Friday, August 07, 2009

My Interesting Sunday. =)

Its me again! x)
missed me?! hahaha.
Yesh yesh. i've been a good girl and studied the whole week and didn't touch the com for the whole week. xD what to do? trials are coming my way. So anyways. i had a pretty interesting Sunday. =)

First up. Church! =D

Lookie lookie who came.
Aaron Pereira! =D ahaha. been long since i've last taken a picture with him. =P

Jovenne darlyn. =)

After church, we ACTUALLY planned to go bagan nalang. but canceled. coz too maa fan and rush. plus i heard it isnt a nice place. so anyways.. aunt fetched us from church and we went to pick kok sime up.

Celine: Wei, coming now. get dressed.
Kok Sime : WHAT?! i havent got anything ready!
Not long after. he called. xD so kan ciong. =.=! hahaha..

Neways.. Went to Jalan Ipoh for Dim Sum.

My family used to go there alot. but their dim sum quality isn't as good anymore. =(

So we weren't satisfied and had cendol nearby. =D

Can u believe it?! it was Benroy's and Kok Sime's first time eating cendol EVER! zomg. O.O bukan malaysians ni. hahah.

caught a super girlie picture of ks looking at the uncle make cendol. LOL. he's gonna kill me for this. =X


Then we had slurpy! =D

If i recall correctly, 3 years ago my aunt wanted to bring me and benroy to the Pusat Sains Negara but it was closed. So i never went there ever since. BUT BUT BUT.. =D


My favourite part! =)

Beautiful isnt it? =)

Okay so i was holding my camera.. wanted to snap a pic of benroy. but he woudn't stop walking. so he continued walking on thatbridge that was dark and all. and when he reached a paticular distance, some spot light there suddenly turned on and i saw benroy freaked out and running in my direction.

My first reaction?
seriously. from my view. it was hillarious. haha. =P

So what was it that benroy saw?

TADAAAAAA~! a fake orang utan! LOLOLOL! =P
*again, he's gonna kill me for this. =P*

The next part. Biology and all.


Cloning room

All bout the marine life. it was like some cinema. LOL.

And my favourite!

Z electric stand! pretty cool huh? =)

The roof! =)

I sesat. i wasn't suppose to be INSIDE the spider web.. but...

ON it. hahahaha. =P

Benroy. Officially corrupted. lol.


i like. =P

this thing right. it was all black. and they asked us to look into the glass to find something and push the button and this came out. =.=. but nah. didn't freak me out. expected it! =P

we were in the cave and suddenly a black glass became tht. some cave man. and the recorded tape was talking about them cave mans. lol.

you know wht. i somehow like this picture. i think its the best picture tht i have with u so far ks. hahahaha. everytime take picture with you = PHAILED. xD

So anyways. we came across this really interesting game called MINDBALL!

Apparently, the player with the most calm brian waves will push the ball to the other player's side and when it reaches their circle they lose.

and seriously. concentration was really needed. there was this chart. brain wave thing. and it showed that i was SUPER STRESS. but i was really calm. so it shows how much goes on in my head though i look normal outside. HAAH.

Benroy tried to stay as calm as he could.

going.. going...

Gone! hahaha. failed. xD

there. my one is on the right. teruk . hahahaha.

I found a solution though. i tried smilling and laughing continously and i actually won! hahahaha...

This shows how much smilling actually helps us to relax! i think. xD

=D okay. the reason for so many shots was coz benroy and ah sun jie playeda never ending game. the ball went here.. then there.. and back again. T_T

yay. i think i somehow look kinda tall here. HAHAHA.
or not. whatever. =P

Okay. this pose was actually suppose to potray us dancing. but it turned out as if we were doing some REXONA advertisement. =.=!

My knight and shinning armour~ xD

okay. at this part. things were pretty much BORING. =P seriously. and benroy is NOT 9.95kg. siao meh. hahahaa.

another fun thing. the disappearing box or smth. hahahahaa.


now u see me.

now u dont! xD

okay. the place my aunt is standing. yeah. tht spot is totally ECHO-FIED. hahahaha. seriously cool. =)

So this was the last spot we headed. but..

it was restricted?

but obviously we didn't care. HAHA. =P

bought ice cream and bread and picnic-ed there. FOR A WHILE. not untill..

tons of Mosquito started feeding on us! especially kok sime. lol. 6 bites on the spot! O.O

we ciao-ed immeadiately. haha. so yes that was my Sunday. =D

Tuesday, my chemistry teacher treated a few of us Red House AJKs to pizza! whee! =D

My idea. Shhh. =P hahahaha.
my teacher was like.. "omg.. why did i bring them" hahahah! =P

constipation! xD

marilyn likes to snap candids. hahahaha...

and a picture benroy took. lol. FAG. =.=

So if u've noticed. i havent been AS active as i was. thats coz trials are around the corner and that goes the same for SPM. so yeah. computer only on weekends for me now. =) and the rest of the days.. = Study like omgggness. hahahahaha.

So to make it up to my dear readers! its a long entry every week for ya. =D
btw btw! i totally loved today. =)
And i'm awaiting Sunday! ^^


a date to remember? =)

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