Friday, June 03, 2011

My Head's Stuck in the Clouds~ :)))))

My head's stuck in the clouds,
He begs me to come down,
Says girl, Quit foolin around.
I told Him, I Love the view from up here,
Warm sun and wind in my ear,
We'll watch the world from above,
As it turns to the rhythm of Love. =)

2nd June 2011.
A day to remember.

When Just a Smile,
Made my day and reminded me once again.

What made my day even more was this! the picture above! i took it with my camera phone. It was so.. Amazing! The picture definitely does it no Justice! the minute i walked out of my college building to get to the car, there it was, astonishing, simply beautiful, golden yellow underlined with pink clouds and a very clear blue sky. Just this huge cloud in the sky. One of God's very creation that never fails to capture my attention. Standing in awe. =)

A sight to rmb. =) and this song immediately came to my mind. haha.
Listened to it all day long.

despite the exams stress, i've been pretty alright.Pretty happy. =)
I'm at Peace. =) All Glory To God.
4 papers to go. Monday, Tort Law paper, Tuesday, Economics P4, Friday, Business p3 and Economics P3.
Please do continue to keep me in prayer,
Thank you for all the prayers and wishes and care that you all have been giving me.


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