Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mixed Up Feelings.

Hey.. yeah.. =(

im currently having mixed up feelings..
Im glad im busy with jobs so tht i can earn money..
at the same time wish i was free-er to meet up with friends tht have asked me out ages least before class resume.. my classes punya timing super off lorh.. sighs..

sides tht.. ITS THT FEELING AGAIN.!!!
only my Twin noes what tht feeling is about..
and how it feels.. but she's in Hong Kong now..
hope she's having fun! BUT I MISS HER LAH! =(

anddddddddd....... i dunno larh..
its that point of the time when you are just mixed up inside lah...

And our meeting yday ws kinda disappointing.
sighs. =( its likee.. i really dunno wht to say to you anymore?
maybe coz of the way you talk i guess..
became so rude? but after tht on the way back u were finee..
u toned down. but during dinner was just.. =(


yeah.. like tht. whts inside.. like i wanna explain..
but so mixed up.. it becomes like..ahsbdalkjdlajdlajd;aksd...

another meaningless pointless entry. Bahhh.

2 Days to go.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

3 days till A New year! =)

Hey hey guys!

Christmas has passed and i cant believe tht im still so occupied and busy... =S
yup yup, am still teaching dance in USJ12. travelling there is the part i really dislike..
but i guess its alright since my transport cost are covered..
tho..i reli wish the ktm was more efficient.. T_T
it takes me 1 hour and a half just to get to Subang.. @_@

BUT NVM! continue this..
and very soon! hopefully after CNY..
I'll be able to earn enough to earn myself a laptop of my own.
Im only aiming at 1K plus one.. but can use, can edy la. =D

Many people will start judging the fact tht i wanna get myself a laptop..
I know so.
But i have my reasons.

will blog again soon when i have the chance to use the com!

Have a great New Year's Eve / New year!

Monday, December 20, 2010



whoaaa has time been flying!!! i cant believe that AFC's finally done with all performances already! besides being busy with outreaches, been busy with work! hahaha yesssshh.. tho the jobs tht i have lately are all teachin n choreographing dances for companies..=)

yep! its so cool to be able to do what i love and earn some cash at the same time. hahaa its like a bonus! =P yesterday i had to teach THE TWIST! to a P-ramlee song called Bunyi Gitar. hahaha goshhh! when i first heard the song i was like .. O.O wow? LOL. lately all the dances i had to choreo to were completely out of my comfort zone.. not hip hop no. but alot of weird old songs.. and a new song.. "Nobody" by wonder girls. yyessss i noeeee! i never saw myself teaching any dance to tht song.. hahahaa.. i used to be annoyed with it even. Anyways! abt the P-ramlee one.. its was yday.. and they were taking a video shoot.. it was for Head & Shoulders. and so i thought everyone this and tht and all.. and suddenly i also got pulled in the video shooting. hahaha.. and maaaaan.. u noe wht happened? when we saw wht the video man had taken.. i was suprised to see tht at first he showed the whole picture of everyone and then zoomed into me till the end of the song. i was like OMGOSH WHY?!!!

felt bad leh.. =S
So yeah we were dancing with wigsss and shades.. it was fun .! =)
then at night we had our last performance at Subang Parade..
and tht was the end of AFC's performances for 2010!

recently.. alot of thoughts have been running thru my mind..
so many tht i just wanna blog em all out.. but u noe how..
we just tend to forget when we finally have the chance to blog. haha..
anywayssss! im like.. SOOOO BROKE WEIH!
coz of all the christmas prezzies..
but nvm. its worth it when i get to make so many ppl happy. =D

i've also managed to meet up with Kaw!
one of my close friends from JB..
havent seen him for a year! the last time wasnt counted..
coz he saw me when i was performing on stage in Timesquare..
but had to leave right didnt get to talk.. =(
but yeah! i had a really great time.. =)

tho theres still tonnes of people whom i owe them outings! =S
Like aaron ong who came back from aussie..
apple! who suddenly gave me shocking news.. =(
marilyn whom i've not seen in ages..
and chua chi wing who never asked me go out! pfft!
havent even sat in his car before.. =(
and boon sin! when shall we meet?!
i also really wanna go back to JB for a few days..
to see my nephewww!!! and sister..
and Eunice Tan! and Karyn Ong! bryan yong!
and so many other people in JB!
but money is holding me back..
also! me college peeps! hahaha.. we agreed to go out one day during our break..

sides tht, now tht im done with the other company..
i've one more company left.. Tohtonku.
they're the ones who produces Follow Me shampoos and stuffs..
And those Nutox facial products and many more..
i've to teach them dance for a competition/dinner.
guess wht the songs are? WO YAO NI DE AI, CHA SHA BAO and Nobody.
wo yao ni de ai is the one tht goes..

wo yaoooo~ wo yaoo ni~~~ wo yaaao ni de ai~!
YEAH. tht one.. and omgosh cha sha bao?! ahhh..
yessss yessss hahahhaha super old songs..
but it'll fun as well i guess.. =)

so even during this week before christmas.. i'd be busy teaching dances and all.. next week also before new year.. tho there are certain days when im not teaching..

i've still not finish my choreography yet! =S gotta finish everything by today weih. pressureeeeeee! =SSSSS! so i shall stop blogging now. hahahaa.. i'll try to upload some pictures! will try! =)


Monday, December 13, 2010

First Vlog? =)

Hello people! been busy! didn't have the time to upload pictures here or to blog! so i just decided to do a vlog. =D my first ever vlog. hahaa.. anyways, hope you dont mind the messy hair,weird voice,bad lighting and sleepy/sick face.. =P recorded this with my handphone. =P not bad lah for a handphone. hehe. i didnt bother to go beautify myself. hahahaa.. i ws abt to sleep after i showered and sudd decide to do this vlog. =P

10th December.


Monday, December 06, 2010

Time for Outreaches again! =)

Hey guys! sorry for being Missing in action lately!
Classes started and A2 is not a semester where u can play around.
well, actually.. u can. but not something i wanna do..
So anyways.. BESIDES studying..

i've been working AND dancing as well! yes i know..
classes started but yes im still working on certain days..
ie: class is at 3pm. i work from 9am till 2pm and then ciao straight for class.

dont worry. i'll only be doing this on and off..
wont be a permanent thing. i know i know i should concentrate on studies..
i am. just certain days when they need ppl only i'll work.

AFC had our first outreach yesterday at TROPICANA CITY MALL. and tomorrow, 7th dec will be our second outreach. it'll also be at TCM, 3pm! so do come by if you're somewhere nearby, or u just wanna support. hehe. =D the first outreach went quite alright.. but it could've been btr! so yeah..

hope tomorrow we'll do better..=D and i've fallen sick! sore throat flu slight fever and cough. But i belive that by tomorrow i'll be much better! =) and also.. i've been getting alot of new stuffs. heheee.. =DD like the turqoise hoodie up there? its my late birthday prezzie from joe.. =) also sheryl lent me her camera again. haha. just like tht start of the year. i also got a bagpack from sheryl.. =) i finally found heels that fit my feet! and it ws only 20rm. dont u just love sales?! LOL. not tht i shop alot anyways. just so happy i finally found heels tht fit my feet perfectly. and its sooo comfortable! =))))

wht else? hmm.. cant think of anything at the moment. but i guess im alright really tho im without a camera or a wallet. ah yes! talking about a wallet. i bought those.. rm4 net-ish zipped purse/wallet? no idea. but yeah. its good. =D got myself a new bottle. guess its colour? DUH RIGHT? hahaha.. purple bottle again. =D im kinda back on track again. =) its good. and i've been using my Nokia X2 as my camera and video camera recently.. ALOT. i kinda like using my phone as my camera now.. convenient and the quality really isn't tht bad ! =)) im actually considering of getting myself a video cam instead of a camera when im better off, this time round. but FIRST. I really needa get myself a laptop. so yup yup. save save save saveeeeeee.

aite. enough blogging for the night.gotta get myself loads of rest to be pumped up for tomorrow's outreach! and heres our schedule or outreaches!


7th December.

Tropicana City Mall - 3pm

11th December.

Atria (Damansara Jaya) - 2pm
Sunway Pyramid - 6pm
Selayang Mall - 8pm

12th December.

ioi mall (puchong) - 2pm
Sunway Pyramid - 6pm

18th December.

Sunway Giza - 1.30pm
ioi Boulevard - 8.30pm

19th December.

Subang Parade - 8.30pm


So yup! do drop by or come support if you're free! =)
See you guys~!