Thursday, September 16, 2010

All rest & no play makes Celine a Dull Girl.

hello.. I've been really sick for the pass few days.. It all happened at 4am when i couldnt sleep still.. Was tossing n turning on my bed for the pass 4 hours.. And my skin started to hurt.. My stomache felt super bloated like it was going to explode.. O.O so i went out of the room n just lay on my bed without switching on the fan.. And there was like food stuck at my chest level.. Just felt smth there.. Suddenly i felt like vomitting..rushed to the toilet and i vomitted. Felt like crap coz the last time i ever vomitted was when i was a child.then i started purging the whole night and i couldn't sleep at all. Vomitted again in the morning.. This time i vomitted bile out..went to c the doc and he said i either had food poisoning or my stomache couldn't contain as much as i thought it could which resulted in me eating too much.

so neways,i couldn't eat anything the whole day. Only managed to eat 3 small piece of apple and drink sips of 100plus. So i was very week. At night when i went to the toilet, as i was getting up to go out my whole world suddenly started spinning and i quickly reach for the door because i didn't wwanna faint in the toilet and the doors were the min i unlock the door i blacked out n fainted. The only Thing i rmbered was the two times i hit my head real hard on dunnno where. Next thing i know.. I found myself on the floor with my legs in the toilet.. My other half of my body in my room. My head was like whoaaaahhh.. N i just sat there for a while till i could pull myself up again and walk to my bed. So yeap.

Tht was my first faint ever. Loll. When i got back to my bed i was like ohhhh...! So this is how it feels like to faint. Haha. I noe. Stupid right? Lol. Anyways.. I was reeally week larh coz i couldnt consume any food. Anyhoo, kim came to visit me at night. =) she insisted man! I told her no at first. But she said, ' i edy bought u smth n if u dun let me come i dunno where to put it.. =(' lol she ah.. Then i was like aiyaaaahhh! Okokok! XD then she came while chuan yang waited in the car. Haha. Sryyy.. Coz i dinno him n i didnt feel like meeting any friend or make new friend at this stage.. So yeah.. Spent a while with kim n guess wht she bought me? 100plus and a bottle of gatorade. =.= haha. I kena tipu. XD she say untill like she bought smth only i can consume. Anyways i slept quite alright tht night coz of my meds. And i could only play with my hp so i updated my fb status.. Abt me being sick.. And seriously. I was super touched to have such caring friends around me. Immediately lyn yie smsed me. And beng aka apple imediately called me.. She msged first. N when i replied she called.. =) nick also.. He msged the minute he found out.

Just feel so blessed to have true friends around me. Really. I've never had a friend visit me when i was sick before. =') actually, when i was in primary i did have 2 guys friends visit me when i had chicken pops but if i recall correctly they just came to see hw bad i looked. Haha. Terrible. But yeah. Qian also wanted to visit me yday but her cell ended late.

So really. Just really feel so blessed.
U noe lately, i've really started to understand what a true friend is.. Besides all the understanding and being there for u and stuffs. A true friend is when u both were damn close at one point and suddenly didnt talk or keep in touch for years. But when you both meet up again after all those years, u guys are still damn close just like how u both were those few years ago. =)

Alrighty. Time for me to rest again. Tho seriously, i rest untill my back n neck damn pain edy. T.T but need to recover asap. Exams r cominggggg!!!! N i've alot to do! So yeah. Till next time. =)

Thanks for all the prayers and care and concern.


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