begin?

U know, after Genting, i suddenly had so many fans.. all of a sudden, so many people were adding me in facebook and following me on twitter.. some of them, i have met because they came up to me and talked to me personally when i was in Genting.But some, i find really hard to rmb or recall. I feel so lost! But all of these things, happening in such a short amount of time is just so overwhelming! and i cant believe how, today, 22 of June marks 1 month since my exams ended! I think i'm caught up in those moments where u just feel so lost in time because so many things happened over such a short period of time. I feel so behind time! Still trying so hard to catch up with everything that is happening around me.!

And on the day i got back from Perth, a company i used to work with called me to ask me if i could start work. so the next day i went to the office for a meeting. It felt so weird to be back there because i've had so many memories with so many people there. But when i went back this time, there were so many new faces.. and my boss went like.. "do u know who is Celine?" then she opened a video on Youtube.. a video of me during the Scotch-Brite roadshow.. dancing.. leading.. talking.. yada yada.. i felt.. SO SHY. and after the video.. she went.. " Celine.." and all these new faces just looked at me with different different expressions..

Me: can i run away now?

so anyways, i start work on Monday. So fast. and i'll be heading a roadshow in late july to early august. All the other supervisors and all will be bz with another roadshow.. so this upcoming roadshow would be lead by yours truly. I really wonder how things will turn out but i am excited to take on new challenges that come my way. Only way to move forward no? i rmb how discouraged i was when i lead the Scotch-brite roadshow last year.. but Thank God, i had friends to pull me up again.. and it all ended well in the end. This time, i feel completely on my own. Working with new people and all. Nervous. But.. Bring it on! ;)

U know, eversince all these recent events, i suddenly find alot of people looking up to me as their role model.. or treating me like the person they wish to be. HOW STRESSFUL IS THAT?! u've no idea. I think i am just the same like any other ordinary person.. being used by God in an extraordinary way.

All of these? it's God. God's works. God's plans and not mine.

So yeah, i honestly feel very honored but sometimes.. i cant help but ask.. Why?!
Just like how i dont get why so many people read my blog because i really dont think theres anything that special like "Places to visit in msia!" or reviews of movies or reviews of good places to eat and all..

nothing like that.. but more of my daily rants life experience and daily thoughts.

So yeah, i wont deny that the "Why" question pops up ..ALL THE TIME.
But i will always be more than happy to be God's tool..whether it is in other people's lives or in whatever plans God has for me. I am honestly excited to see the doors God is opening for me and i am optimistic that there are many more to come.

I really hope i get to sort out this lost,confused,mix up feelings that i currently have. The behind time and catching up moment. I am also currently in the.. Who do i turn to and where do i go to phase.. AGAIN.

sighs. D:

oh wells. part and parcels of life.



Hey guys!

where do i even begin?
Perth was.. AMAZING.
The scenery, the people, the things we saw and did, the cold weather.. the super super starry night sky.. EVERYTHING! everything was just so overwhelming.. and i am missing Perth a whole lot now. I wasn't ready to leave. Everyone kept telling me that 2 weeks is more than enough and in fact, pretty long. They said i'd be bored by the 1st week. Guess what?

I totally disagree! Ahh! theres still so many things i've yet to do and see in Perth! just when i was getting all familiar with everything there, i had to leave. How sucky is that feeling? =(

I really really enjoyed my trip to Perth. We stayed with the Waters and boy were they a blessing! They were so nice to us! so were the Bells and our other friends in Perth. I couldn't help but feel super blessed every single day! To see the love and warmth they showed to us was just..overwhelming. Words alone could not describe my feelings and experience in Perth.

My trip there, was a childhood dream and right now, it still feels like a dream. Did everything that happened in Perth really ACTUALLY happen?! It feels too good to be true.

I would love to share the gazillion pictures i took with you here and tell you a story for each picture! But unfortunately, i've already exceeded my limit for pictures in Blogger. So if i wanna continue to blog pictures, i'd have to upload it at another site and paste the URL here.. or html..and i am currently far too lazy/busy to do that. So i guess to those who have access to my Facebook account, you can just view them there.. =) i will upload the remaining days in perth soon!

One thing though, that i do not miss about Perth.. The fact that their toilets do not have a hose! stayed there for 2 weeks and nope, still cannot bring myself to be used to it. No sir.

We stayed in Pickering Brook. That's where the Waters live. Up in the hills. so it was colder than it was in the city and under places.. but there was also no light pollution there.. so u can only imagine how beautiful and clear the night sky was each night! For the first time in my life, i got the opportunity to see the Milky way with a gazillion stars shinning ever so bright! If u knew me, U'd know how crazie hyper and stun i'd be, looking at such beauty. Speechless.. standing there in awe of God's beautiful creation. AND THE RAINBOWS! According to my aussie friends, it is not normal to see THAT MANY rainbows in a day! I kid you not, but we saw AT LEAST, 3 rainbows everyday! Rainbows! another thing that i really really love! but for some reason, i hardly get to see a rainbow in Msia.. and in Aus, i not only saw a rainbow so many times in a day but i saw DOUBLE RAINBOWS TOO! ahhhhhhhhhhh! how crazie is tht?! and the beach! The best beach i've ever been to! Hamelyn Bay! and the Sunrise and sun set! the trees!

Everything about nature.. I loved and still love!
I can just sit at the beach, listening to the waves crash into the rocks,or the starry starry night sky..or the sunrise.. sunset.. the green green landscapes for hours! EVERYTHING! I LOVED AND ENJOYED SO MUCH!

and the food! i hardly eat meat back here in Malaysia. But in Australia, i ate the most meat in my lifetime! no, i am not exaggerating! The beef and lamb there is SO GOOD! and not once, did i smell that smell u get from the beef and lamb here or the after taste. No tendons/ligaments that made it chewing gum ish! AND Margaret, My friend's mummy..oh gosh.. she surprised us with such good cooking every night! she is.. a good cook!

and u know how i always get really good deals when i shop in Malaysia? i got them too in Australia! HAHA! in fact! i managed to buy stuffs at a cheaper price compared to some of the stuffs in malaysia! Of course not all the stuffs i bought was SUPER CHEAP! but heres an example, i got a pair of shoes for 2 dollars. =D believe me now? hahahaha..even my aussie friends complain about me getting such good deals! I am blessed. Period.

Things in Perth are really far apart.. so u'd have to use up alot of time travelling from one place to another.. Because it is winter now, the skies get as dark as 8pm/9pm in malaysia by 5.40pm! so our days were really short! before we knew it, it was dark and everythin was closed. Yes, shops in Perth all close by 5pm SHARP. Meaning, the workers leave the shop by 5pm. Which means, by 4.45pm, they'd start chasing u out. hahahaa. In malaysia we're so hard up for sales and business.. we work on public hollies and weekends even more! if we close at 10pm and a customer walks in at 9.55pm, we'd entertain them to get more sales. Thats how different the quality of life is in Perth and Malaysia. In Perth, people value their Public holidays and weekends. No one wants to work on a Public holiday or weekend in Perth. Malaysia? we want that double or tripple pay and so we work our butts off for the extra cash. heh.

The city was alright, but i guess i enjoyed most of my time out of the city.. in the suburbs of Perth.
I really cant thank you enough, Matt, for driving us around so much! Especially when all the places are so far away!

Throughout my time in perth, me and benroy both went through alot with the Waters. we were part of the massive power cut in Perth due to the storms! 160,000 houses were affected! so we were out of power for 2 days plus.. it was suppose to be for a whole week but thank God power was back for our place after 2days plus. No power = NO HOT SHOWER! And u've no idea how freezing cold the water is during the winter! We also went through alot of other things with the Waters..i wouldn't see them as bad memories but rather, i am glad i got to share part of these moments with them. I'm glad i got to be with them and all.

I could go on and on about Perth and this entry would never end..
But to sum it all up, Perth was definitely a trip i will never forget!
I really miss my family back in Perth .. =(
Hope i get to see them again soon.. they were so loving and caring.. they were so genuine and sincere.. they were so nice and kind hearted.. the waters even threw a BBQ party and invited all our friends just so we can be with all of them before we leave.. who would do that?! We also went down south of West Australia, to Margaret river, we visited caves, chocolate factories, crazie beautiful beaches and stayed in a caravan. So many things, too many things! Too many good memories.. =') Steven even left his Uni mates in Margaret river (they were on a trip) and took a 5 hour bus ride back up to Perth to see us off at the airport..not forgetting how they had to wake up at 4am just to see us off at the airport.

I wouldn't trade this experience and all these memories for anything else..

Thank You Roy,Margaret,Matt and Shelley for being such an awesome host!
Thank you Aunty Jenny, Steven,Gail,Amy,Conner,Grace,Emma,Izaac,Aaron,Caroline,Maria for being part of them memories..

I miss you all dearly. very very very much.
and i hope i get to see u guys again soon! wherever. Perth/Malaysia or somehwere else.
I really hope i get the chance to visit Perth again in the future.

Love you guys to bits and pieces!


Thursday, June 07, 2012

Bye Malaysia!

Days after Genting has been as busy!

Was really Busy getting all the necessary things for my Perth trip, done!
I barely have time for my own family in fact!

The only person i managed to visit after my Genting trip was my grandma. Miss her so much! so glad i got to spend some time with her. Other than that, it has been running here and there, getting this and that! And boy did i take like a gazillion years to pack! I started around 7pm i think. I finally finished at 3am. Yeah. That long. And no, i didn't exactly pack a mountain of things because it was at 1am when i realized, eh, ur baggage quite small kan? LOL. check in baggage but my baggage size is only as big as a baggage tht i can hand carry into the plane! Super fail or wht?! and my baggage only 13kg. hahahaha~ I paid for 20kg..

But i'll be bringing two bags so thts fine i guess. Im so excited!
I've always wanted to go to Australia eversince i was a small kid!
And now i've finally saved up enough to go! i always told myself, the first country i wanna go to, is Australia and now it's finally happening! heheeeee. =))))))))))))))

My family have been so helpful in getting us ready for our trip. So are my friends!
I keep getting alot of texts from friends telling me the dos and donts.. telling me wht to bring wht nt to bring..and all those stuffs.. And i just met up with a friend for lunch just nw coz she pinjam me her universal adapter! =D hw nice of her! She pinjam me her adapter AND buy me lunch somemore! Am i blessed or am i blessed?! =)))

And now theres another friend coming to pinjam some of my notes for his Year 1 and he is bringing a universal adapter to give it to me as a gift! I AM SO BLESSED! =D

My friends in aussie have already planned out stuffs for us! so excited to see whts in store for us. =)) 2 hours before i leave my hse for the airport..

Dad: So is there anything that u are worried about?
C: yes. There is.
Dad: wht isit?
C: Not enough memory space!!!!

hahahahaa. YES. i scared not enough memory space! knowing me. =P
How now? i scared to bring my harddisk there coz too many precious stuffs inside. Dont wanna bring my lappy either coz.. coz.. so maa fan..


Thought of buying a new hard drive but didn't end up doing so. So i just emptied all my pendrives.. i hope it'll be enough! =/

OHHH! hahaha..a silly story for you before i go!

So i went to PUBLIKA just now for lunch..when i parked my car, i suddenly realized, DUDE WHERES MY PHONE?! I left it at home. =.=!!!!!!!!! And we dont have a set meeting spot. And i did not memorize her number! So i thought of searching for a public phone, went to the information counter, "I'm sry, we dont have public phones here.." Me: okaaaaaaaaaay WHAT NOW?! T.T?!

And all of a sudden, the lady at the info counter gave me smth btr than a public phone! she gave me a phone to use! haha! Hw nice of her! So i had to call my brother to use my phone to call andrea and to ask her to meet me at a particular spot. LOL. While i waited near the info counter for her, I suddenly felt like those lost kids who were waiting for their parents to come pick em up! hahahaa! Cacat maaans! Silly Billy Willy Me.

Lesson learnt! everytime u wanna meet up with someone, pick a specific spot to meet up! =P

i gtg!
We'll see if i get to update u guys when i'm in aussie! =P

till next time~!
Jgn rindu akan saya ya! =P hahahaa.

PS: I just want to apologize to all my friends who have been calling me out eversince my exams or rather before my exams till now! I'm sorry we couldn't meet up, i'm sorry for all the late replies! Sometimes i get so busy i forget to reply! Just know that i didn't do any of these intentionally. I will see u all after my Perth trip okay? Thank you for being so patient with me. I wanna see you guys.. so dont think i couldnt be bothered to see you okay? Pls pls pls dont! i do! i just dont have the time at the moment! I promise! after perth!

Love love love~

Monday, June 04, 2012

HyperActive Entertainment @ Genting.

Arrived at Genting around 12pm on the 26th of May. Our first show was at 1.30pm.
1. Because we just drove up/just reached/
2. We practiced till very late at night the night before and woke up really early.
3. It was the first performance.

We barely had enough time to change!
Some of us couldn't even change in time to get on stage. Hence, we either skipped the song or came out whenever there was an opportunity to do so. 

The first show, was, BAD.
We were not familiar with the place, the atmosphere, the air, yada yada.
So anyways, Celica had to edit the songs to give us more time to change because The first Set was just caaarazzzzieeeee~! Impossible in fact. heh. 
So yup, Celica had to edit the songs and Set B was better. We had more time to change and all of us had the chance to perform on stage. Was it a good show? No. it wasn't. We clearly lacked practice. Due to most of us having exams etc~ We hardly had time to meet up and practice. The whole crew only managed to practice together for only 2-3days. And thats it, it was do or die. And we died on the first day. lol.


So whatever 'free' time we had, we were practicing and practicing non-stop. Hoping to perform better for the next 2 sets. We had altogether 2 Sets- Set A and Set B. We performed 4 times a day. 1.30pm,5pm,9pm,10pm. So yeah, the night time slots were pretty tiring. We only had 20 minutes in between the shows to catch our breath and to lay out our costumes for the next Set.

The first performance, We were running into the dressing rooms to change. Because backstage, there were loadsa other performers as well, getting ready for their show after ours. And so, due to us being shy and stuffs, we ACTUALLY ran to the dressing rooms backstage to change. After tht disastrous Set, we decided to just pick a spot, lay out our costumes in order, and just change there and then, on the spot. We were backstage of coz. Hence, in order to change in time, we had to strip on the spot, Whether or not ppl were looking. But of course, we performers understand the need to strip on the spot and so we respect each other and look away whenever someone is changing. So all is good.

I'd say Day 1 was really Bad, for my standard, it was BAD. 

Of course, we improved day by day. Got used to changing at the speed of lightning and of course, gaining more and more stamina each day to survive the 4 Sets.

Checked into our Hotel Room on the 20th floor after our show. Shared a room with Ben and Jon. =)

DAY 2!
It was definitely a better day.
We had the chance to visit the Nike Factory Store. 
The shoes there were going at really good deals!
though, i only saw 2 shoes that i would actually buy. The rest didn't seem to appeal to me. But seriously, the prices compared to the retail prices was just @_@?! 
Ie: Retail price = 199.90rm
the price there= 87.20rm.

i bought a pair! My first pair of Nike shoes bought with my hard earned money!
i didn't buy it immediately though. i took 2 days to decide. HAHA. Don't usually spend that much on a pair of shoes looking at the good deals i usually get. And when i mean good, i really mean GOOD deals. I can even get a dope pair of shoes for RM10. =)

I think this was before our 9pm show for Day 2. =)
Me and Mimi, Kim and Celica - Katoon Network :)

Sadly, Mimi only joined us for 2 days. Eric joined us the next day. =)

Us chilling in Celica's room, watching some videos that first inspired him to dance. =)

DAY 3! Clear skies!
the view from my window. =D

Overall, day 3 was better. We improved day by day. Here's a picha of us watching our performance after our last show for the day. Was eating dinner at Hainan.. it was around 11- 12am i think. haha. Yeah, crazy time for dinner.

Day 4!

Finally got to explore other parts of Genting.
Celica brought us to another side of genting for breakfast. =D

A very precious note from our Fans from S'pore. Raffles Hall Dancers. =)
They were so thoughtful to have done this. It really meant alot to us. Encouraged us alot. =) They passed it to the DJ to pass it to us.

Thanks alot guys! we appreciate it! 

DJ stretching Celica. Lol.. no, not the DJ ,DJ. His name is DJ. =D Get it? =P

So by Day 4, people were falling sick.. Me and Jon had Fever.. Celica's legs were killing him because of the countless flips he had to do..
show off Kim. =P

Same socks!
Day 5 was a better day. We had Good breakfast too! Ate at Bakery. Probably the Best Food i ate in Genting! seriously. I dont know why but my body doesn't seem to like Genting food very much. it made me sick and it made us go to the toilet VERY OFTEN. I could barely eat anything. One apple. Anything more, i would prolly throw up during the Shows. One cup of teh tarik, anything more, i'd throw up. So yeah.. wasn't in the best state of health.

Celica wanted to bring us to go throw some Hoops but the indoor theme park was closed before we got there. So we explored Genting instead. It was so nice walking around.. so cooling,breezy and refreshing.

Then they came to my room to chill.. and watch videos.. Celica's idol videos.. hahaha.. the videos that Inspired him to start dancing.

My roomies for Day 3-7.

Haha. Celica dancing to the routines in the vids.
Good times. Good memories. =)
Precious moments for me.

Day 6.
Our Morning Faces.
we'd usually wake up pretty early to have breakfast and then practice. Prepare for our 1.30pm show. In fact, before every show we'd be practicing and marking steps. We barely had time to rest or eat or even digest our food. The only time we had to chill was at night after everything was over. Even then, sometimes we'd be practicing instead of chilling depending on our performance for the day or our health condition.

The other commercial dancers. =)

U wan ice or no ice?

Day 6, we ate at Coffee Terrace. Buffet yo!
quite expensive weih. rm70.
saddest part? kenot whack 99.
why? next show in 2 hours.
so we couldn't really enjoy the buffet to the max. Still, it was good. =)
Burn some fat.. *konon* after dinner by throwing some hoops. hahaa. This time, Me Jon and Ying owned Yuki and Celica! weee~~~! =P

So what did we do on the Last night?
we practiced our trademark, the routine with the Umbrellas untill 4.30am.

But of course, we got to sleep in late. =D See! skies so clear on day 7! can even see the city!

We performed indoors throughout the whole week. But on the last day, the client wanted us to perform at the outdoor theme park, once.

It was so much fun performing at the outdoor theme park! seriously! hahaha.. super fun! =) The music was SO LOUD. Sangat OOOMMMPHHH ok! indoor punya music so soft, sangat tak de feel. and it was SOOO COLD OUTSIDE! hahaha.. what a great experience.. =)

I love this picha.! =))
My new friend, Aida. =D one of the commercial dancers. She was so nice to me throughout the week.
New friends! Malaysia's No.1 Che-Ling champs!
After our Last show. =)
Celica, Eric, Kim, Jon, Ben, and Me. :)

Overall, I'd describe my whole week in Genting with one word - CRAZIEEEE~!
It was really crazie. It was so challenging Mentally, Physically and Emotionally.
honestly? When i was sick, and when i couldn't perform 2 songs, i felt very very very down and crappy. I know health comes first, but still, i cannot describe to you how i felt at that very moment when i was sitting backstage, resting while the others were dancing on stage. It was a feeling i never want to feel again for the whole week. So, even though i was still sick, i made sure i performed every single dance until the end of day 7. Even though i only missed 2 songs, it just felt really ... really crappy la. Cant seem to find the right words atm.

But yeah, like i said, i was on the verge of vomiting many many times. If yuki's mom did not give me the "Fong Yao" i would've puked many times during the shows.

It was really challenging physically. Our stamina had to be high to be able to withstand the 30minutes of Dancing. That makes 2 hours of Dancing every day. I know it doesn't seem like alot, but wait till you actually experience it. Can die weih! After each dance, we only had enough time to change to our next costume and maybe drink a tiny sip of water if u changed fast enough. Otherwise, You'd only have time to change and bam, ur up! next routine!

The crowd was really big in number for every show. We also had alot supporters who came to see us perform night after night, performance after performance even though it was the same 2 Sets of routines. That really gave us motivation to push on and to do better each day.

To be honest, i did alot of self-reflection during the 7 days in Genting. Many times, i felt really demotivated and tired. I was in pain ( all of us were) , i was sick, i constantly felt like vomiting, i was under immense stress because i had only 3 days to practice everything and i felt so inferior compared to the rest of them because they had much more time to practice. I didn't want to make everyone look bad just because i lacked practice. I didn't want  to be the culprit who bring down the whole team. Many times i felt, U know wht? u suck. U should just dont perform and let them perform. It'd be a btr show. Many times i felt like saying, pls hide me behind someone, yada yada. Because i was always in the middle for almost all the routines. infront and in the middle. DO U HAVE ANY IDEA HOW STRESSFUL THAT IS!? so during lunch, before i sleep, whtever free time i had, i'd be marking steps and listening to my MP3. Practicing and practicing and practicing. I even came to the point of asking myself a very important question.

Why Are You Dancing?

Because honestly? If i was dancing just because it is cool/for fame/etc, i could not have pull through these 7 days. I would've burn out. FOR SURE.

After looking at the videos, i'm glad that hey! u did it! U managed to rmb all the routines, the formations, etc in such a short period of time! 

I am pretty pleased with maybe 1 or 2 routines. 
But overall, I'm pretty upset with my performance during the Genting Show.
I HONESTLY feel that i did very badly. 
No, i am not saying this to get the " Oh come on! u were good! " comments.
I am saying this because this is what I honestly feel.
I felt that I could've performed better if i had more time.
When i look at certain routines, i can't help feeling really frustrated with my level of performance during the show.

I feel as if i let my teacher down. I let the team down.

I let myself down. 
I know, my strength doesn't come from me But from God.
Indeed, without God's strength, i would not have made it through the crazie 7 days.
But i can't help feeling really Unsatisfied.

Oh. and Vain moment kejaps.
For the California Girls song, the baju so BIG! i look so fat in the video! Sighs! *cries*
and for Fantastic Baby, I usually dont zip up my jacket but someone asked me to zip it up on the last day. And in the video.. I LOOK LIKE I HAVE A BIG TUMMY!!!!!!!!! T_T nooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh~~~~~~! and my movements are covered by the baggy hoodie! Sighs. SUPER SIGHS VAIN MOMENT! *headsdown* =(

Dont laugh. not funny.
I feel so helpless when i look at the video. NYEH!

But okay la, overall, Genting was definitely an experience to remember. A good exposure for me. A really good one. I've also always wanted to go to genting with friends, but after this trip, I realize that theres actually nth Great abt Genting. The food is SO EXPENSIVE and it's just.. Genting. =.=
So glad i didn't waste money going to Genting when i was in Highschool or whtever. So blessed, this was my first time in genting and all my food and accommodation was covered. Hehe. =D Plus we were referred to as "Artists" in Genting. Lololol. =D and I feel really honored la, when people came up to us to take picture with us and to get our facebook,etc. =) Really blessed and honored.

So besides my emo moments and reflections, i definitely enjoyed myself in Genting especially when i am in the company of so many sampat people. =)

Thank You Celica, Kim, Eric, Mimi, Jon, Benroy, Yuki, YingYing for sharing this experience with me.
Thank you uncle aunties for being so supportive and caring.

Thank You Lord, for constantly opening doors for me.

I want to improve And i want to do better if i get another chance in the future.
Practice Makes Better, Not perfect.

I can do this and I will do this.
because my Strength comes from God and not from me.


Sunday, June 03, 2012

Busy busy busy~!

Hello everyone!

wow! I really have been busy haven't I?!

haha. i thought i could blog about my exam experience after exams, upload all the delayed pictures and yada yada but it was the total opposite! i barely had time to do anything else except dancing dancing and dancing! It was a pretty crazy week. I finished exams on Tuesday and right after my last paper, i had dance practice all the way till 1am-2am. You can imagine how crazy pracs were for wednesday - friday. There were new routines which i've yet to learn! can u believe it?! So in those 3 days, i had to polish up all the other routines i learnt from my brother during exams AND learn up the new routines. We would be practicing from early in the morning till somewhere in the middle of the morning. haha. Sleep late, wake up early. That was my life for the past 2 weeks. Actually, come to think of it, it was pretty much the same during exams. haha..


About my exams.

This was the examination building in UM. The new one. I'd wake up by 5am, revise a lil and head out by 6.30am because all my papers were morning papers. Plus i didn't want to get tired by being caught up in the morning Jam. 

For my first paper, criminal, heh.. i was sooooooo optimistic ok! The night before i was like, ok la chill la, just do what you can with what you have and leave the rest in God's hands. So i was pretty alright the night before my first paper. BUT IN THE MORNING.. when i reached the exam building.. FUYOOOO! butterflies man! butterflies! Guess it's normal. But you see, i usually reach by 7.30am. So i have time to revise a lil here and there. As i was doing so in my car, all of a sudden, i had the urge to vomit! It was then when i realize, whoa! UR THT NERVOUS HUH?! hahaha... but anyways i didn't vomit. I'm glad I had the mental strength to stay optimistic.

The building was surrounded by loadsa students. I saw many luxurious cars drive pass me. Drivers dropping off other exam candidates,parents who drove cars like audi TT, porche, yada yada.. parked with their kid in the passenger seat revising. When i went into the toilet, i saw alot of other candidates freaking out.. on the verge of vomiting.. and all the typical exam atmosphere lah. lol.. u name it.. it happened. What surprised me was tht.. criminal law, our first paper, was held in the same hall with another 2 different papers! and no, there were no walls separating us candidates. So it was really annoying when the invigilators announced something totally non-relating to criminal law. SO ANNOYING. Disrupt my flow of thoughts man.. Made me waste a few seconds trying to recall what i was about to write. Pfft.. and If you didn't know, You have absolutely no time to stop and think.. Your hand must keep on writing as you think! So for those who did not train their hand stamina, they probably couldn't finish all 4 essays.

The hall was really big. So it took us quite a while to find out table. the worse part ? our tables changed every single day because we shared the same hall with different papers throughout our exams. AND OH! GUESS WHAT?! The invigilator's HP rang dont know how many times during our paper.. *pullshair~!* argggh! unbelievable.. That bad huh? I never knew. sheesh.

anyways criminal went alright. It was quite saddening that the format for my year changed because the examiner for our year changed. Hence, all the practices we did for our past year questions were not really that helpful. Of course it did help, but if you ask me, looking at how different the format was this year, If you didn't know your stuff well, PLUS if you did not have good time management, criminal paper would've sucked. lol.. no jokes.

Anyways, for Public law, oh gosh.. this particular sub is like my hurdle for year 1. Seriously. And to make things worse? I was sick before public law.. to the point i couldn't stand still without having the feeling of fainting. No, i did not force myself to study till i fell sick. In fact, i think i take care of my health the most during exams. Seriously. i sleep latest by 12am okay. latest. And in my timetable, 12am is very early. =P I also sleep at 10pm la k.. so yea, i had enough rest enough water. But i guess the weather was just really crappy. So yeah, i was realllllllyyyyy freaking out the night before Public law because i couldn't study, everything i memorize was suddenly GONE! my mind was totally blank and it was already 11pm. By 12am, i started to feel slightly better thanks to prayers and the panadols i took. So if you ask me, i practically only had 3 hours to revise for Public Law. Thank God, i pulled through. Many times i felt like fainting during the paper but i pushed myself. Yes, i knew what the question wanted and yes, i managed to finish all the essays in time. But whether i did well, ok or bad, i've totally no idea. haha. seriously. we'll find out in August. After Public Law was over, i was SO RELIEF! My nightmare for year 1 was over! I definitely could not have done it without God's grace. =)

Throughout my papers, there will always be at least one person beside me, looking around, sleeping on the table or making loud SIGHS right after looking at the questions. =.=! I feel sad for them. 1 paper cost you at least rm1000 plus. I dont know what they're going through but i know if i did that, i'd not forgive myself weih! I take every chance i get as if it was my last chance. It's either do or die. So yeah, once i start something, i'll make sure i finish it. There was even one girl highlighting her statute book during exams! oh noooo! whyyyyyyyyyyy?! Sighs. =/

CLR was probably my best paper! and I'm not sure if i did better for Contract. But i'm just glad that Year 1 is finally over and that i did not give up half way even though i really felt like doing so many times. Because If you didn't already know, Law was not my first choice. But since I'm already in this field, i'll finish what i started. I dont wanna be someone who start something and then give up half way. I know i can do anything as long as i put my heart into it and with God, nothing is impossible. If He put me in particular situation, i know He will pull me through. I believe that God will never give us something we cannot handle. =)

I will be starting my Year 2 in September. 
Cant wait for results to come out in August. =)

Heh. After exams, I was HARDLY AT HOME! i'm always out early, back home.. 'early' coz of the intense hard core pracs for the Genting show. i hardly saw my mum or dad. hahaa.. then pergi Genting for 1 week! now i'm back, and in 4 days times, I'll be away from home again! Off to Perth for 2 whole weeks! =D! didn't realize how busy my after exams schedule was! hahaa.. my gosh.

It felt so weird coming back home yday after such a crazy week in Genting. That's how long i've not been home. It felt so weird looking at my bed and room and all. Too used to the hotel room and all edy. hahaa.. I cant seem to explain what i felt yesterday.. but i guess it's just those feelings you get when you've been away from home for so long and suddenly when you get back, everything feels strangely different. Am i making any sense? hahahaa .. ahh i blur edy.

I'll blog about Genting soon. it was one crazy ride and journey! THIS, I MUST SHARE! =)
And I will share!
But now, it's time to sleep. 3am edy. =/ and i've church tmr. haha.
so Goodnight!
*tsktsktsk..see .. after exams back to my nocturnal habits.* bad bad bad..