Saturday, September 25, 2010

Because of DANCE, I Love Saturdays. =)

Hello everyone! Sry tht i've been away for quite a while now.. As some of you know, i fell really sick. Blogged abt it in my previous entry. It took me a whole week to get better,regain my energy and to eat normally again. But im better now, Praise God. =) thx for all e prayers too!

Anyways! 2 reasons y i've been away!
#1: i haven't had any access to a computer even before i fell sick. So my previous entry was typed out with my phone. awesome phone i have eyh? Haha. Am using it to blog this entry right nw. Hehe.
#2: My exams are SERIOUSLY SUPER DUPER NEAR alrdy! Omgosh time is flying so fast that i cant cope fast enough!

So yes, i have been studying alot.. And i guess its both a good n bad thing tht i hv no access to a computer for nw. tho before this i had really urgent things i needed to finish with e computer but anyways Thank God that i have a caring lil bro tht was kind enough to let me use his computer when i needed to. Haha. So yesh! Like always. alot of things has been going on. I mean, come on. This is.. LIFE. Haha.. theres always SOMETHING tht goes on/happens everyday.

But im jst really happy tht so far my studying process have been working out well so far. Exams are in 2 weeks more! Yes! Two weeks only! So yup. I cant afford to waste even an hour. Haha. If i said a second or a minute tht'd be unrealistic nw wouldn't it? =P

Also, i have been REALLY broke lately. So i dunno, but this is also mayb a good thing that im broke.. FOR NOW at least. It prevents me from going out to catch a movie or smth like tht. Haha. But even if i did have the money, im proud to say tht i'd have good self control. =D
Right now, studies are wayy more important than most of the worldly things around me. Tho.... PARAMORE could be an exception! =P hahahahahhaa...

When they come down to KL, i'd be in the midst of exams but maybe.. Jst maybe i'd have some time to spare. =P hehe. Anyhoo.. My exams starts on the 11th of Oct! Sighs. 1 day before the 12th! My birthday.. =( but at least i've no paper/exam on the 12th. Exams are on the 11th,15th,27th,29th,3rd and 10th.

Yup. So i'll still celebrate my birthday anyhoo! =P how n do wht? I've completely no idea yet. HOWever... I DO HAVE A BIRTHDAY WISHLIST IN MIND.. =d HEHEHE.. *hint hint* =P i'll put it up soon if i have the time. Haha. Pfft! =P

And about my blog title! I had dance class today with Celica as usual. And in the choreo there was a part where we had to do front rolls and back rolls and it wasnt THAT easy! But of course with prac it gets easier. I was really happy today because i managed to do BOTH the front roll n back roll! At first i could only do the front roll.. But after i prac and try countless times.. I finally managed to do the back roll together with the front roll..! And when i managed to do it the first time, i shouted 'YES!' and My dance teacher,Celica reached out his hand to give me a High 5!

It may just be a high 5 to some people. But tht high 5 meant alot to me! And it was really encouraging! Because for me, tht High5 was like him telling me, WELL DONE! A normal person telling me tht would make me happy. But wht more a famous/pro/good/successful dancer tht i look up to?! =) wht made me even more happy was when he told me.. ' You're the second girl i know that managed to do this' i was SO SO SO happy okay! Haha.. I mean, seriously?! haha.. I felt very happy la seriously. =) altho it hurt when i tried n tried. I didn't stop and the end product n satisfaction i got when i managed to do it was just priceless. =) felt so encouraged n i just wanna do better and better unttill it becomes my BEST! N i got to get quite a few things tht i was doing wrong RIGHT,as well today and it just felt so nice. =) So yeah. Jst wanna share my happiness in dance class today with u guys, my fellow readers. =) haha tho.. My shoulder,knee,back and waist is kinda bruised now frm all the rolling. I am.. Satisfied. :)

My passion for dance is just so unbreakable and i would really really want to take my level a notch higher and a notch higher and it never stops! =)

Also also also!
Mummy bought me a new pair of flats yday! YES! I finally found flats that were super comfortable and fit my size perfectly! And they're so pretty. =) and we got it at e good price! Coz my first/previous flats were super painful n i couldn't wear em. =( so yeah! Real happy abt tht too.! Hehe.. =)

Alrighty! Time to slp.. Goodnight goodnight! I had such a great friday n saturday. =)


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