Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Birthday Wishlist. =P

Haha.Hey hey Lo!
To stop me from blogging till exams..
i shall put a birthday wishlist here as requested for.. =)
smth i dont want to be pushed down. mwahahahaha.. =P


My Wish List

Purple/Green canvas shoes.Those Jazz Star type.My red ones r dead. D:
Headphones to run with or those hang on ears headphones. =)
Bag Pack. Those normal ones! not the travelling type.
Go eat at a Sushi restaurant! =D
Play Paintball!
Go for Paramoreeeeeeee! =PPPP
The Purple Turtle Neck in ECHO park!
Shades tht wont Spoil my eyes. haha.
Dinner at Look Out Point! (nvr been there b4!) Kim reserved.LOL.
White Heels (those slip in kind,no buckles/straps) =P
Red hiphop-ish sweat pants? =D
Purple/Navy Blue hoodie.(bt those thin material typed.smth i can wear all the time.My hoodie nw is thick like crazie i hardly ever wear it..HOT weih.. D: )
Hard Driveeeeeee/Disssk!!!
A nicesh bottle. =)
Those speaker for my Ipod? /portable speakers?
& most needed of all.. A laptop/Dekstop.

T_T Knw any cheap good ones? or any1 who wanna sell off theirs tht is still usable or smth? i plan to work after exams to get one or smth. =/

Haha. so yesh! for those who requested, there you go. =)
Ahhh.. i just read back my last year's bday entry..
and saw my ASUS 3 week old laptop tht mummy got for me..
and that got stolen after 3 friggin weeks of usage. =(
sighs. Oh wells. shit happens.. =(
NVM. like i said. i'll get back everything tht i lost!
Only, BETTER. =D

Pray for me and my exams dear readers!
Thank You,So much! =)


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