Sunday, May 29, 2011


hello! hahaa.. guess wht?!
i just found out that one of my blog readers who doesn't know me but follows my blog actually saw me in real life! and i just found out.. SORRY!

coz i was typing my blog url in.. and suddenly it went to google.. and i saw this..

michminael said...

Hi Celine

In fact u don't know who i am. I was coincidentally clicking a link of your blog when I was searching some songs. I like to read your blog and view your photos which uploaded from time to time.

Since my last message, i didn't expect I could see you standing in front of me this evening, the world is pretty small, heh.. you were wearing red color shirt. No, in fact i saw your 2 little brothers first, they were flying a kite with another girl wearing white color singlet, then I start probing u, there i saw u finally were taking photos with your frens, u rili like to take photos.


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