Monday, December 06, 2010

Time for Outreaches again! =)

Hey guys! sorry for being Missing in action lately!
Classes started and A2 is not a semester where u can play around.
well, actually.. u can. but not something i wanna do..
So anyways.. BESIDES studying..

i've been working AND dancing as well! yes i know..
classes started but yes im still working on certain days..
ie: class is at 3pm. i work from 9am till 2pm and then ciao straight for class.

dont worry. i'll only be doing this on and off..
wont be a permanent thing. i know i know i should concentrate on studies..
i am. just certain days when they need ppl only i'll work.

AFC had our first outreach yesterday at TROPICANA CITY MALL. and tomorrow, 7th dec will be our second outreach. it'll also be at TCM, 3pm! so do come by if you're somewhere nearby, or u just wanna support. hehe. =D the first outreach went quite alright.. but it could've been btr! so yeah..

hope tomorrow we'll do better..=D and i've fallen sick! sore throat flu slight fever and cough. But i belive that by tomorrow i'll be much better! =) and also.. i've been getting alot of new stuffs. heheee.. =DD like the turqoise hoodie up there? its my late birthday prezzie from joe.. =) also sheryl lent me her camera again. haha. just like tht start of the year. i also got a bagpack from sheryl.. =) i finally found heels that fit my feet! and it ws only 20rm. dont u just love sales?! LOL. not tht i shop alot anyways. just so happy i finally found heels tht fit my feet perfectly. and its sooo comfortable! =))))

wht else? hmm.. cant think of anything at the moment. but i guess im alright really tho im without a camera or a wallet. ah yes! talking about a wallet. i bought those.. rm4 net-ish zipped purse/wallet? no idea. but yeah. its good. =D got myself a new bottle. guess its colour? DUH RIGHT? hahaha.. purple bottle again. =D im kinda back on track again. =) its good. and i've been using my Nokia X2 as my camera and video camera recently.. ALOT. i kinda like using my phone as my camera now.. convenient and the quality really isn't tht bad ! =)) im actually considering of getting myself a video cam instead of a camera when im better off, this time round. but FIRST. I really needa get myself a laptop. so yup yup. save save save saveeeeeee.

aite. enough blogging for the night.gotta get myself loads of rest to be pumped up for tomorrow's outreach! and heres our schedule or outreaches!


7th December.

Tropicana City Mall - 3pm

11th December.

Atria (Damansara Jaya) - 2pm
Sunway Pyramid - 6pm
Selayang Mall - 8pm

12th December.

ioi mall (puchong) - 2pm
Sunway Pyramid - 6pm

18th December.

Sunway Giza - 1.30pm
ioi Boulevard - 8.30pm

19th December.

Subang Parade - 8.30pm


So yup! do drop by or come support if you're free! =)
See you guys~!

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