Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Birthday Wishlist. =P

Haha.Hey hey Lo!
To stop me from blogging till exams..
i shall put a birthday wishlist here as requested for.. =)
smth i dont want to be pushed down. mwahahahaha.. =P


My Wish List

Purple/Green canvas shoes.Those Jazz Star type.My red ones r dead. D:
Headphones to run with or those hang on ears headphones. =)
Bag Pack. Those normal ones! not the travelling type.
Go eat at a Sushi restaurant! =D
Play Paintball!
Go for Paramoreeeeeeee! =PPPP
The Purple Turtle Neck in ECHO park!
Shades tht wont Spoil my eyes. haha.
Dinner at Look Out Point! (nvr been there b4!) Kim reserved.LOL.
White Heels (those slip in kind,no buckles/straps) =P
Red hiphop-ish sweat pants? =D
Purple/Navy Blue hoodie.(bt those thin material typed.smth i can wear all the time.My hoodie nw is thick like crazie i hardly ever wear it..HOT weih.. D: )
Hard Driveeeeeee/Disssk!!!
A nicesh bottle. =)
Those speaker for my Ipod? /portable speakers?
& most needed of all.. A laptop/Dekstop.

T_T Knw any cheap good ones? or any1 who wanna sell off theirs tht is still usable or smth? i plan to work after exams to get one or smth. =/

Haha. so yesh! for those who requested, there you go. =)
Ahhh.. i just read back my last year's bday entry..
and saw my ASUS 3 week old laptop tht mummy got for me..
and that got stolen after 3 friggin weeks of usage. =(
sighs. Oh wells. shit happens.. =(
NVM. like i said. i'll get back everything tht i lost!
Only, BETTER. =D

Pray for me and my exams dear readers!
Thank You,So much! =)


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Because of DANCE, I Love Saturdays. =)

Hello everyone! Sry tht i've been away for quite a while now.. As some of you know, i fell really sick. Blogged abt it in my previous entry. It took me a whole week to get better,regain my energy and to eat normally again. But im better now, Praise God. =) thx for all e prayers too!

Anyways! 2 reasons y i've been away!
#1: i haven't had any access to a computer even before i fell sick. So my previous entry was typed out with my phone. awesome phone i have eyh? Haha. Am using it to blog this entry right nw. Hehe.
#2: My exams are SERIOUSLY SUPER DUPER NEAR alrdy! Omgosh time is flying so fast that i cant cope fast enough!

So yes, i have been studying alot.. And i guess its both a good n bad thing tht i hv no access to a computer for nw. tho before this i had really urgent things i needed to finish with e computer but anyways Thank God that i have a caring lil bro tht was kind enough to let me use his computer when i needed to. Haha. So yesh! Like always. alot of things has been going on. I mean, come on. This is.. LIFE. Haha.. theres always SOMETHING tht goes on/happens everyday.

But im jst really happy tht so far my studying process have been working out well so far. Exams are in 2 weeks more! Yes! Two weeks only! So yup. I cant afford to waste even an hour. Haha. If i said a second or a minute tht'd be unrealistic nw wouldn't it? =P

Also, i have been REALLY broke lately. So i dunno, but this is also mayb a good thing that im broke.. FOR NOW at least. It prevents me from going out to catch a movie or smth like tht. Haha. But even if i did have the money, im proud to say tht i'd have good self control. =D
Right now, studies are wayy more important than most of the worldly things around me. Tho.... PARAMORE could be an exception! =P hahahahahhaa...

When they come down to KL, i'd be in the midst of exams but maybe.. Jst maybe i'd have some time to spare. =P hehe. Anyhoo.. My exams starts on the 11th of Oct! Sighs. 1 day before the 12th! My birthday.. =( but at least i've no paper/exam on the 12th. Exams are on the 11th,15th,27th,29th,3rd and 10th.

Yup. So i'll still celebrate my birthday anyhoo! =P how n do wht? I've completely no idea yet. HOWever... I DO HAVE A BIRTHDAY WISHLIST IN MIND.. =d HEHEHE.. *hint hint* =P i'll put it up soon if i have the time. Haha. Pfft! =P

And about my blog title! I had dance class today with Celica as usual. And in the choreo there was a part where we had to do front rolls and back rolls and it wasnt THAT easy! But of course with prac it gets easier. I was really happy today because i managed to do BOTH the front roll n back roll! At first i could only do the front roll.. But after i prac and try countless times.. I finally managed to do the back roll together with the front roll..! And when i managed to do it the first time, i shouted 'YES!' and My dance teacher,Celica reached out his hand to give me a High 5!

It may just be a high 5 to some people. But tht high 5 meant alot to me! And it was really encouraging! Because for me, tht High5 was like him telling me, WELL DONE! A normal person telling me tht would make me happy. But wht more a famous/pro/good/successful dancer tht i look up to?! =) wht made me even more happy was when he told me.. ' You're the second girl i know that managed to do this' i was SO SO SO happy okay! Haha.. I mean, seriously?! haha.. I felt very happy la seriously. =) altho it hurt when i tried n tried. I didn't stop and the end product n satisfaction i got when i managed to do it was just priceless. =) felt so encouraged n i just wanna do better and better unttill it becomes my BEST! N i got to get quite a few things tht i was doing wrong RIGHT,as well today and it just felt so nice. =) So yeah. Jst wanna share my happiness in dance class today with u guys, my fellow readers. =) haha tho.. My shoulder,knee,back and waist is kinda bruised now frm all the rolling. I am.. Satisfied. :)

My passion for dance is just so unbreakable and i would really really want to take my level a notch higher and a notch higher and it never stops! =)

Also also also!
Mummy bought me a new pair of flats yday! YES! I finally found flats that were super comfortable and fit my size perfectly! And they're so pretty. =) and we got it at e good price! Coz my first/previous flats were super painful n i couldn't wear em. =( so yeah! Real happy abt tht too.! Hehe.. =)

Alrighty! Time to slp.. Goodnight goodnight! I had such a great friday n saturday. =)


Thursday, September 16, 2010

All rest & no play makes Celine a Dull Girl.

hello.. I've been really sick for the pass few days.. It all happened at 4am when i couldnt sleep still.. Was tossing n turning on my bed for the pass 4 hours.. And my skin started to hurt.. My stomache felt super bloated like it was going to explode.. O.O so i went out of the room n just lay on my bed without switching on the fan.. And there was like food stuck at my chest level.. Just felt smth there.. Suddenly i felt like vomitting..rushed to the toilet and i vomitted. Felt like crap coz the last time i ever vomitted was when i was a child.then i started purging the whole night and i couldn't sleep at all. Vomitted again in the morning.. This time i vomitted bile out..went to c the doc and he said i either had food poisoning or my stomache couldn't contain as much as i thought it could which resulted in me eating too much.

so neways,i couldn't eat anything the whole day. Only managed to eat 3 small piece of apple and drink sips of 100plus. So i was very week. At night when i went to the toilet, as i was getting up to go out my whole world suddenly started spinning and i quickly reach for the door because i didn't wwanna faint in the toilet and the doors were locked.so the min i unlock the door i blacked out n fainted. The only Thing i rmbered was the two times i hit my head real hard on dunnno where. Next thing i know.. I found myself on the floor with my legs in the toilet.. My other half of my body in my room. My head was like whoaaaahhh.. N i just sat there for a while till i could pull myself up again and walk to my bed. So yeap.

Tht was my first faint ever. Loll. When i got back to my bed i was like ohhhh...! So this is how it feels like to faint. Haha. I noe. Stupid right? Lol. Anyways.. I was reeally week larh coz i couldnt consume any food. Anyhoo, kim came to visit me at night. =) she insisted man! I told her no at first. But she said, ' i edy bought u smth n if u dun let me come i dunno where to put it.. =(' lol she ah.. Then i was like aiyaaaahhh! Okokok! XD then she came while chuan yang waited in the car. Haha. Sryyy.. Coz i dinno him n i didnt feel like meeting any friend or make new friend at this stage.. So yeah.. Spent a while with kim n guess wht she bought me? 100plus and a bottle of gatorade. =.= haha. I kena tipu. XD she say untill like she bought smth only i can consume. Anyways i slept quite alright tht night coz of my meds. And i could only play with my hp so i updated my fb status.. Abt me being sick.. And seriously. I was super touched to have such caring friends around me. Immediately lyn yie smsed me. And beng aka apple imediately called me.. She msged first. N when i replied she called.. =) nick also.. He msged the minute he found out.

Just feel so blessed to have true friends around me. Really. I've never had a friend visit me when i was sick before. =') actually, when i was in primary i did have 2 guys friends visit me when i had chicken pops but if i recall correctly they just came to see hw bad i looked. Haha. Terrible. But yeah. Qian also wanted to visit me yday but her cell ended late.

So really. Just really feel so blessed.
U noe lately, i've really started to understand what a true friend is.. Besides all the understanding and being there for u and stuffs. A true friend is when u both were damn close at one point and suddenly didnt talk or keep in touch for years. But when you both meet up again after all those years, u guys are still damn close just like how u both were those few years ago. =)

Alrighty. Time for me to rest again. Tho seriously, i rest untill my back n neck damn pain edy. T.T but need to recover asap. Exams r cominggggg!!!! N i've alot to do! So yeah. Till next time. =)

Thanks for all the prayers and care and concern.


Thursday, September 09, 2010


One of my favourite choreos by Phillip! He's choreography to Usher's There Goes My Baby. the first time i saw this video.. i totally fell in love with his choreo and the way he danced it.

His expressions .. u can see the emotions he portray when he danced to this song.. u could see that he REALLY FELT the song ! and the way he danced also made me feel the song too! just by watching him dance! =)

and not many dancers are able to do such!
u can be a very good dancer but being able to make people feel the song through ur dancing aint easy! for me, he was the first dancer tht was able to make me feel the song just by watching him dance. =)

it was so good that when i was studying, his choreo and the song kept playing in my head over and over again like a broken record! that i just HAD to come online again to see the choreo. really wish to dance like that one day. =) and to choreograph like tht as well!


when i came online tht day after studying, i typed tht as my status on FB and tagged Phillip in it coz i just added him as a friend and so yeah we're now friends on Fb. =D BUT BUT BUT! i really never expected him to comment tho! HAHA. coz alot of fans have added him in facebook leaving wall posts and stuffs that famouse people usually dont reply coz theres gazillion of em! but i guess im one of the fortunate ones! hahaha went all crazy went i saw..

"Phillip Chbeeb just comented on your status"

I WAS LIKE O.O?! hahahaha..
so yeah. was so crazie and hyper just now.
its not everyday that u get a reply/response from a person u admire that is like super famous and is dunno how many miles away and on the other side of the world! =P

hahah. and he even thanked me for it! i was like No! thank YOU! haha. cool. =)
so modest .. =P And he called me yapyap! x) how cute. hahaha..
hope to dance with one of the dancers i admire one day. =)
it can happen. its just a matter of time and place. ;)


Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Hello hello hello!
sorry for being away for so long!
been reaaal busy. haha but since when was i never busy? =P
anyhoo! alot has happened. as usual.haha..
lets see..

on 28th aug midnight!!!
i had a suprise party for both Kim and Karyn! haha.. =D
it was a total SUCCESS! YAYYY! =DDDD
i even made Karyn cryy... awwww... =))) *hugs*
and and kim couldn't stop jumping! hahahaa..
she kept jumping non-stop! xD
we then had a sleepover! finally a sleepover!
there were like super alot of people sleeping over in her hse.
hahaha.. Me,ikhwan,samuel,see wei,jo ann!
plus their sibs! shan li karyn jie kat.. and kim!

hahaha it was great..! we had a picnic on her birthday!
spent the day at kepong metropolitan park! =D
my idea! hwahahahahah! so glad she really enjoyed her bday.. =)

and sides tht there was Ban Ho's bday suprise too!
and there was my Penang trip with family!

i cant like blog properly now coz KIMS ON THE WAY..
hahahhaaa and i gtg!!!

so so till later!!