Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mixed Up Feelings.

Hey.. yeah.. =(

im currently having mixed up feelings..
Im glad im busy with jobs so tht i can earn money..
at the same time wish i was free-er to meet up with friends tht have asked me out ages least before class resume.. my classes punya timing super off lorh.. sighs..

sides tht.. ITS THT FEELING AGAIN.!!!
only my Twin noes what tht feeling is about..
and how it feels.. but she's in Hong Kong now..
hope she's having fun! BUT I MISS HER LAH! =(

anddddddddd....... i dunno larh..
its that point of the time when you are just mixed up inside lah...

And our meeting yday ws kinda disappointing.
sighs. =( its likee.. i really dunno wht to say to you anymore?
maybe coz of the way you talk i guess..
became so rude? but after tht on the way back u were finee..
u toned down. but during dinner was just.. =(


yeah.. like tht. whts inside.. like i wanna explain..
but so mixed up.. it becomes like..ahsbdalkjdlajdlajd;aksd...

another meaningless pointless entry. Bahhh.

2 Days to go.


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