Thursday, August 13, 2009

I miss those times!

I miss times like these!
I miss jamming with my siblings and the core dudes.

this feelings been missing for way too long.
I need to reignite. I need to go back.
I wanna come back.

trials are around the corner and i've been trying my best to cover everything.
i dunno why but i've been feeling rather neutral.
not sad not happy. like i cant feel anything. haha. seriously.
i dunno why, but whenever i feel neutral i think smth's wrong with me. =P
ahh i dunno.

But i guess. its coz i'm spritually dry.
yes. i admit it. i've been away.. for quite a long time..
i've not been able to feel His presence for a period of time already..
and i feel really.. really.. sighs. i dunno..
whtever it is. i'm trying to go back..
please pray for me aite.

and my family.
Thanks y'all.

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