Saturday, June 28, 2008

Open Day~

Hewoooo! Yeshhhh~!
Open day is overrrrr.. x)
It went alright.. =) I'm kinda happy..
that i'm in at least top ten. =D
i got number 9 in class out of 40 people! =D
I shall work harder this semester for better results! ^^

So anyways.. After tht..
went home for lunch and went back to school..
for my dance crew prac! =) yup yup yup~ we have pracs every friday..
initially we could use the studio.
till the headmistress found out tht the teacher allowed us to..
and she wanted to meet me and serena..
so we went to her office.. and she said tht..
its not fair coz she din allow the cheerleaders to use the room..
so its only fair if we stopped using the room too.. =.= ...
So it was our last day using the studio there.. hmm..
she said only the PKBP (special students) can use the room..

So we prac.. and i choreographed almost the whole thing already..
so yep! i think it'll be a great performance.. ^^
the thing is.. dunno whether we have enough time anot..
coz 2nd test coming.. blerhhh.. 9th July..
Ooooh yaaaa! i tried cartwheel till i got it right!
mwahahahaahhaha! i can do cartwheel edy.. wheee~!
its a super achievement for me..
coz since young i couldnt do it..
and it was like my most feared thing while others enjoyed it..
hahahahaa.. wheee~~~~! imma happy girl. =P
and and i finally can do Bridge without someone supporting me edy..
bwaaahahaha.. imma reaaallly happy girl. x)
now, i only need to master handstand..
without using the wall.. hahahaha.. aiyaiyai..
i will presevere! haha ceyyyyy.. xD bersemangated..

Got basketball later.. =)
and guess wht? My Parents,Mel and BB is in KL!
yep yep! so we'll be going to Ah Wai Kor's wedding dinner..
as A WHOLE family.. =D =D
and u noe.. Everyone (in my family) seemed to have..
went shopping for nicesh nicesh clothes for the dinner..
hehehe.. benson has a whole suit.. mel has a dress too..
bb has a suit too.. =) *awwwwwwwws*
The wedding.. its finally here! =)
And i cant wait to see my cousins! ^^
Joanne & roxanne! i mish them. :)

its 1AM. and i'm still awake..
hahahaha.. been sleeping like really late for 3 days in a row. =P
And woke up late on thurs and friday. =P
Guess wht..? i woke up at 7am..
realized tht i'm like SUPER late..
so after tukar baju and everything with the speed of lightning..
i raaaaaaaaaaannn to school. =P hahahaha..

alrighty! expect many many pictures in my next entry. =P
Hugs and kisses and loves. =)


[sunshine after the rain. =) ]

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I love James Morrison's "Undiscovered." album. =)
I just loveeeeeeee his songs.
they are. GOOD.

Hm. tmr is open day..aka report card day..
wonder wht my teachers will tell my uncle..
lol.. hope it goes well.. hmm.. ya..
The wedding dinner is coming too..
cant wait~! but then again..
i'd still jaga wht i eat..
if not.. all my exercise this few days would go to waste..
Some may say.. Wedding dinner lerh! just enjoy!
work hard again after that.. but but butttt..
no larh. i'd not throw away my strength,energy,resistance!
all away.. Like potatoes! i loveeee em! but they're actually very fattening..
x).. i had to tahaaaaaan! so on saturday i'll also tahaaaaaaan!
will eat la of course. =P but like less. =)

zoomgggg.. i sound like a healthy freak. x)
like those "Omg! do u know hw much calories tht burger will put into ur body?!"
hahahahaa.. for the moment at least! till i reach my goal..
and hopefully i'd maintain there.. =P
no burgers for me.. pizza too.. Sniffx..

Inilah dipanggil semangat POS! xDD..

oooh~ reading the dictionary can give u really..
exciting new words u nvr even knew exist..
haha.. for me la tht is..
i din know such a cute word as "Loopy" means Gila/Crazy.
x) "I'm feeling loopy today.. " LOL... =.= the lameness..
hahahaas...Alot of birthdays this month!


Jia Qi - 2nd June
Ah Khoo - 6th june
Jun Jie- 7th June
Wai Kuen -12th June
Erin - 20th June
Tiara - 24th June
Aaron.P - 26th June
to Jia Qi and Jun Jie,Tiara,Khoo,Happy sweet 16! =) To Wai Kuen and Erin! Happy 21st bday! hahaha.. The key? x) *whispers* (did u get it? =P ) and Aaron, =) happy 17th bday!
sorry if i left out anyone.. =/
i tend to forget i was unhappy just a moment ago when i'm on the phone with you..

He was right.

I'm gonna be ranting..
was so the angry just now.. haizz..
it has completely nth to do with me..
but i'm just so angry and dissapointed with u guys man..
i felt wht he felt.

I mean.. At first i thought he was just being sensitive and all.. he said wht he said coz he was hurt.but now i see.. i clearly see that he's just really RIGHT after all..

I MEAN COME ON! BE AT LEAST A "LITTLE" greatful cant you all?
He treats u guys like his own flesh and blood..
and u treat him like wht?
Dog Poo? Or worse.. Nth at all like he dont exist?
Why cant you guys just HAVE A LITTLE heart and see that..
he's not ur DICTIONARY.. He's NOT ur Computer..
He's NOT some Information machine..
and Data machine to give u solutions to all ur questions!
He's a friggin human for goodness sake!
Why cant u just get that into ur cramped up brain?!

whenever u need him..
u go to him.. but when u dont need him..
u just chuck him one side.. in the corner..
if you were him.. WHAT WOULD YOU FEEL?
Today.. I put myself in his Shoes..
And yes.... i'd be damn hurt if i was him..
FOR ALL THIS YEARS.. he's been there..
trying his best to make u smile when ur down..
he give his all and even acts stupid sometime just to see that smile on your face..
when u need help with ANYTHING at all.. HE'd be there..
ALWAYS everyready to help out..
And u just throw him away like a warned out torn Pillow..
u just throw him away when he's not needed anymore..
who or what DO you think he is?
A robot? a recycled thing? A THING with completely no feelings?

What happened today he does not noe..
I REALLY felt like telling him the truth..
of whatever happened.. but then again..
i dont wan him to get more hurt..
And just really feel like his some stupid fella who got taken for granted.
after everything happened..
when i met up with him.. i wanted so much to tell him..
Not to even trust them anymore..
he's like being stabbed in the back..
just that he doesnt feel it yet..
but he was really really hurt two days back..
and he's trying to recover.. he IS recovering..
and i dont wanna bring him back down to square one..
I had fake a smile as if everything was alright..

Your attitudes right now..
Seriously lorh.. WOULD it KILL you to give him a hand for ONCE?
is it so HARD to help him..?
YEs.. i know u guys now abit tak ngam..
but do u know tht when u have probs he dont show his concern but actually he cares? he actually take the initiative to ask me whats wrong.. hw r u and all tht..

mou yeh gong edy..

Come to ur senses fast or you'll loose him.
By then, its too late for u to regret.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I got In! =D

YUP YUP! i just got a sms from si xuan aka our LU cluster POS event leader!
wheeeeeeee~~! last year was suppose to be in POS chc JB.
But alot of ppl FFK.. =(
so tak jadi and we just danced for talentime..

But this year! mwahahahahahahah!
I'll be for sure competing for POS..
Well POS actually means PARADE OF SCHOOLS
Which happens to be a Cheerleading competition =)
That will be held during a conference called EMERGE!
this event is one of the biggest events for City Harvest church.
as they are hosting it.. =D it'll be held during late august!
28th till 31st if i'm not wrong.. =)

Cant believe EMERGE 08 is already here..
so fast.. =) last year in dance.. this year in POS..
Cant wait! ^^



Heya! went to chc this morning with bro and aunt.. =)
It was the last series for "Does Fairytale Love exist?"
Aww man.. this series has been awesomee i tell u! ^^
Gonna miss it.. hahahaa...

Anyhoo.. After church.. aunt rushed off to sumwhere..
she had sumthing to do..
then me and bro makan-ed with theen kin.. =D
Met Elene,Hong Keat,Steven,Kathy.. =)
Elene and Steven are in POS too..!
So anyways.. after tht me and bro walked to sunway pyramid..
din go sunway pyramid since PS06 mannnn!
makan Mc.D. LIKE ZOMGG! i've not eaten mc d for so long..
i din noe the price went up by so much man! 2 bucks i think..
normally i order set its 7.30rm or sumthing..
this time it was 9.30rm! $%&^% why laaa price and all naik..
sigh.. stupid petrol increase.. BOOOOOO~!!!

So after tht we rushed back to CHEC..
And auditions started! =D
First we had intro.. to warming up..
and STUNTS! We had to do..
Roll Over, Hand Stand, Bridge and Cartwheel.. (spelling right?) lol!
aw maaaaaannnnn.. Cartwheel is like.. my most feared thing..
since i was a kid.. T_T.. i had to do it anyways..
so i tried.. and it was ok but cacated.. =/
hand stand! i nvr got to do it b4! but i did it just now..
mwhahahaha! happy happy girl! but..
i did it with benson supporting my legs.. =.=!
roll over.. i went into a headstand and PAK! fell down straight..
i suppose to like become more ball-ish and roll on the floor.. x)
i did few times then AHHH! i finally got it and understood..
with the help of Benson.. hehee.. =D
Bridge! it was okay.. =D practise more! thats wht i need..

After stunts.. we did erh..
wht stunt is tht.. i think its tigh stand but one base one flyer.
lolxx.. i kesian my base.. =( the dude like .. i dunno la..
he say he ok.. but i think he was in great pain..
xD xD xD! i wanna be nice to my base punya leg..
SO! starting from today i shall exercise gila..
and loose weight. =D
after that we had dance! wheeee~!! my favourite part! ^^
It was all good! =D having cheer pracs are really fun.. =)

when i came home..
i tried my stupid cacated cartwheel with ben..
=.= aihs.. i still havent succeded..

dinner time!
outs! =D

oooh ya! (i'll get results on wed)
Wish me the best! ^^

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Life, filled with suprises~

Heya.. the week has gone by reli fast..
there were bad and good.. =)
Anyhoo.. got all my results already..

in all.. i got 6 A1's , 2 A2's, 2 D7. =/
obviously the two D7's are physics and addmaths. sighs.
i needa practice more..!

School has been alright.. report card day coming..
O.O~!!!!! this coming friday.. blehs..
hmm.. helped my school cheerleading team choreograph the dance section..
And oh ya!!!!! i had so much fun on friday! =D
I have a dance crew in school.. =) so we wanna practice..
and grow stronger as a team.. =D so we'd be ready..
for everything and anything that comes our way. Hehe.. =D
So anyways, we got to borrow the "dance studio like" room in my school..
its like a dance studio.. =D mirrors and all.. floor too..
but then its only used by the "Special" kids in my school..
so we got the permission to borrow it..
and we had practice till 5.30pm! ^^
at first we just lepak and dance freestyle.. hahahaa..
but in the end of the day.. i got to choreograph some parts..
of our performance for Co-curiculum day! =D
And its sooooooooo nice that..
for many years now..i've had some carazeeeee moves in my head..
and stunts as well.. but i've not got to share it with a group of dancers..
who i think can pull it off.. And now tht i've got this crew..

We tried lar.. and they got to do exactly wht i wanted..
and what i've been keeping in my head all this while!
in fact! they did it better!!! ahhh.. so proud of our crew. =D
2 bboys, 1 popper, 2 choreographers. But hey!
we'll prac till all of us get to do everything. mwahahaha!
had alot of fun.. hehes.. but ahh.. body aching now..
din break for so long.. then tht day to hyper till..
tak kisah abt pain.. =/
but now aching here aching there.. aih..
"Siapa yang makan cili, dia yang akan rasa pedas"
=P yaaaaaa da ya da ya daaaaaaa~~~

Ah sun Jie ,Chan wan and i went to tesco to buy
stuff for my grandma.. and ah sun jie wanted to find a dress..
that she can wear for her lil bro's wedding.. aka my uncle.
so after buying groceries.. we walk walk walk at curve..
cineleisure.. but still nth.. =( and it was gettin late..
she couldn't find anything she liked..
and it was getting late.. so before going home..
we stopped by at menjalara of those butiques..
and it was still open! =)
so we masuk.. try try try..
in the end.. i found this REALLY nice and sweet looking dress..
PLUS! ITS PURPLE! ^^ tried it.. it was just fabulousoo~!
and guess wht?! Ah sun jie wanted to buy it for me.. O_O!!!
and and it cost so MUCH! its like SUPER EXPENSIVE!!
zomgggggggggg... i nvr wore anything so ex..
i mean.. i nvr buy so ex b4 la..
and she really bought it for me... T_T Sniffx!
So touched.. T_T ~~~~~..
thank u ah sun jie! i'm definitely wearing tht for the wedding..
and for my birthday too! =)

was really down after AFC yesterday..
And thanks to Shawn and Calvin for being there..
=) listening.. and just being there for me..
thank u guys so much.. =) love u both!

Went for SMKKB carnival today.
was okay. hot day tho.
Uncle wanted to bring my lil cousin go movie..
watch kung fu panda. no more tickets.
we went. and no more tickets.. =.= haizzz...
k larh. thats my week. =) long entry... xD

i got POS audition tmr! ^^
And nikki! pls do get well soon.. =)

Take care y'all!

Pangkor Pictures~

D and Kok Sime.. =) 2 of my close ppl in class & school.. ^^

Serena.. =) was with her most of the time in pangkor

Bus was nice.. like really nice..

niceee =)

teachers =)

after the jetty.. we sat on van taxi's to go to the place we'd be staying.. and u noe wht.. the van driver was carazeeee!!!!!!! he drove so friggin fast! in slopes and hills! mayb coz no police there.. but hey.. it was fun.. mwahahahhahahaa... i was on the phone with kim at tht time.. =D

yeah.. its written all over serena's face.. i couldnt even take a clear picture! that shows.. hw fast.. he was driving.. hahahaha..

aww man.. 3 ppl slept in this.. at first all of us thought it was for chickens or smth. lmao..but its like so cute right.. hehes..

The place we stayed was called "Intan Beach 'resort' " =.= not bad la.. but alot of mosquitos! it dot deserve the word "resort" tho.. =P

My room toilet. =.=

So when we reached there.. the teacher said tht the activities for tht night.. was just bathing..makan and thats it.. =.= we're like.. so zha dao.. but hey.. i waited for 2 hours just to bathe.. so yeah.. teacher was right.. we'd need hours to finish bathing.. hahas.. after makan.. as usual in EVERY camp.. we got seperated into our groups! so after we got seperated.. we had to name our group and come out with a cheer and had to think of a performance for tmr night.. teacher gave us 1 hour for tht.. met some new ppl.. =) our group was named seven-eleven because we were group number seven and we had eleven ppl.. xD and our cheer was so lame.. xD coz i came up with it.. mwhahahahahaaa.. but teachers said our teams punya is the best.. HAHA.. the lame-nesss of celine yap. x) i used the "WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS" tone for the starting.. and it goes "We~~~ are the seven-eleven~~~!! and we'll keep on fighting till the end~~~!" then we did some stomping and stuff.. and then ended with something so lame i dun even wanna mention. muahahahahhaa. only them campers will noe.. tht was it for the first night. =)
The next morning.. me and my group woke up early to discuss abt our performance tht night. (cey so semangated. ) haha.. so anyways.. after tht.. we all headed to a place.. another camp site which is kinda far from our "intan beach resort" lol.. there was another school there.. camping too.. we did morning senaman with them.. guess wht we did? "the chicken dance" =.= if u watch the cartoon Jimmy Neutron u'd understand wht i mean by chicken dance. haha.. like so funny weih! first they taught everyone tht step. i tot like ehhh.. why like the chicken dance one.. then suddenly they really play tht song.. hahaas.. =.= after senaman.. we went back to eat breakfast and went there again.. coz.. theres this dude who will take us for jungle tracking! =D

Tadaaaaaa~! he brought us jungle tracking. =) he was giving instructions like.. dont do this and tht in the hutan.. or this and tht will happen to u.. hmm.. its weird tht they always do tht when we wanna go in the jungle.. but hmm.. wht u guys think abt it? COMMENTS PLS! =)

Some people in my group! =) some are missing. =/

The girls who were infront of me! =)
The guys who were behind me! =) hahaha..the dude beside the red shirt guy. like oh my.. he talks alot and well he din stop talking for 3 hours! and thts good i guess. =) he kept making us laugh.. haha.. =)
It was nice larh.. =) had fun.. my first time u noe! hahas.. jakon i noe.. x)
after tht! we FINALLY went to the beach! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! hahahahahhaa when i heard the waves hitting the shore.. i'm like "WOOOOOOOH~!" in my heart.. hahahahaha... i love tht sound.. =) i loveeee the beach! we went there for kayak-ing and snorkeling.

He was giving instructions bout the life jacket. own man. i paling dun like the "tail" of the life jacket. tht tail goes between ur legs and buckled at the life jacket. its so tht the thingy dun keep going up.. but like its SO uncomfortable!!!

Kayak was really fun! we kayak from one beach side to the other! =D so fun.. =) mwahahaa.. the best activity among all! ^^ i din take much pictures of kayak and snorkeling tho.. =( i scared to bring my camera there.. scared later fall in the water or sumthin.. =/
anyways..after everything.. we mandi and all..
the performance night was canceled because my team was the only team who had got ready a performance. =.= so we tot since it got canceled we could have our own free time and go do whtever we wanted. but nooooooooo.. the teacher asked us to go to our rooms and sleeep. =.= like helloooooooooo? it was 9pm plus.. =.= who wanna waste their time sleeping in pangkor?~! so fineee.. we went to our rooms.. and it was so friggin hot.. i waited for teacher to sleep.. then after they all slept.. me and serena went out for a while to get fresh air.. reli hot larh inside.. =/ there was a hamock there.. or is it called a hamock? its this net thing the is between 2 trees.. hahahaha.. so.. whats tht called? xD anyways.. we just lie down there.. till 2am.. plus.. hahaa.. =) talking and stuff.. ^^ it was nice lah.. =)
Victoria =)
Next morning.. we had free time for 45minutes..
SO.. me and serena wasnt satisfied coz we din get to play at the beach enough.. mwhaahahahaa.. so we went to the beach and play puas puas..! =) alot of other students went too.. but then they din play in the sea.. xDfirst we kena basah till our knees.. but after tht we din care already..=P we were the 2 ppl who din care.. mwhahahahaa.. like.. how often do i get to go to the beach larhhh..? hahas.. =P

We went to visit the village.. and some historical places too.. din take picture tho.. =P lazyy.. hahas.. k larh.. thats abt it! thats pangkor. =)