Saturday, June 23, 2012


Hey guys!

where do i even begin?
Perth was.. AMAZING.
The scenery, the people, the things we saw and did, the cold weather.. the super super starry night sky.. EVERYTHING! everything was just so overwhelming.. and i am missing Perth a whole lot now. I wasn't ready to leave. Everyone kept telling me that 2 weeks is more than enough and in fact, pretty long. They said i'd be bored by the 1st week. Guess what?

I totally disagree! Ahh! theres still so many things i've yet to do and see in Perth! just when i was getting all familiar with everything there, i had to leave. How sucky is that feeling? =(

I really really enjoyed my trip to Perth. We stayed with the Waters and boy were they a blessing! They were so nice to us! so were the Bells and our other friends in Perth. I couldn't help but feel super blessed every single day! To see the love and warmth they showed to us was just..overwhelming. Words alone could not describe my feelings and experience in Perth.

My trip there, was a childhood dream and right now, it still feels like a dream. Did everything that happened in Perth really ACTUALLY happen?! It feels too good to be true.

I would love to share the gazillion pictures i took with you here and tell you a story for each picture! But unfortunately, i've already exceeded my limit for pictures in Blogger. So if i wanna continue to blog pictures, i'd have to upload it at another site and paste the URL here.. or html..and i am currently far too lazy/busy to do that. So i guess to those who have access to my Facebook account, you can just view them there.. =) i will upload the remaining days in perth soon!

One thing though, that i do not miss about Perth.. The fact that their toilets do not have a hose! stayed there for 2 weeks and nope, still cannot bring myself to be used to it. No sir.

We stayed in Pickering Brook. That's where the Waters live. Up in the hills. so it was colder than it was in the city and under places.. but there was also no light pollution there.. so u can only imagine how beautiful and clear the night sky was each night! For the first time in my life, i got the opportunity to see the Milky way with a gazillion stars shinning ever so bright! If u knew me, U'd know how crazie hyper and stun i'd be, looking at such beauty. Speechless.. standing there in awe of God's beautiful creation. AND THE RAINBOWS! According to my aussie friends, it is not normal to see THAT MANY rainbows in a day! I kid you not, but we saw AT LEAST, 3 rainbows everyday! Rainbows! another thing that i really really love! but for some reason, i hardly get to see a rainbow in Msia.. and in Aus, i not only saw a rainbow so many times in a day but i saw DOUBLE RAINBOWS TOO! ahhhhhhhhhhh! how crazie is tht?! and the beach! The best beach i've ever been to! Hamelyn Bay! and the Sunrise and sun set! the trees!

Everything about nature.. I loved and still love!
I can just sit at the beach, listening to the waves crash into the rocks,or the starry starry night sky..or the sunrise.. sunset.. the green green landscapes for hours! EVERYTHING! I LOVED AND ENJOYED SO MUCH!

and the food! i hardly eat meat back here in Malaysia. But in Australia, i ate the most meat in my lifetime! no, i am not exaggerating! The beef and lamb there is SO GOOD! and not once, did i smell that smell u get from the beef and lamb here or the after taste. No tendons/ligaments that made it chewing gum ish! AND Margaret, My friend's mummy..oh gosh.. she surprised us with such good cooking every night! she is.. a good cook!

and u know how i always get really good deals when i shop in Malaysia? i got them too in Australia! HAHA! in fact! i managed to buy stuffs at a cheaper price compared to some of the stuffs in malaysia! Of course not all the stuffs i bought was SUPER CHEAP! but heres an example, i got a pair of shoes for 2 dollars. =D believe me now? hahahaha..even my aussie friends complain about me getting such good deals! I am blessed. Period.

Things in Perth are really far apart.. so u'd have to use up alot of time travelling from one place to another.. Because it is winter now, the skies get as dark as 8pm/9pm in malaysia by 5.40pm! so our days were really short! before we knew it, it was dark and everythin was closed. Yes, shops in Perth all close by 5pm SHARP. Meaning, the workers leave the shop by 5pm. Which means, by 4.45pm, they'd start chasing u out. hahahaa. In malaysia we're so hard up for sales and business.. we work on public hollies and weekends even more! if we close at 10pm and a customer walks in at 9.55pm, we'd entertain them to get more sales. Thats how different the quality of life is in Perth and Malaysia. In Perth, people value their Public holidays and weekends. No one wants to work on a Public holiday or weekend in Perth. Malaysia? we want that double or tripple pay and so we work our butts off for the extra cash. heh.

The city was alright, but i guess i enjoyed most of my time out of the city.. in the suburbs of Perth.
I really cant thank you enough, Matt, for driving us around so much! Especially when all the places are so far away!

Throughout my time in perth, me and benroy both went through alot with the Waters. we were part of the massive power cut in Perth due to the storms! 160,000 houses were affected! so we were out of power for 2 days plus.. it was suppose to be for a whole week but thank God power was back for our place after 2days plus. No power = NO HOT SHOWER! And u've no idea how freezing cold the water is during the winter! We also went through alot of other things with the Waters..i wouldn't see them as bad memories but rather, i am glad i got to share part of these moments with them. I'm glad i got to be with them and all.

I could go on and on about Perth and this entry would never end..
But to sum it all up, Perth was definitely a trip i will never forget!
I really miss my family back in Perth .. =(
Hope i get to see them again soon.. they were so loving and caring.. they were so genuine and sincere.. they were so nice and kind hearted.. the waters even threw a BBQ party and invited all our friends just so we can be with all of them before we leave.. who would do that?! We also went down south of West Australia, to Margaret river, we visited caves, chocolate factories, crazie beautiful beaches and stayed in a caravan. So many things, too many things! Too many good memories.. =') Steven even left his Uni mates in Margaret river (they were on a trip) and took a 5 hour bus ride back up to Perth to see us off at the airport..not forgetting how they had to wake up at 4am just to see us off at the airport.

I wouldn't trade this experience and all these memories for anything else..

Thank You Roy,Margaret,Matt and Shelley for being such an awesome host!
Thank you Aunty Jenny, Steven,Gail,Amy,Conner,Grace,Emma,Izaac,Aaron,Caroline,Maria for being part of them memories..

I miss you all dearly. very very very much.
and i hope i get to see u guys again soon! wherever. Perth/Malaysia or somehwere else.
I really hope i get the chance to visit Perth again in the future.

Love you guys to bits and pieces!


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