Sunday, August 23, 2009


Today was a pretty sad Sunday. =(
it was 'the' sunday when Andy had to finally go back home.
time flew so fast. too fast. =/
the one thing tht he said during his sorta goodbye speech in church was tht..
"its funny how it doesn't feel like i'm going back home but leaving home instead."
wont say much. =X pictures will do the talking.

poor guy got a zit on his last day here when everyone would wanna take a pic withhim. =P

went for lunch with the group and then headed back to church. coz had to teach dance. and after that, i went over to Andy's place to spend time with him before he left for good. =(


thinking wht to pose. lol

Andy's fingers.. =.=... haha. like wht andrea said..andy aint fit to be e Bboy. aha.

Sugs said he's more like e Batty Boy. hahahaha.. thats wht he kept saying the whole day. batty boys this and tht.. =P

Last picture with him. =(
Missing him already..

Anyways, thanks alot you. :)
no need to list out what for.
We both know why. =P

"Dat bus got come here one.!" haha. =]
No doubt one day.!

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