Monday, December 13, 2010

First Vlog? =)

Hello people! been busy! didn't have the time to upload pictures here or to blog! so i just decided to do a vlog. =D my first ever vlog. hahaa.. anyways, hope you dont mind the messy hair,weird voice,bad lighting and sleepy/sick face.. =P recorded this with my handphone. =P not bad lah for a handphone. hehe. i didnt bother to go beautify myself. hahahaa.. i ws abt to sleep after i showered and sudd decide to do this vlog. =P

10th December.



  1. i like your vlog.. good try :)

    p/s: especially when you showed that the kipling monkey can suck its thumb :P


  2. Awwww.. My PURPLE BARNEH! that was soooo sweeet. And yes. it's our couple keychain. XD You just recorded down what happened at PC Fair for me. Heeee... i had a good time with you and benroy and the other guy...errr..joe or jo something. Heee.. Me *hearts* you~

  3. Hahahaha did u know tht it could suck its thumb?! i didnt noe! hahahaha..

    I MISS YOU! hope im seeing u tmr!

    Cherlyn: hahahahahaha.. where did cha hang ur couple keychain?! mines still in the plstic.. hahahahaa.. =P

  4. hahaha.. yeah i actually did.. and did you know that the thumb can stick into the other hand??? hahahaha!

    I MISS YOU TOO! :)