Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kimberley Ong Jing Ling. =)

This entry is specially posted for Miss Kimberley Ong Jing Ling. =)


The first time i met her was during one of my dance performances during the christmas season in JB, Plaza Pelangi. =) See me and her? LOL. i'm in the pink bendana. she's beside me. =) i only knew her name and thats all at that time. =P
the first time we met, 19.12.2004.

then we got closer in 2005. =)
but during 2005 i hardly took pictures. and we hardly got to met. we got closer online through friendster and msn and she eventually became my God Sis. =)

December 20th, another one of my dance performances in JB, City Square. I rmb that day clearly. the day i cried infront of SO MANY PEOPLE. =/ I hardly cried, but tht was the 2nd time that week that i cried so badly infront of a bunch of people. That time, i just got back from KL. Planet Shakers Conference 2006. i cried the first time went i got to KL coz of smth. and i cried when i reached JB before my performance started. coz of smth serious also. and coz i was not focused, i totally messed up my dance performance that night. =( it was a baaaad baaad day man.

I was still sobbing then. =/ and Kim darling was saying stuffs like
: who dare bully my mei! i give them one punch or smth. hahahahaa. =)

my eyes. O.O

She made me smile in the end. =)

We got more and more close. =)
we got so close that we were practically like twins! =) we would coincidencely say the same thing, think the same thing at the same time. =)

i still rmb this was the day we got our purple rings. hahaha. =) at city square.

November 21, 2007. the day we got our lockhearts! =)

she was always there for me. =)

unseperable. =)

Darlyn at my 15th Birthday. =)

our last outing in JB before i left for KL.
december 28th 2007!

No matter how far we were, we grew even closer.
Out of sight, out of mind. That idiom totally didn't represent us. =P Like i said, we were and ARE inseperable. =)

May Hollies! =)

June. =)

December Hollies! =)

Hahhaa. we're super high and crazy together every single time we meet up. =)

The best friend, sister, twin, sugaa. =)

Seriously, the further apart we were the closer we got! we even started to feel each other's pain. cant explain how or why but we just do! seriously. when she's having a bad day i'd feel it too. and vice versa. =)

Cant believe time passed so fast and we've been friend for 5 years now! =)

March Hollies at her house. =)

and then she came up to KL to study! wohoooo! =) how awesome can life get?! hahahahaha.. =)

This little darlyn came all the way to Kepong Jusco by ktm and lrt just to teach me addmaths! coz i such so badly at it. But she is so totally helping me improve! =) seriously. hahahahaa..

And she is STILL teaching me addmaths EVERY MONDAY! can u believe how tired she'd be? taking lrt then ktm to kepong after college? =/ How can anyone in the world not love this little darling.?! hahaha. =)

Us at the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Premier! =)
we went for Terminator too, but i forgot to upload the pic. hahahahaa. =P

and the most most most recent outing, Sunway Red Box!!! =)

we celebrated her Birthday earlier coz she wouldn't be around during her birthday week. =) boy did we have fun! and we sang our lungs out seriously! hahahahaha.. the videos were so ...@_@. hahahahahahaa.. but they put a smile on my face everytime i see em. =P great times! and if u scroll down u can see an entry when she came to my house at 11.20pm JUST because i was very stressed up and down. T_T sniffx. friends like her, are just, PRECIOUS seriously.

Kimberley darling, you were always there with me throught thick and thin, rain or shine. u seriously stuck with me till the end and u still do now. =) both of us thought that it was just some.. momentary thing at the begining, but now we both know for sure that we're FOREVER! =) I love u twin! she's just one hawt, crazy,Super smart, unique, special, hyper, random , cute, pretty girl that God sent to me and i'm gonna keep her for as long as i can. hahahahaha. now i sound like some kidnapper or smth. xDDDDDDD =P

knowing you,made me happy in a million ways, and if i ever have to let u go one day, i'd find a million reasons to make u stay.

she's totally like my sister from another mother. and words cant describe the things we have shared. hahahahaha...AND THERE ARE A THOUSAND GAZZILLION BILLION more to come! =)

HAPPY 18th Birthday Baby!
Your finally LEGAL! ;)
we've tons of outtings to repay once i'm done with SPM.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Trace the moment, Fall Forever.

Hey guys. a lil update on hw i've been and all.

Well, i got a scolarship from KDU worth rm8000 coz i got 9A's in my Mid Year exam. but if i can upgrade me grades to 9A1's they'll offer me a Full Scolarship. =) went to KDU the other day to receive it. took some pictures. will upload next time. =)

Sides that, trials are seriously near. 1st sept. 4 days from now! @_@
that explains why i didn't go back to JB with benroy..
coz yeah.. gotta study. =/

Went to FRIM yesterday with burger,kok lim and alex. ;) i'm proud to say that i could run the whole path without stopping like last time! well.. i DID stop for 5 secs? haha.. but continued on. it was a great feeling really. all those practise at desa parkcity really worked. comes to show that my stamina has increased once again! =) whee~! haha. and kok lim FORCED burger and i to climb the hill. T_T we were dead tired really. hahaha. 1000 feet. =D this time, we suprisingly reached the top faster than we did the last time. without noticing it, we're there! hahaha. =)

hmm .. wht else..
OH YEAH. my parents are moving up to KL. =)!
how cool is that?! hahaha.. we finally get to stay together again like last time. =) oh yeaaaaah.~ =]

and smth weird happened yesterday.
my chest suddenly felt really heavy and i couldn't breathe normally.
and it was really bad coz when i tried to breathe in more air blood totally rushed to my head and my eyes felt like they were gonna pop out anytime. =/ so i ate hacks, and went out the hse to get some fresh air. breathe in and out and when i felt better and stopped breathing in hardly i felt dizzy so i quickly went back inside. the sweet really helped tho. i can breathe better today. but the pain in my chest is still there. so hmm.. i'll wait till tmr to see hw am i. if i'm still not well i PROMISE i'll go see the doc yeah. pray for me. =)

thanks ken wei and kok sime for ur concerns!
really appreciate em.! =]

anyhoo, time to get back to my books.
All the best to those sitting for SPM Trials.!


PS: STEVE APPLETON TOTALLY RAWKS! =) He is SO gonna make it BIG in the music world! =) i like his style. PLUS, he plays the piano really really well. Jazz style. =)! guitar too! talented talented 20 year old. check him out at the right hand side of my blog. got some vids there. His albums coming out on 31st of August, "When The Sun Comes Up"! the thing that caught my attention is that every track of his are different styles and varies. unlike most singers that only have ONE style. tht u get bored when u listen to the whole album. I say, his album is worth buying. =)


Sunday, August 23, 2009


Today was a pretty sad Sunday. =(
it was 'the' sunday when Andy had to finally go back home.
time flew so fast. too fast. =/
the one thing tht he said during his sorta goodbye speech in church was tht..
"its funny how it doesn't feel like i'm going back home but leaving home instead."
wont say much. =X pictures will do the talking.

poor guy got a zit on his last day here when everyone would wanna take a pic withhim. =P

went for lunch with the group and then headed back to church. coz had to teach dance. and after that, i went over to Andy's place to spend time with him before he left for good. =(


thinking wht to pose. lol

Andy's fingers.. =.=... haha. like wht andrea said..andy aint fit to be e Bboy. aha.

Sugs said he's more like e Batty Boy. hahahaha.. thats wht he kept saying the whole day. batty boys this and tht.. =P

Last picture with him. =(
Missing him already..

Anyways, thanks alot you. :)
no need to list out what for.
We both know why. =P

"Dat bus got come here one.!" haha. =]
No doubt one day.!