Thursday, September 09, 2010


One of my favourite choreos by Phillip! He's choreography to Usher's There Goes My Baby. the first time i saw this video.. i totally fell in love with his choreo and the way he danced it.

His expressions .. u can see the emotions he portray when he danced to this song.. u could see that he REALLY FELT the song ! and the way he danced also made me feel the song too! just by watching him dance! =)

and not many dancers are able to do such!
u can be a very good dancer but being able to make people feel the song through ur dancing aint easy! for me, he was the first dancer tht was able to make me feel the song just by watching him dance. =)

it was so good that when i was studying, his choreo and the song kept playing in my head over and over again like a broken record! that i just HAD to come online again to see the choreo. really wish to dance like that one day. =) and to choreograph like tht as well!


when i came online tht day after studying, i typed tht as my status on FB and tagged Phillip in it coz i just added him as a friend and so yeah we're now friends on Fb. =D BUT BUT BUT! i really never expected him to comment tho! HAHA. coz alot of fans have added him in facebook leaving wall posts and stuffs that famouse people usually dont reply coz theres gazillion of em! but i guess im one of the fortunate ones! hahaha went all crazy went i saw..

"Phillip Chbeeb just comented on your status"

I WAS LIKE O.O?! hahahaha..
so yeah. was so crazie and hyper just now.
its not everyday that u get a reply/response from a person u admire that is like super famous and is dunno how many miles away and on the other side of the world! =P

hahah. and he even thanked me for it! i was like No! thank YOU! haha. cool. =)
so modest .. =P And he called me yapyap! x) how cute. hahaha..
hope to dance with one of the dancers i admire one day. =)
it can happen. its just a matter of time and place. ;)


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