Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kimberley Ong Jing Ling. =)

This entry is specially posted for Miss Kimberley Ong Jing Ling. =)


The first time i met her was during one of my dance performances during the christmas season in JB, Plaza Pelangi. =) See me and her? LOL. i'm in the pink bendana. she's beside me. =) i only knew her name and thats all at that time. =P
the first time we met, 19.12.2004.

then we got closer in 2005. =)
but during 2005 i hardly took pictures. and we hardly got to met. we got closer online through friendster and msn and she eventually became my God Sis. =)

December 20th, another one of my dance performances in JB, City Square. I rmb that day clearly. the day i cried infront of SO MANY PEOPLE. =/ I hardly cried, but tht was the 2nd time that week that i cried so badly infront of a bunch of people. That time, i just got back from KL. Planet Shakers Conference 2006. i cried the first time went i got to KL coz of smth. and i cried when i reached JB before my performance started. coz of smth serious also. and coz i was not focused, i totally messed up my dance performance that night. =( it was a baaaad baaad day man.

I was still sobbing then. =/ and Kim darling was saying stuffs like
: who dare bully my mei! i give them one punch or smth. hahahahaa. =)

my eyes. O.O

She made me smile in the end. =)

We got more and more close. =)
we got so close that we were practically like twins! =) we would coincidencely say the same thing, think the same thing at the same time. =)

i still rmb this was the day we got our purple rings. hahaha. =) at city square.

November 21, 2007. the day we got our lockhearts! =)

she was always there for me. =)

unseperable. =)

Darlyn at my 15th Birthday. =)

our last outing in JB before i left for KL.
december 28th 2007!

No matter how far we were, we grew even closer.
Out of sight, out of mind. That idiom totally didn't represent us. =P Like i said, we were and ARE inseperable. =)

May Hollies! =)

June. =)

December Hollies! =)

Hahhaa. we're super high and crazy together every single time we meet up. =)

The best friend, sister, twin, sugaa. =)

Seriously, the further apart we were the closer we got! we even started to feel each other's pain. cant explain how or why but we just do! seriously. when she's having a bad day i'd feel it too. and vice versa. =)

Cant believe time passed so fast and we've been friend for 5 years now! =)

March Hollies at her house. =)

and then she came up to KL to study! wohoooo! =) how awesome can life get?! hahahahaha.. =)

This little darlyn came all the way to Kepong Jusco by ktm and lrt just to teach me addmaths! coz i such so badly at it. But she is so totally helping me improve! =) seriously. hahahahaa..

And she is STILL teaching me addmaths EVERY MONDAY! can u believe how tired she'd be? taking lrt then ktm to kepong after college? =/ How can anyone in the world not love this little darling.?! hahaha. =)

Us at the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Premier! =)
we went for Terminator too, but i forgot to upload the pic. hahahahaa. =P

and the most most most recent outing, Sunway Red Box!!! =)

we celebrated her Birthday earlier coz she wouldn't be around during her birthday week. =) boy did we have fun! and we sang our lungs out seriously! hahahahaha.. the videos were so ...@_@. hahahahahahaa.. but they put a smile on my face everytime i see em. =P great times! and if u scroll down u can see an entry when she came to my house at 11.20pm JUST because i was very stressed up and down. T_T sniffx. friends like her, are just, PRECIOUS seriously.

Kimberley darling, you were always there with me throught thick and thin, rain or shine. u seriously stuck with me till the end and u still do now. =) both of us thought that it was just some.. momentary thing at the begining, but now we both know for sure that we're FOREVER! =) I love u twin! she's just one hawt, crazy,Super smart, unique, special, hyper, random , cute, pretty girl that God sent to me and i'm gonna keep her for as long as i can. hahahahaha. now i sound like some kidnapper or smth. xDDDDDDD =P

knowing you,made me happy in a million ways, and if i ever have to let u go one day, i'd find a million reasons to make u stay.

she's totally like my sister from another mother. and words cant describe the things we have shared. hahahahaha...AND THERE ARE A THOUSAND GAZZILLION BILLION more to come! =)

HAPPY 18th Birthday Baby!
Your finally LEGAL! ;)
we've tons of outtings to repay once i'm done with SPM.



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