Saturday, August 15, 2009

Broga Hill. 9 Aug 09

Hey darlings. =)
lets just say, i had an awesome friday, saturday and sunday.
7,8,9 august. =) Friday was just hillarious.
everything fell in place. =)
Saturday.. had a day out with ah sun jie. and i got smth.
Smth i wanted eversince august last year.

Woooohoooo~! =)
i finally got it.! =) made it at Bream Mall. Ah sun jie bought it for me. Thanks loads for the wonderfuld day out! =)

Woke up early to fry nuggets! haha. =P
Fish and KS followed us to RLC. the church ah sun jie attends.

Then we met up with Qu An jie at cheras and headed to Kajang, Semenyir.. in search for Broga Hill! wooot! ;) when Sugin and Janning heard tht i was heading for Broga Hill in the afternoon. they went "WHOA. do u know how HOT it is right now?!" hahaha. indeed. it was flaming hot. haha.

YESH! finally reached. haha. =P

The start.

Half way. it was burning hot. and they tired d. lol. they rested a while.. Brothers and I went on. well not tht far. of course we waited.

Qu An and Fish resting. they died. xD

wht KS did on the mountain? talk on the phone. Good reception ey. LOL.

SMART. i should've brought an umbrella too. Pfft.

a butterfly sat next to me. sat/landed. whtever la. hahahahaa. din get a good shot tho.

seriously. the rock was high above the ground. lol. dun wry. i aint gonna commit suicide. nonono. =P


i wan e DSLR. =P

Spot benson.

another one. talking on the phone. wats with guys climbing hills and talking on the phones. =.=.

When we reached the top we... ATE! xD
we woke up early to prepare smth.

kok sime prepared this. =.=. good try. hahaa.
he swore he fried it. but they believed he boiled it. LOL.
some wrinkled hot dog.
but it tasted normal. =D

Fish and Benroy made sandwiches. =)

and my oh-so-filled-with-love-nuggets! hahhahaha. =P

we climbed till tht tip. tht middle one. see it?

this middle one. =D

OH YA. on the way down right. GUESS WHO I BUMPED INTO?! i bumped into the SALAK SOUTH people who came for AFC BOOT CAMP 2007! like. WHOA! hahahahahaha.. when we were going down they were going up. and i stood there hugging each of them as they went up. passing by me. imagine the sweat they collected from me. HAHAHAHAHAH. more like ABSORBED. =X Sry guys! hahaha. =P

After tht. we were super super thirsty. and .. =)

we had coconut! woot! =)

the group tht went. =)

so we said goodbye to Qu An jie and went to Desa Parkcity to finish off the food we brought. hahaa.

getting ready to spring in the air...


cool shot of benroy. just tht. me and ah sun jie kinda spoiled the pic. =P

See KS's tummy? actually its not la. but we now know hw he'd look like years from now. wahahahahahaha. jkjk. =P

not bad right?! i kick quite high. nyahahah.

last pic there. =)

then we headed to metro prima for steamboat! woot!

and lastly.. my.. shoe. =(

somehow i always end up with strings or rubber bands on my shoe/s. rawr.

so yep.
that was mua day. =) or weekend. haha.
after tht. the week was a stressful one. my school got 2 confirmed h1n1 case but i dun seem to really pay heed to it. everyone got paranoid and didn't come school or wore mask. but the unlogic part was when.. everyone took off their mask in the canteen to eat.

now, tell me whats the difference? lol.
whtever it. =D just take care of ur health k darls? =)
i'm leading worship tomorrow. should be sleeping! =X =P
good morning darlings. =)

& she has only one lover tonight. =)

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