Monday, December 20, 2010



whoaaa has time been flying!!! i cant believe that AFC's finally done with all performances already! besides being busy with outreaches, been busy with work! hahaha yesssshh.. tho the jobs tht i have lately are all teachin n choreographing dances for companies..=)

yep! its so cool to be able to do what i love and earn some cash at the same time. hahaa its like a bonus! =P yesterday i had to teach THE TWIST! to a P-ramlee song called Bunyi Gitar. hahaha goshhh! when i first heard the song i was like .. O.O wow? LOL. lately all the dances i had to choreo to were completely out of my comfort zone.. not hip hop no. but alot of weird old songs.. and a new song.. "Nobody" by wonder girls. yyessss i noeeee! i never saw myself teaching any dance to tht song.. hahahaa.. i used to be annoyed with it even. Anyways! abt the P-ramlee one.. its was yday.. and they were taking a video shoot.. it was for Head & Shoulders. and so i thought everyone this and tht and all.. and suddenly i also got pulled in the video shooting. hahaha.. and maaaaan.. u noe wht happened? when we saw wht the video man had taken.. i was suprised to see tht at first he showed the whole picture of everyone and then zoomed into me till the end of the song. i was like OMGOSH WHY?!!!

felt bad leh.. =S
So yeah we were dancing with wigsss and shades.. it was fun .! =)
then at night we had our last performance at Subang Parade..
and tht was the end of AFC's performances for 2010!

recently.. alot of thoughts have been running thru my mind..
so many tht i just wanna blog em all out.. but u noe how..
we just tend to forget when we finally have the chance to blog. haha..
anywayssss! im like.. SOOOO BROKE WEIH!
coz of all the christmas prezzies..
but nvm. its worth it when i get to make so many ppl happy. =D

i've also managed to meet up with Kaw!
one of my close friends from JB..
havent seen him for a year! the last time wasnt counted..
coz he saw me when i was performing on stage in Timesquare..
but had to leave right didnt get to talk.. =(
but yeah! i had a really great time.. =)

tho theres still tonnes of people whom i owe them outings! =S
Like aaron ong who came back from aussie..
apple! who suddenly gave me shocking news.. =(
marilyn whom i've not seen in ages..
and chua chi wing who never asked me go out! pfft!
havent even sat in his car before.. =(
and boon sin! when shall we meet?!
i also really wanna go back to JB for a few days..
to see my nephewww!!! and sister..
and Eunice Tan! and Karyn Ong! bryan yong!
and so many other people in JB!
but money is holding me back..
also! me college peeps! hahaha.. we agreed to go out one day during our break..

sides tht, now tht im done with the other company..
i've one more company left.. Tohtonku.
they're the ones who produces Follow Me shampoos and stuffs..
And those Nutox facial products and many more..
i've to teach them dance for a competition/dinner.
guess wht the songs are? WO YAO NI DE AI, CHA SHA BAO and Nobody.
wo yao ni de ai is the one tht goes..

wo yaoooo~ wo yaoo ni~~~ wo yaaao ni de ai~!
YEAH. tht one.. and omgosh cha sha bao?! ahhh..
yessss yessss hahahhaha super old songs..
but it'll fun as well i guess.. =)

so even during this week before christmas.. i'd be busy teaching dances and all.. next week also before new year.. tho there are certain days when im not teaching..

i've still not finish my choreography yet! =S gotta finish everything by today weih. pressureeeeeee! =SSSSS! so i shall stop blogging now. hahahaa.. i'll try to upload some pictures! will try! =)


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