Friday, June 24, 2011

6 August 2010.

Your just too perfect for me. 

How too perfect?

Your just too nice and i cant find anyone else like you who will treat me like this. and i'm thankful i have a friend like you.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

So.. im back. =D

Hello! yes yes i'm back from Sabah.
Sabah was overall a good trip. tho honestly,it could have been better.
but i guess i shouldn't complain. not many ppl get to go on holidays..
not many people get to travel.. not many have been to Sabah. =)
so yeah.

Seafood was definitely cheap there.
and Highlights?
well, i used to dislike crabs. but nw? i kinda think its okay. but seriously, eating crab takes up so much energy man. u need to focus on ur food and after a while u get so tired! man! hahaha.. im the kind who likes simple food. food that i can straight away put in my mouth without having to do anything else. thats why when i go to a BBQ i eat the sausages and nuggets and fishballs etc.. i dun eat the BBQ chicken, haha! =P when i go KFC. i eat zinger burger and wedges instead of the chicken. =D when i eat bak kut teh, i eat the yao cha kuai with the rice and soup plus the tao pok. when i eat crabs, i like to eat the man tao with the sauce and not the crab. HAHA.

hahaha.. so yeah.. thats just me lah! ;) but this trip i ate crab kay! its ok only la. dunno why people go googoo gaga over it, and tasted lobster! finally. guess wht? Dun like it. hahaa its like sotong la! and i dun like sotong . basically, im not a seafood person.prawns? im allergic. i itch when i eat prawns.
and fish? fish is fine. =) steamed ones especially.

crabs there are really cheap.
4 crabs = rm31. not bad. =D
in kl, 1 crab would've cost rm 30.

and.. another highlight!
i got to take picture with Gary Chaw / Cao Ge! =D
he's a chinese singer. from malaysia but made it big in Taiwan and now he's really famous. =)
my fav song from him was Bei Pan. the first song tht made me like him. and guess what? heard him sing live. He's really good! he's so good tht benroy thought he was lip syncing! hahaha.. and he is reallly humble and friendly. plus, he has a good humour. =)

and of course, the beach. =)
how can the beach not be one of my highlights?! I LOVE THE BEACH. i love the sound of the waves crashing to the shore.. i love the soft sand and the clear blue waters. managed to experience a really clean beach this time. was so nice. =)))

and the prices of things there. well, it really varies. some stuffs are cheap, some are really expensive.
and the thing about sabah is tht u really need to learn how to bargain man. seriously. they hike up the price so high u'll be amazed how low u can bring it down to. so yeah the philipino market was quite alright and the night market too. but most of the stuffs there are more expensive than things in KL. maybe coz they have to import most of the stuffs from KL or other states..

we also visited the base of the mountain. Mount KK.
it was a good experience.. hahaha free airconditioning all the way up man!
so nice... =))))

i'll blog more about my sabah trip soon.
just doing a brief update now. =P

And on this trip, i learnt a very important lesson.
No matter how hard you try to prevent fights and arguments, sometimes, its inevitable and its bound to happen in so many ways. Even you trying to prevent the fight from happening may start a new fight all together. how crappy huh? but i guess thats just life. fights and arguments are always bound to happen. What You need to learn is HOW to deal with the fights and arguments.

and I'm definitely still learning how to deal with em.
How to deal with fights and arguments.

so yeah. I shall blog a more detail post soon. =)
Besides Sabah, i feel btr compared to the previous entry.
i feel more relaxed now and free.
And i'll start working Next week already.
i planned to go to JB. but i dont think that is happening already. sighs. =/

So yeah. I'm really fortunate tbh.
Coz i need not look for jobs. coz the previous companies that i worked for before asked if i would like to work with them again.. and this time a 2 months contract.
haha.. maybe they upgrading me to supervisor. no idea. but yeah pretty cool.
the Boss of the company rang me up just now and asked if i would like to work with em for July and August. So yep. hopefully i get to earn back the money i've spent. didn't spend much in Sabah also. haha.. coz i dont have that capacity to spend much. and and and i have a goal. something that i wanna get and buy long long time ago. so now im gonna work for it and earn it. =D cant wait. =)

now, i wanna get back to How i met your mother and finish all the series i have. =P

PS: i saw my niece edy! =) Her skin is so soft! =D OH YA I DID NOT TELL U ! u noe the day i posted my previous entry right, it was such a crazy day. fetch grandma to the morning market, came back bathe went out with friends and watched X-Men in Tropicana City Mall. Got home, ate my dinner in 5 minutes and headed to JB to send Joshua home and to see my new niece. Then headed back to KL and reached at 5am. I packed for the 6 days trip to sabah in like what? 20 minutes? and then left for KL Sentral, took the bus to LCCT and catch our flight to Sabah. hahaha CRAZY OR WHAT?! this was the shortest time i've ever used to pack man.. i hate packing and i usually take hours! hahaha.. so cool. Rush hour packing. LOL.

kay kay gtg! will be back! =D

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Not there yet.

Tbh, i have not reached that stage yet.

The stage where u feel all free and the feeling of being done with exams. havent reached there yet. I THOUGHT i did.
but i realized today that i have not.


coz i still feel really stressed out.
i feel like i havent had much time for myself still.
i'm so busy doing this doing that fetching here fetching there..
taking care of my nephew.. and alot of things lah.

sigh. nvm.. i'll reach there soon la.
i hope..

I hope this coming trip to Sabah would be a good one.
and i've yet to plan my july and august out..
definitely dont wanna slack around the house the whole time..
but till then, i've equipped myself with tonnes of movies and tv series to watch.
got em from Annjili today. =D

kay la. just wanted to blog abt this coz i kinda felt down today.


Sunday, June 12, 2011


YEAH BABEH! cant belive im finally done with my a-levels! a year of fun, stress, memories, knowledge and crazy moments. =)

i just wanna shout out to my family and friends who have been so understanding, caring and supportive all this while. it really meant alot to me and i really appreciate it..

like examples.

One day i ws asleep coz i ws so tired after exams. and my lil brother had tuition and he decided not to wake me up and take the bus to tuition instead. it meant alot to me. felt so happy when i found out tht he took the bus instead of waking me up..

coz i know how sucky it is to take the bus. and so yeah, ws really happy. =)

and my grandma!
she keeps buying me KITKATS! HAHAHAHAA... she said tht she buy em for me so tht when i get bored while studying i can munch on em.. =')

parents always reminding me to rest rest sleep sleep! encouraging me all the way.. mum giving me bird's nest which i totally didn't like.. Lol.. sorry la.. i noe some ppl reli like it but i reli dont. =/ and yeah always concern hw my paper went and all..

friends, they were always so supportive. encouraging me. motivating me. and understanding..coz i was seriously a super boring friend and person for the pass 2 months because i always rejected anyone who asked me out.. coz i have to study study and study! so yeah.. thanks alot friends. =) ur understanding and instead of feeling like i have become uncool to hang out with.. and not fun anymore.. u guys supported encouraged, motivated and prayed for me.. =)

and God. He was definitely watching over me. For sure!

i always brought extra pens to the exam hall, just incase anyone forgot to bring theirs.. and i could be a helping hand to them. coz i know how it feels to have forgotten ur stationery. one day, when i needed a pencil to draw graphs.. i realized just before entering the hall that i forgot to bring my pencil! and the first person i asked had 2 pencils with them, and two boxes of lead. i mean, honestly, who brings two pencils and two boxes of lead?! it ws not a coincidence to me. and truly, i know tht someone was watching over me. =)

also, on the last day of my exams, instead of bringing my exam slip, i brought my results slip!
i totally mixed em up! coz the headers look the same.. but the invigilator was so nice and allowed me to sit for my exams without my exam dockets. PLUS. i could have totally wrote down my past student code which was 8474.. the one i used in my previous exams. my current one was 8907. i could have totally messed it up. but i didn't. and i noticed.

Thank You , Lord, for watching over me, for making the impossible, possible, for being my guide and strength, for giving me good health all the way through, for all the times i arrived early before every exam, when my car could have broken down, caught in a jam etc, but it did not happen. for not blacking out during my paper. for being able to finish all the questions, and my papers, and for teaching me, to not lean on my own understanding but to trust in You always.

this Journey, has been a great one.
One that has strengthen me and one that has taught me many valuable lessons.
till my degree, which starts in September,

no la. im gonna dance like ALOT. choreo new dances, hopefully, watch all the series i've been longing to watch, the movies, holiday in sabah and langkawi, chill out in june and go JB see my new niece! and work. hahaha...

thts the plan for nw. and so many outings.. ohh boyyy..
i owe tonnes of people outings. hahahaa..
i need to start saving up for these outings.
anyways, once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE!

i cant express how blessed i feel.

PS: time to upload all e pictures! =))))!

Friday, June 03, 2011

My Head's Stuck in the Clouds~ :)))))

My head's stuck in the clouds,
He begs me to come down,
Says girl, Quit foolin around.
I told Him, I Love the view from up here,
Warm sun and wind in my ear,
We'll watch the world from above,
As it turns to the rhythm of Love. =)

2nd June 2011.
A day to remember.

When Just a Smile,
Made my day and reminded me once again.

What made my day even more was this! the picture above! i took it with my camera phone. It was so.. Amazing! The picture definitely does it no Justice! the minute i walked out of my college building to get to the car, there it was, astonishing, simply beautiful, golden yellow underlined with pink clouds and a very clear blue sky. Just this huge cloud in the sky. One of God's very creation that never fails to capture my attention. Standing in awe. =)

A sight to rmb. =) and this song immediately came to my mind. haha.
Listened to it all day long.

despite the exams stress, i've been pretty alright.Pretty happy. =)
I'm at Peace. =) All Glory To God.
4 papers to go. Monday, Tort Law paper, Tuesday, Economics P4, Friday, Business p3 and Economics P3.
Please do continue to keep me in prayer,
Thank you for all the prayers and wishes and care that you all have been giving me.