Thursday, November 26, 2009

I Left my Hand and My Heart On the Dance Floor.

Est was suprisingly brain dehydrating. seriously. haha. and i finished the whole buku jawapan space for the essay. O.O but i really dislike paper 1. Each question need to read long paragraphs and need to squeeze all ur brain juice out. rawr. Then at night went Emerge for a while! =) went at 8pm so... yeah.. the hall was filled with people and we had to sit outside.but suddenly got one space inside so i rushed and managed to get in! =) POS standards this year have increased so much! the stunts are like.. Whoa! and the dance and all. its all awesome! Heard tht MINT won again, SMU 2nd, VU 3rd, LU 4th. but u all did great guys! =)

anyways on saturday.. did addmaths prac.. and on Sunday went to Klang , St.Barnabas to do publicity for camp. din dance this time coz i din go for prac. But it was a cool sunday. mingled with the youths there and met quite a few new friends. =) then we went to some selangor muzium and yeah. was pretty cool. :D went home and prac maths.

Monday had maths. it was good. =)
Tuesday had moral, was GOOD! =)
Wednesday had addmaths. It sucked. =.=....

well seriously, paper 2 was friggin hard.
ahhh.. i felt so terrible after the paper..
i just HAD to go for a jog. seriously. =(
So went desa parkcity with Marilyn.. and jogged it all out..
felt so much better after tht. and bumped into boon sin!
and he brought camera so we ended up taking pictures in the mart.
hahahaha.. everyone was looking at us. O.o and i took jumping pictures..
yes.. in the grocery stall.. hahahahaha.. its a small branch of jusco.
but anyways, smth new isnt it? =D

and outside we took pictures piggy bag-ing each other. is it back or bag?
hahah. whtever. but i had fun and felt so much better after tht.

and one thing i'll nvr forget.. this SPM.
smth so rare.. and unusual happened during my addmaths exam paper. O.O and only like 3 or 4 people knows about this. but seriously, its unforgettable. hahahaha.. cant believe wht happened. and its so shocking. O.O never ever would i have imagined or predicted what happened.

alright. Biology,Physics and Chemistry left to go. Seriously, i cant wait for SPM to be over.
and to go for camp! ahhh. dance it all outttttt! 3 subs to gooooo!!!!


Why did I change the pace? [Hearts were never meant to race.] Always felt the need for space. And now I cant reach your face. [ If we crawl, til we can walk again. Then we'll run, Until we're strong enough to jump.Then well fly,Until there is no end.So lets crawl, crawl, crawl... Back to love.] ♥

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I know i know!

k fine. i knew i said i wouldn't online till after SPM but comeee onnn man! i just finished History like.. FOREVER! hahahahaaaa... so glad history is done with. no more history for meee! wheee~! xD anyways SO MUCH has been happening k. SO MUCH. like how..

i fell sick on wednesday with gastric and sore throat.
and how i felt terrible on thursday when i got a cough, flu, body aches (terrible ones) and a high fever. T_T YET i managed to study 3 chapters of History?! now that is something freaky. ahaha. or maybe i'm just abnormal. Bleh. =P but its all good. :D

i believed many friends were praying for me.. family too coz they knew i was sick and my spm is like SUPER the near and i had to study. my condition really didn't help me revise well for the last few days k. but i suprisingly studied alot on thursday. the day i felt super sick.

So i had two days MC. and i needed to go to school on friday to get my timetable and slip for SPM and it was Majlis Restu. "Graduation" day was supposed to be on Monday. So i thought, ok. monday only bring camera. BUT NO! so happened we were given study leave for monday and tuesday. i was so sad i didn't bring camera coz i memang no mood take picture coz was sick and wore a mask. for the first time after so many years! the last time i wore a mask was during the jerebu season when i was in primary or maybe not even in primary. lol! Mask are no fun. SMELLY. HOT. WET. yeeeeeee. =P took it out in the end coz i wanted to take pictures! LAST DAY IN HIGHSCHOOL MAN!

Felt so out of this world. hahah. seriously. cant believe my highschool life is.. OVER?! too fast like a blink of an eye. but then again i'm really excited abt finishing highschool. haha. mixed feelings? yeah man. ANYWAAAY. Friday was good. felt so hyper as if i've graduated. aha. totally no mood to study tht day. and nope. din study. O.O xD Like pro or wht. NOT. no kids. its wrong. should study. aha. anyhoooo!

MONDAY. went school to take pictures with a few teachers that i missed on friday and gave certain teachers a little something. =) my favourite teachers of course. hehe. and to Serena. =) Boon Sin accompanied me in school and helped me take pictures. thank u so much boon sin! =) hahaha i wan them pictures! xD =P got a little something from mdm lim as well! =) thank u teacher! ^^ muacks! then Boon came to my house.. and we tried to study for a while but there were some conflict thingy in my hse larh. Zzz. noisy. so went to boon sin's hse to study. but i kena headache coz so tired. and yeah.. very tired larh! cant concentrate. so went home at 4pm.. couldn't study at night either. again got ANOTHER conflict thingy this time. Zzz. felt frustrated that day and night. =(

Wednesday had SPM! abit the gan jiong weih!
seriously. guess wht i did on tuesday?
i smsed. ALOT. wishing everyone all the best.
it was then that i realize i've alot of friends that are the same age as me.
and alot of ppl smsed me to get comfort coz they scared..
nervous and all. and i was there.. comforting them..
telling them CHILL K. its just papers. :D ahaaaaa...

at 11pm reality hit me and i went crazie. :D
Champion right? xD i suddenly became so gan jiong that i din study.
and didn't know what to study. and tried my best to cramp everything in.
and suddenly had massive headache..
and decided to sleep. lying on my bed, still awake.
I was thinking like, whats wrong with you Celine Yap Kah May?!
haha. then finally slept after an hour.

so yes, the next morning i was STEADY again. =)
thank God for that. =) so yes, BM was fun. :D
and History paper 1 was fun too~!
suprisingly came out after 34 minutes.
yesh. did History in 34 minutes. coz most of wht i read came out.
but then again, hope for the best, expect the worst. ;)
Came out early coz i wanted to read KOMSAS!
yesh, was BM paper 2 after tht. And i havent read the novel thingy..
rushed home, ate and studied. Paper was good. =)
COOL OR WHAT?! hahaha. felt good! =) and glad the novel din come out some alienated teknik plot and all. xD was good was good. thank God for that. Mar's brother sent me home and was so glad coz it was pouring cats and dogs and i was wearing my super white nice shoes. (the ones ur mum gave me bryan. =P yea, ur sister's ballaay like shoe) So yeah! din wan it to get all dirty and wet. =P felt so sleeepyyyy! having exam untill 4.30pm is NOT FUN. went home, sleep and din study again.

coz i felt everywhere. i didn't know what to read or study. T_T
felt lost. hate that at night feeling. the same exact feeling i had..
on tuesday night before my SPM. then had headache again.
at the very same time. WHAT IS THIS.?! =( SPMs doin smth to me. =(
lolllll... anyway in the morning when teacher was checking my temperature, she checked and said HUH?! and check again. i tot.. oh oh.. dun tell me must go quarantine room coz just recovered from fever. suddenly teacher asked me whether i was very cold. Know why? my temperature was only 28 degree celcius!! Like whoaaaaaaa? haha.

english was good. altho to be honest, i kena stun for first paper. the first question. had to do report and i stunned abt the format for a while. i did letter, than canceled and think for a while. I JUST READ IT LA! at the hall before going in i asked my friend. and i was stoning for about 10 minutes. felt abit no mood edy coz my exam paper got cancel here and there. isssssssssh. =( but yeah. it was alright in the end. second essay i did about BEAUTY. =D then english paper two i did it in 1 hour 35 minutes and i left and went home. i finished 1 hour earlier. O.O yes! i did! i checked everything over and over again. still left one hour. as i was walking home my hands and feet felt so cold. my heart beating so fast. my mind, kept thinking back whether i missed out any questions. the feeling was so weird coz i finished so fast. and checked so many times somemore. O.o anyhoo.. leaving early today was a must. why? HISTORY PAPER 2 was after that! okay. i felt super nervous for history paper 2. =.= when i was revising for the last time in the school hall my hands were cold and shaking a lil. felt so weird. reminded me of my first time doing public speaking or smth. lol history paper 2 is scaaary! xD but it was so so la. i didn't know the answer to every question but yes, i managed to answer. Instead of doing 3 essays, i did 4. because i had one hour extra to burn.

dunno whats wrong with me. i keep finishing so fast. O.o
when i finished and checked everything i still had an hour.
so i thought, why not go do another essay. i finished all the papers in the answer book. O.O! haha. weird weird weird!
and my friends told me they were scared they had not enough time. =( rawr. hope everythings okay. HOPE FOR THE BEST EXPECT THE WORST!
so yes, that was my days so far. after history paper my brain was so dried out.
dehydratioooonn! 4.30pm.. history in the evening is so not Right. brain less efficient. heh. ok ok! my blog entry super long and no pictures. and yesh its getting boring.. or not. =P but anyways i've got tons of pictures to share. u know that! =P but no time la abang kakak! SO! Await my super long blog entry after SPM. it'll be the pictures from now.. PLUS AFC camp. IMAGINE THAT! hahahaa. AND EMERGE! THIS FRIDAY! i hope i'm going coz coz my fellow P.O.S members are performing! =) competition k! and En ai darling also. =) SO YESH. hopefully i'll be there. and thennn .. MORE PICTURES! haha. kkkkkkkk.

altho est tmr. addmaths is like.. NEXT WEEK! =/
Ciao darlings. =) PRAY FOR ME STILL!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Death Is The Final Healing.

Spm is in a week. a week left to go.
So goodbye blog, goodbye internet for a whole month till 14th december. after AFC camp.

I will miss expressing everything here.
But there will be long long entries about all that will be happening.
Before i end this entry.


Happy 18th birthday! =)
I tried to sms you, but the network in Australia wouldn't let me or smth!
So heres your second birthday wish.
miss ya tons and i shall see you very very soon!

Till then people, Keep Me In Prayer!
My family, and the Siew Family.


Bitter Sweet.

7th November 2009.

it was mum's 52nd birthday! i really thank God for giving me such a good,loving,kind,generous,funny,cheerful mother. I wouldn't trade her for anyone else! she's really just.. the BEST ever ever ever mummy. i could ever ask for. Sorry Ma that things didn't really go the way it should that day. Felt like a failure coz i failed to give u the day of your life. =( but i'm happy i got to cheer u up both times you felt so down. aaah. nvm. it has passed. Just felt really crappy really. You give me the world and i wish i could do the same for you. Of course, this birthday was not one of the best birthday. But do not worry! YOU'LL HAVE TONS MORE TO CELEBRATE WITH ME! =) and i'll try to give you the best birthdays i can. I love you so much ma. Thank you so much for everything. You know, although i see you everyday, i miss u alot when you're at work. =/ i really dont know what i'd do without this beautiful woman. =) I LOVE YOU MUMMY!!!


On the very same day, a very close friend's father .. passed away.
It was indeed a bitter sweet day. i was just so shocked.
i didn't know what to do.. =( it was so sudden. even for them.
My greatest condolences, Aunt Carol,Elaine,Evonne and Calvin.

I never thought that the next time i visit you're hse.
would be today. for a "wake" service.
No one would've ever thought this.
no one expected this.
but it has happened. and i'm really sorry that it has.

but always remember, that theres a Father in Heaven, still is and always will be watching over all of you. so will be the many people who loves this family dearly. We're here for you, always remember that.

I just came back from their hse.
and tmr would be the funeral..
I wish i could do more. we feel so helpless..
but there isnt.

I will be keeping all of you in my prayers.
*Hugs Thightly*

- Take It To The Lord In Prayer -

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Bad two days?

wooooooooh. these two days have been so oh-em-gee-nesss!
anyways i'll update short stuffs!

yesterday, i got my pizza hut voucher from teacher for taking part in The Star's Mag Inc competition. So i went with my mum and bro to the carefour one coz i thought carefour was better than the one opposite carefour..

I went to the worse pizza hut outlet ever in my life! customer service was -000.0 & the pizza was terrible! And they go charging us for customer service. Puik! There was no soft drinks and only got milo and tea. We wanted to buy set but no pepsi and all. so i asked if they would extra charge us. and they said no. after they came back, they said they will extra charge us. i mean come on man. u no soft drinks you should not extra charge us rite? zzz. the whole place only had two tables occupied. YET the pizza took one hour to come. PLUS when they gave us cold garlic bread, we asked them to change it and the waiter give us the Sour face, said TSK as if we were an annoyance and shake her head and walk away instead of saying sry. WTH?! and they charged us customer service. isssssssssh! when we called them over to give us the bill, the waiter ignored and went to a stall outside to chit chat with her friend?! i really felt like walking out without paying. urgh! Too bad she wasnt wearing any name tag. if not, she'd be answering to her management right now. NVR EVER GO TO THAT OUTLET. Blacklisted! PFFT! PLUS PLUS the pizza we ordered was the normal one and they gave us thin crust. hmm.. wht else? Oh right. the pizza was BURNT AND HARD LIKE ROCK. So much for a cheezy soft feel. :( so sad. wasted my voucher there. Haihs... Really really bad service. and food. Someone i'm very paticular about pizzas coz their my favourite. :(

totally turned me off lar. the pizza was so baddddd. so so bad. URGH.


banged my head on the wall by accident yday night b4 i went to sleep by accident! =( Bang so hard till my teeth hurt for a while. T_T AND boy did i have a bad bad morning. :( tried to heat up the garlic bread i bought from Pizza Hut Yesterday. It ended up burning and the whole hse was filled with smoke! =( i used a microwave. dunno y it burnt so badly! any ideas? =( i took out the foil. serious! not tht stupid k. =P summore the garlic bread was a new row! havent eat yet. PLUS it was cold and hard like rock. baaah. i smelled smth. tot it was the aroma of the garlic bread but after a while it smelt like smth was burning. went down stairs to find the whole living room and kitchen filled with smoke. When i opened the microwave door, yellow smoke came ... Read Moreout like a sandstorm! must be the butter or smth. T_T the whole bread was black + black liquid. was so hard scrubbing the plate! felt so baaaad! went to school smelling like i was on fire. Totally no mood in the morning.. rawr! put in to heat for 2-3 mins. Is tht too long? =/ haihhhhssss. The smoke was so bad my eyes were tearing! and i was coughing. was so hard to breathe. Blarh.

so yes. thats whts been happening.
just had study group with su mei and may suet.
thanks for teaching me addmaths may suet. =D

thats about it. hope my days get better. =/

Monday, November 02, 2009

I've Got you~! =)

Well i wanted to put up some pictures but i think my com kena virus coz of JJ's L4D! :( jovenneeeeeee ur B's L4D gave me virus! T_T so yeah. this was the only picture i could upload. an now, i cant see any pictures, music or anything! its all 0! ahhhhhhhh. =(

Anyhoo, thats a birthday present from Aunt Emily! =) thank u! hehe. Xiao Wu Ying also gave me a belated bday prezzie but but i could nt upload it. well, its a purple cow.. lol! those hand wrist support for mouse one. hahha. pretty cute. =) thanks xiao wu ying! =)

All American Rejects concert was Great when they came out to sing! but overall, the whole event sucked.Obviously they rocked the place when they performed! but overall. the whole event was terrible. Seriously terrible. Organizing and Planning totally = FAIL. was there since 2pm-11.40pm. tho, the thing only started at 6pm. or rather SUPPOSED to start at 6pm. y 2pm then? Lining up & all ya know. So had to be there early. but when we reached there.. =.=... the line was so short only. Not like david archuletta's one. it was craaazieee! this shows how much fans David Archuleta has.! =P anyways.. me and benroy was like.. darn.. we came too early. by 3pm the line went all the way to the back. heh. the sucky part was that there was so much technical problems and they made the crowd wait standing there.. cramped up.. like bodoh onlyfor one whole hour.. then someone comes out and sing one song and suddenly wait another hour. like WTH?! ya la. sucked. will blog a more detailed entry with pictures after spm! sry guys! =P busy laaaaaa...

just studied 5 chapters of chemistry. @_@. and.. my phone.. my phoneeeeeee! T_T its dying. it receives sms one whole day late. PLUS its lagging like some 100year old man. and my camera and video not functioning already. Zzzz. Bought it on 7.07.07. Quite a cool date ey? =P maybe its time i get a new phone! :P blek! hahaha... I was eyeing NOKIA 5730Xpress Music. but the volume of the phone when playing music is just so SOFT! softer than my phone! and they call it express music?! tsk tsk tsk.. so yeah. I've eyed a new phone! NOKIA E63! aww yeaaaah! i will get it. Believe ! believe i will! i believe so too! mwahahahahaha. I really love that the headphone plug in is those standard ones. Woo! love the qwerty keyboard, love the red colour. =D Love love love! that phone is loveeeeeeeeeee!

its 12 days till Spm! i exclude Sundays. =D SO YEAH MAN! this is it! THIS ... IS... IT! the moment we've all been waiting for. at least i think we are. =P

So yes, i'm happy today coz a relationship between me and someone has been mended today. hmm. i think it is. Well, its the first day, first step. SO lets hope it gets better? =] Feels Goooood. A feeling of relief. ;) Imma get back to my books now. Will try to update from time to time.!

Miss me! =P