Thursday, November 26, 2009

I Left my Hand and My Heart On the Dance Floor.

Est was suprisingly brain dehydrating. seriously. haha. and i finished the whole buku jawapan space for the essay. O.O but i really dislike paper 1. Each question need to read long paragraphs and need to squeeze all ur brain juice out. rawr. Then at night went Emerge for a while! =) went at 8pm so... yeah.. the hall was filled with people and we had to sit outside.but suddenly got one space inside so i rushed and managed to get in! =) POS standards this year have increased so much! the stunts are like.. Whoa! and the dance and all. its all awesome! Heard tht MINT won again, SMU 2nd, VU 3rd, LU 4th. but u all did great guys! =)

anyways on saturday.. did addmaths prac.. and on Sunday went to Klang , St.Barnabas to do publicity for camp. din dance this time coz i din go for prac. But it was a cool sunday. mingled with the youths there and met quite a few new friends. =) then we went to some selangor muzium and yeah. was pretty cool. :D went home and prac maths.

Monday had maths. it was good. =)
Tuesday had moral, was GOOD! =)
Wednesday had addmaths. It sucked. =.=....

well seriously, paper 2 was friggin hard.
ahhh.. i felt so terrible after the paper..
i just HAD to go for a jog. seriously. =(
So went desa parkcity with Marilyn.. and jogged it all out..
felt so much better after tht. and bumped into boon sin!
and he brought camera so we ended up taking pictures in the mart.
hahahaha.. everyone was looking at us. O.o and i took jumping pictures..
yes.. in the grocery stall.. hahahahaha.. its a small branch of jusco.
but anyways, smth new isnt it? =D

and outside we took pictures piggy bag-ing each other. is it back or bag?
hahah. whtever. but i had fun and felt so much better after tht.

and one thing i'll nvr forget.. this SPM.
smth so rare.. and unusual happened during my addmaths exam paper. O.O and only like 3 or 4 people knows about this. but seriously, its unforgettable. hahahaha.. cant believe wht happened. and its so shocking. O.O never ever would i have imagined or predicted what happened.

alright. Biology,Physics and Chemistry left to go. Seriously, i cant wait for SPM to be over.
and to go for camp! ahhh. dance it all outttttt! 3 subs to gooooo!!!!


Why did I change the pace? [Hearts were never meant to race.] Always felt the need for space. And now I cant reach your face. [ If we crawl, til we can walk again. Then we'll run, Until we're strong enough to jump.Then well fly,Until there is no end.So lets crawl, crawl, crawl... Back to love.] ♥


  1. noob. now u're getting real weird. xDDD chillaa add maths is memang damn hard. i stoned at intergration. was like wtf????!!!! still. chiil!!!!ll! *misspelled chill, lazy to retype*