Friday, May 27, 2011

The War has begun!


yesss! the war has begun! i had my first paper today. AND CONTRACT LAW IS OVARRRR BABYYY! OVERRRRRRRRRRRRR!

I would say it was quite alright. Just that,
problem questions were always easy, but this time round, all the problem questions were so difficult! and tricky! its like.. i planned to do 2 problem and 1 essay questions. i ended up doing  2 essay questions and 1 problem.

all the problem questions weren't about one chapter alone.
it was mixed and it was so tricky up to the point where i couldn't even decide which chapters the questions were about! its usually one chapter one question. this time round it was likee.. they phrased the question in a way to confuse you and ohh boyyy they totally succeeded in doing so. anyways im just happy i managed to finish all my questions and didn't leave any of it hanging. i tried my best. and i studied hard.

i'll leave the rest in the hands of God. =)
Lean not on your own understanding, and the trust the Lord your God with all Your Heart.

and thats just what im gonna do.

i've 4 more papers left to Go!
Business. Econs 3 & 4 and Tort.
Please continue to keep me in your prayers!
i would really appreciate that. =)


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